Average Cost to Sell a House in Utah

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By Jon Stubbs Updated July 1, 2024


The average cost to sell a Utah home is about 9.34% of the total sale price. Based on the average home value of $522,754, that works out to about $48,833.

However, this is just an average — the cost to sell one home may vary greatly from another. Expenses for repairs, staging, and taxes are all unique to the condition and location of the home.

Common expenses for home sellers in Utah

The chart below breaks down the average cost for some of the most common expenses for home sellers in Utah to help you prepare for the most (and least) costly aspects of selling your home.

Keep in mind that your actual expenses may vary, depending on your home price and factors like how much you need to spend on home prep and relocation. For a more accurate estimate of your expenses, use our cost to sell in Utah calculator.

For most sellers, the most expensive part of their costs to sell are realtor commissions. 

Realtor commission fees usually total 5–6% of your sale price. About half of that is the listing commission, and the other half is the buyer's agent commission.

Fortunately, Clever Real Estate can help reduce your commission expenses. We've negotiated a reduced listing commission of 1.5%, saving you thousands in commission!

Repairs, staging, and prep

💰 Estimated cost: $200 to $6,163
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Unless you’re planning to sell your Utah house "as-is" or to an iBuyer, you should expect to spend about $6,163, on average, to get your home market-ready to attract qualified buyers.

This could involve simple tasks like mowing your lawn, deep cleaning your house, and getting rid of clutter. Some homes may require more involved preparation like making repairs or painting.

Can't afford to make all the necessary repairs to your home to get it market-ready? Consider selling to a Utah cash buyer who will purchase your home as-is.

Realtor fees in Utah

💰 Estimated cost: 4.90% $25,615
Commission breakdown:
Listing fee 2.30% $12,023
Buyer's agent fee 2.60% $13,592
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One of the biggest fees for selling a house in Utah will be realtor commission. In a standard real estate transaction — one involving two traditional, full-price agents — you will likely be on the hook for covering the full commission fee for both agents.

Will the NAR lawsuit change how real estate commission works?

On March 15, 2024, the National Association of Realtors agreed to pay $418 million in damages to settle a real estate commission lawsuit the industry group lost in November 2023. 

While the full impact of the settlement is yet to be determined, experts believe that the change will eventually lead to lower buyer's agent commissions and give buyers the ability to negotiate those commissions based on the services they need. 

The terms of the settlement are scheduled to take effect in mid-July 2024. But, the settlement hasn't been officially approved yet, and it could be delayed or changed by objections. We'll continue to monitor the status of the settlement and the effects it has on the real estate industry.


While other expenses may be out of your control, you can still save money on realtor fees by either selling for sale by owner (FSBO) or hiring a discount real estate broker.

But your best option is to work with a company like Clever that negotiates lower commissions with full-service, local agents on your behalf. That way you can save money while getting the same level of service as someone who pays full price!

Seller closing costs in Utah

💰 Estimated cost: 2.49% $13,036
Closing cost breakdown:
Title insurance (owner's policy) N/A Typically paid by buyer
Title insurance (lender's policy) N/A Typically paid by buyer
Transfer tax N/A N/A
Title fees 0.10% $500
Recording fee 0.01% $33
Buyer incentives 2% $10,455
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Closing costs are a blanket term for the various fees and expenses (not including realtor commission) both buyers and sellers pay at the close of a real estate transaction.

Expect to pay roughly 2.49% of your home’s final sale price at closing. Based on the average home value in Utah of $522,754, that translates to $13,036.

Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to negotiate for the buyer to pay them. However, it's common for buyers to ask sellers to pay their closing costs to seal the deal. Talk to your realtor to get a sense of how much you should expect to pay in closing costs.

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Moving expenses

💰 Estimated cost: $504 to $4,020
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If you're selling your own home, you'll have to pay to move your possessions. This could include hiring professional movers and spending thousands of dollars for a long-distance move.

Even moving yourself locally could require renting a truck, moving equipment, and possibly a storage unit if you don't already have a place lined up for your possessions.

In Utah, the average moving costs are $504 locally and $4,020 for 1,000 miles or more — which accounts for packing supplies, movers, and carrying costs.

