Top 5 'We Buy Houses' Companies in New Jersey

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By Ben Mizes Updated June 9, 2023


If you're looking for the fastest way to sell a home, "we buy houses" companies in New Jersey are a good option. Also known as "we buy ugly houses" companies or cash home buyers, these companies can provide a cash offer in only a day and close in just a matter of days or weeks, with no closing costs. But they typically pay only 70% of the fair market value for the home.

Our top pick for "we buy houses" companies in New Jersey is Clever Offers. With Clever Offers, a concierge will collect details about your home to bring you cash offers from the top "we buy houses" companies in New Jersey. You'll also get a professional home valuation from a local real estate agent so you know what your home is worth on the open market.

Top 'we buy houses' companies in New Jersey

  1. Clever Offers: Get multiple offers at once
  2. Halo Home Buyers: Excellent reviews
  3. We Buy NJ Real Estate: Fast closing
  4. Express Homebuyers: Fast offers and closing date
  5. We Buy Houses: Nationally recognized brand

If you have a New Jersey house in good condition, you’ll likely earn more by selling with a real estate agent. It'll take a bit longer to sell, but the extra money could be worth the wait. Whatever you choose, explore all of your options first.

Best companies that buy houses for cash in New Jersey

To find the best cash home buyers in New Jersey, we compared offer times, closing date windows, local market knowledge, and company reputation according to customer reviews.

Here's our advice for working with "we buy houses" companies:

  • Contact multiple companies to compare offers
  • Read contracts carefully
  • Don’t pay for anything up front
  • If you don't think an offer is fair, walk away

Clever Offers

Get Offers

Phone Number


Time to Offer


Time to Sale

Why we chose it

Clever Offers is an easy way to compare multiple cash offers at once so you can get the most money for your home. Clever will also provide a free home value estimate so you know what your home is worth on the open market. Then you can decide if selling to a cash buyer company is worth it or if you'd rather list with an agent for maximum value.

Clever Offers provides you with fair cash offers from top institutional buyers, local and regional real estate investment firms, and more.

Steps to sell with Clever Offers:

  1. Fill out an online form with a few details about your home.
  2. Answer questions about your selling timeframe and the condition of your home.
  3. Sit back and relax while your Clever Home Concierge collects multiple cash offers on your behalf.
  4. Choose to accept an offer, ask the Concierge to look for better offers, or work with a top local agent to sell on the open market for just 1.5% commission.

Clever Offers is available in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

As of 11/6/2023, Clever has an average customer rating of 5.0 on Trustpilot, based on 2,589 reviews.

Read reviews from real Clever customers here.

Halo Home Buyers


Phone Number

(908) 547-0404

Time to Offer


Time to Sale

7 days
Why We Chose It

Halo Home Buyers has excellent reviews across Google and Facebook, suggesting that the local home buyer places a priority on customer satisfaction.

Halo Homebuyers is a local real estate investor that purchases property throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. To sell a house to Halo Homebuyers:

  • Fill out their online form to receive a free estimate of your home value
  • Schedule a walkthrough and receive a final cash offer
  • Pick a closing date that best accommodates your needs

Halo Home Buyers services New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, as well as Trenton and Philadelphia.

Halo Home Buyers received an average of 5 stars from 67 customer reviews. It's not accredited by the Better Business Bureau but it has an A+ rating.

Google: 5 stars/61 reviews
Facebook: 5 stars/6 reviews

We Buy NJ Real Estate


Phone Number

(908) 320-7995

Time to Offer

24 hours

Time to Sale

7 days
Why We Chose It

We Buy NJ Real Estate has positive reviews on both Facebook and Google. It works quickly, too, closing in a week in some cases.

We Buy NJ Real Estate is a local, New Jersey property investor that buys homes for cash in select cities across the state. To sell your home to We Buy NJ, you can:

  • Fill out their online form to receive a cash offer in 24 hours or less
  • If you choose to accept the offer, move to closing in as little as 10 days

We Buy NJ Real Estate buys properties anywhere within the state of New Jersey. For a county-by-county breakdown, click here.

