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How To Fire Your Real Estate Agent?

June 12 2018
by Leisl Bailey

How To Fire Your Real Estate Agent | List With Clever

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling–your real estate agent needs to be your rock. But what happens when you feel like they’re flaking and you have nobody on whom to lean? It might be time to put the brakes on the relationship.

Yup. We mean it could be time to fire your realtor.


Is It Time to Say Goodbye?


It’s safe to say that the best time to end a relationship is before it explodes and you’re ready to strangle somebody. The process of buying or selling a house will always have its stressful moments, but it should generally be a happy and exciting time for you! You can feel a lot of negativity if you’re not getting along with your agent.


If you don’t quite see eye to eye, it might be time to call it quits, especially if these disagreements are relentless. Nobody should be raising voices, and the sound of your agent’s name shouldn’t trigger an automatic eye roll. If you’ve made multiple requests that your agent is ignoring, or they’ve sent your calls straight to voicemail, you’ve probably had enough.


What Went Wrong


Bad communication is the root of world’s problems, which includes problems in real estate.  Who can say they actually enjoy a good ol’ game of phone tag, ultimately never getting your questions answered? It can be very annoying to work with an agent who doesn’t quickly return voicemail, emails, and texts.


Before you start pointing fingers and getting upset, make sure you accept your responsibility. Did you set clear communication guidelines? Some people say it’s the client’s responsibility to be upfront communication by sharing when and how to reach them. Others say it’s the job of the agent to ask the client what they expect. Regardless of whose “job” it is, make sure you set firm expectations upfront.


Communication isn’t the only problem. A client may also discover that the realtor is incompetent. They may know nothing about how to market a home, or may be poor negotiators. Your dissatisfaction, however, might just come down something less direct: incompatibility. You might not feel comfortable with your agent, and that’s not likely to change.


Some of the causes of dispute are not personal but in the control of the market. The prices fluctuate, and most often much frustration comes out of a change in the original price expectations. A real estate agent may approach you with the bad news, and the buyers could get upset thinking the agent is trying to get a fast sale. It’s these types of situations that result in a sticky relationship with no selling, no buying…no winning. No matter your reason, it’s up to you as the client to figure out if you want to go through with firing your agent.


How to Cancel a Contract


You decide to call it quits. Where is the escape route? If there is a disagreement, you can ask the agent or the brokerage about the cancellation policy. You should not enter a contract in the first place unless there is an agreement of release if requested. There are many legal aspects to this situation, so you might need to consult a lawyer.


Always remember, however, just because you’re unhappy with your agent that doesn’t mean you have to fire him or her on the spot. Contact them immediately and express your concerns openly and honestly. Give the agent a chance to make changes to resolve the difference.  


One Last Note


Of course, once you fire your real estate agent, you’ll need to find another one! A great way to make sure you don’t need to go through the unpleasant process of firing a real estate agent again is to interview them. Vetting your agent in advice for competence and compatibility will help the process of buying and selling your house go a lot more smooth.

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