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✍️ Editor’s Take: Expert Home Offers connects home sellers with real estate agents and investors. But unlike other cash buyer companies, it doesn’t offer an end-to-end experience, and there’s zero guarantee that submitting your information will lead to a sale. Instead, we recommend working with a qualified real estate agent or a cash buyer company that can directly purchase your home for cash.
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For more than a decade, Expert Home Offers has provided a platform for home sellers to connect with prospective cash buyers in their area. The process is simple: You submit information about your home, and a real estate agent or investor may reach out to you.

However, Expert Home Offers is also very different from cash buyer companies like We Buy Ugly Houses or We Buy Houses, which have more robust offerings and customer service for home sellers.

While these competitors provide a fast, end-to-end experience that guarantees a cash offer, Expert Home Offers makes money by selling home sellers’ information without any certainty that it will lead to a completed transaction.

For those who need to sell a home fast, Expert Home Offers is a relatively low-risk and commitment-free option — but it’s far from the best way to get a fast, firm cash offer for your home.

Before you accept an offer from Expert Home Offers, we highly recommend comparing it to offers from a few other well-rated cash buyers. You should also have a good idea of what your home could sell for 'as is' through a traditional listing.

Compare offers from leading investors and iBuyers — plus get an expert realtor's opinion on what your house is worth. Clever Offers is free to home sellers, with no added fees or pressure to commit. Get Cash Offers.

What is Expert Home Offers?

Expert Home Offers, at a glance
Offer time Varies
Closing time Varies
Locations Across all 50 states and Washington D.C.
Service fee Free to submit your information
Other companies owned by Expert Home Offers, Estates208 LLC
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Expert Home Offers is a website that allows you to submit information about your property in exchange for a possible introduction to a real estate agent or investor in your area.

If you want to connect with cash buyers in your area, but don’t know where to begin, it may be worth submitting your information. Should a prospective cash buyer become interested in your property, they can pay Expert Home Offers to connect with you.

But before you choose to work with Expert Home Offers, there are a few things you should know.

In a nutshell, Expert Home Offers only allows one prospective cash buyer to purchase your information — which means it can yield one contact at most. Unlike other cash buyer companies, it doesn’t guarantee a certain price, timeline, or sale.

Expert Home Offers vs. Cash Buyer Companies

✅ What Expert Home Offers can offer…

  • A possible introduction to one cash buyer in your area
❌ What Expert Home Offers can’t offer...

  • An end-to-end customer service experience
  • A guaranteed sale
  • A guaranteed timeline
  • Multiple bids on your property
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Expert Home Offers primarily serves real estate professionals

According to its Terms of Use,[1] " is a lead generation service that connects prospective clients with local professionals."

Translation: Expert Home Offers identifies real estate agents and investors as its primary customers — not home sellers.

This is a very different model from other cash buyer companies, which provide an end-to-end experience and can directly pay cash for your home in as little as seven days.

If you're primarily interested in connecting with real estate investors, you can always connect with prospective cash buyers by posting on free public forums such as Craigslist or Bigger Pockets.

Neither of these sites profit from networking between home sellers and investors, and you can potentially drive competing offers that result in a higher sale price.

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Investors and agents aren’t pre-vetted

Unlike other cash buyer companies, Expert Home Offers does not vet its investors or require any proof of funds.

Your experience with Expert Home Offers will depend entirely upon who ends up reaching out to you — and you might hear from someone who isn’t qualified to purchase your home at all.

By contrast, We Buy Houses — one of Expert Home Offers' competitors— requires all investors to have proven real estate experience, pay a licensing fee, and sign an ethics agreement.

Expert Home Offers can't promise a fast timeline

Home sellers are often interested in an all-cash offer because it can speed up the timeline for the transaction.

Typical cash buyer companies and iBuyers address this need by purchasing homes outright. This allows them to guarantee a cash offer and closing within a specific time frame.

By contrast, Expert Home Offers posts home sellers' submissions to its database of properties. It's entirely up to individual investors and agents to purchase your contact information, then move forward on their personal timelines.

The longer your information sits in Expert Home Offers's database, the cheaper it becomes: from $75 to $34.95 after three days, and then down to $9.95 after 15 days or more. This might incentivize investors to wait a few days before responding.

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At most, you’ll meet one real estate agent or investor

Expert Home Offers will only sell your information to one real estate agent or investor in your area. As a result, you won’t receive multiple offers or the ability to comparison shop through Expert Home Offers — two things that can help drive your sale price up.

Clever can help you sell fast for a better price!