Mortgage payoff

💰 Estimated cost: $230,545
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The average homeowner in Utah owes $230,545 on their mortgage. You'll have to pay off the remaining balance before transferring the home to another owner. If the home sale proceeds don't cover the remaining mortgage balance, you'll have to pay out of pocket.

Keep in mind that prepayment penalties and accrued interest could make your payoff amount higher than the mortgage balance listed on your statement.

Do you need a real estate attorney in Utah?

💰 Estimated cost: $222 to $277 per hour
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States differ in their requirements for real estate attorneys. In Utah, a real estate attorney is optional.

Even if the state laws don't require one, hiring a real estate attorney could be a good idea if the transaction is especially complicated. Short sales, potential property line disputes, and title issues are all good reasons to consider hiring an attorney.

In Utah, you can expect to pay between $222 and $277 an hour for a real estate attorney.

How much will I make selling my Utah house?

If you don't have a mortgage, you'll get the entire sale price minus the costs of selling your home. That means you could take home $473,921 if you sell your home for $522,754 and pay 9.34% to sell it.

You may owe money on the property, which will reduce the amount you make selling your home. The average Utah homeowner owes $230,545 on their mortgage, which cuts into the amount that will land in your bank account.

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Cost of selling a house calculator

Use this cost of selling a house calculator to get a better idea of how much you'll have to spend to sell your home — and how much you'll take home after!

While your exact costs may vary, you can use these Utah averages as a general guide.

How to avoid losing money on your Utah home sale

No matter where you're selling in Utah, these tips will help you maximize your profits from your home sale!

1. List with a discount real estate agent

Realtor commission fees are a huge expense for Utah home sellers, often making up a large portion of your total selling costs. Thankfully, finding a way to save on commission is one of the best ways to make more money when you sell your home!

You can negotiate commission rates on your own, but the easiest option is to find a discount real estate agent in Utah through an agent-matching company like Clever.

Clever matches you with local full-service agents from well-known brokerages like RE/MAX, Keller Williams, and Century 21. But, instead of paying the typical 2.30% listing fee, you'll only pay 1.5%!

With Clever, you can also compare multiple Utah agents to find the one that best fits your needs. Even better, finding an agent through Clever won't cost you a dime, and there's no obligation to move forward until you find the perfect agent.

Work with a full service agent for only 1.5%!

Clever negotiates discounted listing fees with top agents to help you save money when selling your home!

2. Time your sale to get top dollar for your Utah home

To get the best price, the best month to sell a house in Utah is June. Last year, the average listing price for Utah homes in June was $482,733, which is $26,864 more than the annual average.

The best month to sell your house fast in Utah is May, because that's when homes tend to spend the fewest days on the market. Last year, Utah homes sold in May were on the market for an average of 41 days, which is 11 days faster than the annual average.

However, sellers can have a successful sale even outside the busiest months!

Your best bet is to work with a great Utah real estate agent who knows your local area trends. They can create a pricing and marketing strategy to increase competition among buyers so you maximize your profits.

3. Negotiate like a pro

The buyer may ask you to offer incentives or make concessions to ensure the deal goes through. These could include things like covering inspection fees, certain closing costs, repair credits, offering a home warranty, etc.

The right negotiation techniques can help you minimize the costs you’re responsible for and make your home sale as profitable as possible.

If you have a quality home in a competitive market, you'll be in a position to negotiate terms that are favorable to your situation and get you the most money. In a tougher market, you may need to sweeten the deal to attract the highest offers.

Using a top-rated real estate agent can be an invaluable resource when it comes to negotiating, as they'll do most of the back-and-forth for you.

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FAQs about costs to sell in Utah

How much are closing costs for sellers in Utah?

On average, closing costs tend to be about 2.49% of a home's sale price in Utah. That said, you should also consider realtor fees, which average another 4.90% of your sale price and account for the majority of your expenses.

How much does it cost to sell a house in Utah?

The average home seller in Utah spends about $48,833, or 9.34% of the sale price. This will vary quite a bit depending on the sale price and condition of your house, however. Working with an agent who offers a discounted rate is a great way to keep this number down.

How much money will I make when I sell my house?

The average Utah home seller makes about $473,921 on their home sale before paying off their existing mortgage, if they have one. For a more specific idea of what you can expect to walk away with, check out our home sale proceeds calculator.

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