We Buy NJ Real Estate received an average of 4.95 stars from 44 customer reviews. It's accredited by the Better Business Bureau and it has an A+ rating.

Google: 5 stars/13 reviews
Facebook: 4.9 stars/31 reviews

Express Homebuyers


Phone Number


Time to Offer

7 minutes

Time to Sale

7 days
Why we chose it

Express Homebuyers is really fast: it provides offers in just minutes and can close in just a week in many circumstances. Plus, the company has mostly positive reviews on Google.

Express Homebuyers is a national service that has partnered with local investors across the country to buy houses for cash.

Steps to sell with Express Homebuyers:

  1. Submit your home's information to receive an initial "as is" offer
  2. Meet with the local investor to assess your property and answer any questions
  3. Discuss the local investor's final cash offer and, if you're willing to sell, sign a sales agreement then and there
  4. Choose a closing day on your schedule
  5. Show up on the day of the sale to sign the paperwork and receive cash within hours

Express Home Buyers received an average of 3.7 stars from 261 customer reviews. It's accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and it has a B+ rating.

Google: 4.2 stars/122 reviews
Facebook: 4.6 stars/113 reviews
Yelp: 2.5 stars/26 reviews

We Buy Houses


Phone number

(877) 932-8946

Time to offer

24–48 hours

Time to sale

7–14 days
Why we chose it

We Buy Houses vets all of its investors and gives them an exclusive license to operate in its territory, so investors who use the brand name have an incentive to work hard in order to maintain their advantage. The company provides offers in just one to two days and can close in a few weeks.

We Buy Houses is a national property investor that buys homes for cash throughout the U.S. To sell your home to We Buy Houses, you can:

  • Submit an online form, giving details about your property
  • Set up an appointment for an investor to view your home
  • Receive a no-obligation offer
  • Choose a closing date and sell your home

We Buy Houses operates in 200 markets in over 30 states.

Reviews online are available only for local franchises.

The vast majority are positive, with customers saying that the We Buy Houses investor they worked with was fast and professional.

What is a 'we buy houses' company?

"We buy houses" companies are backed by investors. These investors purchase homes to fix and resell for a profit. They buy homes in as-is condition — without any repairs or prep — and pay in cash.

The home buying process for "we buy houses" companies is different from a traditional sale. Since cash buyer companies typically pay only up to 70% of the home's value, some people wonder if "we buy houses" companies are a scam.

But these companies have little incentive to scam sellers. They're investors who rely on their reputation to close deals. However, they are motivated by profit. They make lower offers so they can pay for renovations and still turn a profit when they resell.

»MORE: Are "we buy houses" companies a rip-off?

How do 'we buy houses' companies work?

Details vary, but all "we buy houses" companies in New Jersey share the same basic business model:

  1. A home seller reaches out directly to a cash buyer company.
  2. The company assesses the property, considering factors like necessary repairs and potential resale value.
  3. The company makes an as-is cash offer based on the time and money it'll need to invest in the property.
  4. If the homeowner accepts, the deal closes quickly. There's no need to negotiate, wait for financing approval, or inspect and appraise the property.
  5. The cash buyer repairs the home and resells it for a profit.
Compare cash offers in New Jersey now!

Compare offers from top cash buyers to the sale price you'd get with an agent.

Note: Time to offer, time to sale, reviews, and other data points are current as of when this article was last updated.

Frequently asked questions

How can I sell a house as-is in New Jersey?

If you want to sell a home that needs a lot of repairs in New Jersey, you can list it for sale "as-is" meaning that you're not willing to make any repairs. Another option is to sell to a "we buy houses" company who will make a fast offer, but it could be worth only half of the home's value.

How much do 'we buy houses' companies pay in New Jersey?

"We buy houses" companies typically pay just 50–70% of a home's after repair value. Unless you absolutely have to sell in a few weeks, you're better off putting the home on the market with a realtor.

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