Cash buyers can be a good solution if you need to unload an unwanted, distressed property fast. However, there are other options that can help you sell a home in a short amount of time without sacrificing a ton of equity.

If you need to sell fast, Clever may be a better choice. Our team can connect you with an agent that will help you explore aggressive pricing and marketing strategies that can ensure you sell fast without sacrificing a lot of equity.

If you’re thinking about selling to a “we buy houses for cash” company, it’s worth exploring Clever as an alternative before committing. It could mean thousands more in your pocket after closing.

How Expert Home Offers works

  • Submit your information. To get started, you can enter your name, contact information, and address through Expert Home Offers’ webform.
  • Wait. After you submit your information, real estate agents and investors can peruse a database of possible deals that are organized by zip code. (Your contact information and address is hidden until someone pays Expert Home Offers to access the full record.)
  • Hear back. If someone purchases your contact information, they will reach out to you. From there, your experience will depend on how serious the potential buyer is, whether they have the funds to purchase your home, and how quickly they might be able to move forward.

Is Expert Home Offers available in your location?

As of May 2021, Expert Home Offers is available across all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Is Expert Home Offers a scam?

Based on our research, Expert Home Offers is a legitimate business that can connect home sellers with prospective cash buyers.

However, Expert Home Offers’ business model doesn't provide the same services as a typical cash buyer company — a distinction that’s not immediately apparent from its website.

For example, the company’s webform attracts submissions with advertising copy that reads "Sell your home fast!" and "Free, No Obligation Home Selling Offer!"

Screenshot from Expert Home Offers home page

Seeing this, you might reasonably conclude that Expert Home Offers will provide the cash offer, or that you can expect to hear back within a specific timeframe.

Yet the webform primarily exists to collect home sellers’ information, which the company then sells for a profit.

There's actually no guarantee you'll receive a qualified cash offer or hear back fast.

Expert Home Offers reviews

Expert Home Offers considers real estate agents and investors as its primary customers — and its online reviews reflect that fact.

Currently, Expert Home Offers has no online reviews from home sellers or buyers. This lack of social proof makes it difficult to assess the quality of its investor network.

By contrast, MarketPro has more than 250 online reviews from home sellers, and We Buy Ugly Houses has specific Facebook and Google review profiles for its many local offices.

Who should consider selling to a cash buyer?

In general, home sellers resort to cash buyer companies if they need to sell fast — particularly if they are facing sudden life changes or financial distress.

A cash sale may be worth considering if you are experiencing:

🧳 Life changes Divorce, relocating for a job or family reasons
😰 Financial trouble Impending foreclosure, inability to pay mortgage
🏚️ Difficulty selling your home Homes in poor condition, vacant homes, rental properties with tenants
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However, the convenience of a fast all-cash sale comes at a cost. It’s crucial to recognize that cash buyers almost never offer fair market value for your home.

How does Expert Home Offers compare to alternatives?

Expert Home Offers Cash Buyer Companies iBuyers Top Agent
Editor’s Take No certainty Fastest Fastest, but not all homes qualify Best price
Average time to offer Varies 3-7 days 1-2 days 25 days
Average closing time Varies 1-4 weeks Flexible, in as little as 1.5 weeks 4-7 weeks
Market value 50% 50% 98-99% 100%+
Help with negotiations
Connections to real estate investors
Free competitive market analysis
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Expert Home Offers vs. real estate agent

While you can find a real estate agent through Expert Home Offers, there are better ways to connect with agents.

Expert Home Offers’s agent matching is based on who purchases your contact information — not necessarily who’s the most qualified or the best fit for your situation.

By contrast, Clever’s Concierge team connects home sellers with top rated agents in their area. We can match you to an experienced agent who can give you an unbiased assessment of your home’s value, plus guidance on how to sell your property based on your goals.

🏃 Sell fast and save money!

A Clever partner agent can help you list your home quickly and ensure that you get the most possible money on the open market — all for just a 1.5% listing fee!

Contact Expert Home Offers

Phone 844-733-9737
Email [email protected]
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Article Sources

[1] Expert Home Offers – "Terms of Use". Updated 2021. Accessed May 7, 2021.

Does Expert Home Offers charge a fee?

No, Expert Home Offers doesn't charge sellers a fee. But because they pay way lower than market value, selling with a discount broker means you could net more, even with a small fee. Learn more about discount brokers.

Is Expert Home Offers a scam?

No, Expert Home Offers is not a scam. It connects sellers with a real estate investor who might purchase their property. There's no guarantee of a sale and no way to maximize your sale price. iBuyers are a similarly convenient option that can net you a lot more cash. Learn more about iBuyers.

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