Top Realtors in Toledo, Ohio (2022 Rankings)

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By Kristy Snyder Updated September 3, 2023


Find the best real estate agents in Toledo

In a rapidly changing and volatile market, having a savvy real estate agent is more important than ever. The best realtors in Toledo can help you navigate tough markets and negotiate in your favor whether you're buying or selling.

But how do you begin your search for the right realtor — especially when there are over 387 active agents in Toledo? We analyzed 90 agents and curated the top 23. Learn how we narrowed down our top picks.

All of the agents here are highly rated, but if you'd like a more personalized recommendation, Clever Real Estate can help. Our full-service realtors work for well-known brokerages like Century 21 and Keller Williams and offer in-depth local expertise for both buyers and sellers.

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Top agents in Toledo, OH for buyers

When selecting the best buyer's agents, we looked for:

  • Frequency with which they worked in the area recently, to understand familiarity
  • Consistent discounts off the list price when representing buyers
  • Positive reviews that indicated a willingness to give you the time and space to make a decision

Top agents in Toledo, OH for sellers

When selecting the best listing agents, we looked for:

  • Consistent professional photography and well-written listing descriptions
  • An ability to get top dollar for properties and low discounts accepted by sellers
  • Reviews that indicated their willingness to go the extra mile for transactions

Listing agents in Toledo — including the ones above — usually charge around 2–3% of your home sale price for their services. However, you can get an expert, full-service agent for just 1.5% when you work with Clever Real Estate. We pre-negotiate low commission rates with top agents in the area so you can save thousands on your transaction.

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Top agents in Toledo, OH for upsizing

When selecting an agent that can help with buying and selling we considered:

  • History of handling multiple transactions for a client
  • Record of negotiating good deals for buyers and sellers
  • Specialization in a particular area and price range

Top agents in Toledo, OH for investing

When choosing the best agent to help you invest, we considered:

  • Experience working with other investors
  • Knowledge of the local market and any opportunities
  • Reviews that indicated the agent had many connections in the real estate industry

Looking for the best agent for you?

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Most experienced real estate agents in Toledo

Choose an experienced agent if you:

  • Expect a complex transaction
  • Need to buy or sell multiple properties
  • Want access to references (like contractors)

Highest rated real estate agents in Toledo

Pick a highly reviewed agent in your area if you:

  • Worry about going through the real estate process
  • Want to receive exceptional personal service
  • Are buying or selling a home for the first time

Agents in Toledo with the highest transaction volume

Your best choice is an agent with the most sales if you:

  • Have a very unique property
  • Want a large track record to evaluate their performance
  • Need advice on the local market

Most Transactions Number of Transactions Phone Number
The Tyo-Mathias Team 1,547 (419) 509-9386
Heather Smith-LaPoint 1,169 (419) 360-0922
Jon Simonton 920 (419) 320-2253
Dan Novotny 566 (419) 500-0129
Tammy Frye 561 (567) 349-4292
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A high number of transactions is a good sign, but it may also indicate that an agent has too many clients to give you their full attention. If you want an agent who's dedicated to helping you find your dream home today, Clever Real Estate can help.

Plus, eligible buyers who use a Clever partner agent could earn cash back when they buy a home!

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Agents Considered Sales Analyzed Factors Considered Hours Invested
90 730 10 30
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The best real estate agents have a few things in common. They are all experienced, receive frequent positive reviews, get their clients consistent results, and usually specialize in an area, price point, or type of client.

The factors we consider when evaluating the top realtors in Toledo include:

  • Experience: The number of years an agent has worked and the number of transactions they’ve completed in that time
  • Reviews: How consistently and frequently the agent receives positive reviews
  • Results: How frequently an agent’s skill set benefits their clients
  • Specialization: The degree to which an agent works within a specific price range, area, or with buyers, sellers, or investors

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Frequently asked questions

What is the average real estate agent commission in Toledo?

In Ohio, the combined average commission rate for the buyer's and seller's agent is 5.8%. That's more than the national average of 5.5%. Clever's average commission rate is lower than both of these at 3.9%. Learn more about the average commission rates in Ohio so you can find the best ways to save.

Why is it important to work with a top real estate agent in Toledo?

For sellers, a good real estate agent will get you the best possible price, provide top-notch suggestions for contractors and service providers, and even help you close faster. For buyers, they offer local market expertise, insider access to up-and-coming lists, and negotiation skills that can score you a good deal. Learn how to find a great agent to be on your team.

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