Updated May 10th, 2019

Redfin Agents vs. Full-Service Agents: There are advantages and disadvantages to working with both, and in this article, we’re going to review which option offers you the best value.

What’s the Difference?

If you’re selling or buying your first home, it can be kind of intimidating to sift through all of the information out there regarding real estate agents. Prior to your research, you might not have even known there was a difference between a limited-service real estate agent and a full-service agent, let alone all of the different services and rates that are offered by any number of real estate brokerages. We’re going to break it down for you.

Redfin is a customer-first real estate brokerage that aims to make the process of buying and selling houses as seamless as possible, and they also offer online tools to help you while you’re looking for a home.

Full-service real estate agents, on the other hand, do everything that you would expect a real estate agent to do: take professional pictures of your home, list the property on MLS, create enticing advertisements, host open houses, and — ultimately — sell your home. Or, if you’re a buyer, you can expect a real estate agent to help you in that process, especially in vetting the quality of the home that you’re looking to buy.

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Advantages To Working With A Redfin Agent

The most obvious advantage to using Redfin over a traditional real estate agent is the savings in commission costs: the average realtor is typically going to charge about 6% in commission costs, with 3% going to the buyer’s agent and 3% going to the seller’s agent. When you buy with Redfin, they’ll split their 3% with you, which could be a very significant amount depending on how much you paid for the property.

Advantages To Working With A Full-Service Agent

Full-service agents, unlike Redfin’s agents, charge commission costs that will vary — and so will the quality of their service. If you properly vet your real estate agents, you’ll likely find a great deal on a home.

As we mentioned above, full-service real estate agents take professional pictures, list your house on MLS, create advertisements, host open houses, and much, much more. If you find a great agent, they’ll be willing to go above and beyond, especially since they don’t receive a flat-rate fee like Redfin Agents.

Disadvantages To Working With A Redfin Agent

Redfin agents might not provide as much guidance as a traditional full-service agent. If you’re the type who like to Do-It-Yourself, going with Redfin might be a great choice.

Disadvantages To Working With A Full-Service Agent

The biggest disadvantage of working with a full-service agent is also the biggest advantage to working with a Redfin agent: You might have to pay more in commission costs. If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand throughout the process, though, it might benefit you to work with a full-service agent.


Redfin is a real estate brokerage that might save you money, but great service from a traditional full-service agent will help guide you through the often-times mucky process of buying and selling a home.

With Clever Real Estate, you get both a reduced commission and a full-service agent, with the listing agent commission at 1% of the home’s price or $3000 if the home is $350,000 or less. Choose the best of both with Clever: savings and full service.