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The Best Places to Live in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has a great mix of natural beauty and bustling big cities. If you’ve thought about moving to the state, you may wonder what the best places are to live. The good news is that there are options from suburbs to rural areas, and many are affordable. Discover more now.
Rhode Island has a great mix of natural beauty and bustling big cities. If you’ve thought about moving to the state, you may wonder what the best places are to live. The good news is that there are options from suburbs to rural areas, and many are affordable. Discover more now.


Rhode Island is a beautiful place to live. It’s exciting, with diverse cities and plenty to do. You’ll get your fill of coffee milk and New York System wieners. You’ll enjoy gorgeous summers and work your way through snowy winters.

It’s no wonder you want to buy a home in Rhode Island. But do you know the absolute best places to live in the state?

One of the best ways to find your dream home is to work with an experienced buyer’s agent who understands the market in Rhode Island and your target neighborhood. Interested in connecting with a top-rated realtor? Contact Clever today.

Rhode Island may be geographically small, but there are a lot of cities and neighborhoods to choose from. Here are a few to consider.


This suburb of Providence is a highly desirable place to live and raise a family. The town boasts A+ rated schools from the earliest grades through high school. There are a lot of homes that overlook the Providence River and most people own rather than rent.

Of course, in a desirable area of a small state the home prices will be higher than the national average. The median home value is $402,300 according to July data from Niche. However, there are excellent job opportunities in the area and the median household income in Barrington is $117,408.

Current residents love Barrington — work with a skilled buyer’s agent if you’d like to join them!


Another excellent suburb of Providence is Kingston. The population in this area is 6,983 and it’s rated highly for schools, family, and nightlife. The area is more tight-knit than Barrington, and property prices are also somewhat lower.

The median home value is $336,500 and over 70% of the population owns their homes. The University of Rhode Island is nearby, and you’ll always find something fun to do. It’s a nice area for those who enjoy the beach as well.

If you really enjoy the nightlife of the big city, Providence is about 30 minutes away.


Looking for the sound of the ocean surrounding you, but want to be close to major cities for work and entertainment? Jamestown has the exact mix that you’re looking for. Jamestown is a large island in Narragansett Bay, and it’s the safest place to live in Rhode Island.

If your buyer’s agent helps you find a home here, you’ll join 5,400 other residents who love their somewhat-secluded life. The views are incredible and homes have large gardens, garages, and driveways. As a result, you’ll pay a bit more to live here — the median home value is $582,100.

However, if you can afford it, this picturesque area could be the perfect place to live in Rhode Island.


If you’re looking for the rare rural feeling in a state as small as Rhode Island, Richmond could be exactly what you’d love. Like the rest of the state, the schools are excellent in Richmond. It has a caring, family vibe and it’s one of those towns where everyone knows everyone else.

There are a lot of wooded areas and the town is quiet. Residents say people look out for each other as well. Homes are more affordable in Richmond because it’s further from the city. The median home value is $259,400, and that price range includes homes with three to four bedrooms and one to two baths.

If you’d like an affordable home in Rhode Island, Richmond is a great choice.

West Greenwich

Another option for more rural living in Rhode Island is West Greenwich. This quiet area will not give you the nightlife and buzz of the city and its suburbs, but sometimes the natural beauty is exactly what you’re looking for.

West Greenwich is right next to the Big River Wildlife Area, and that means plenty of hunting, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor options. You can enjoy picnics, biking, and a lot of natural adventure if you live in West Greenwich.

The median home value is $319,800 and the median income is $103,110, so you won’t be lacking for opportunities. This welcoming close-knit community could be a blissful place to buy your next home.


Rounding out our list of best places to live in Rhode Island is Charleston, a coastal town that is a draw to both residents and tourists. If you’re looking for a quiet place away from the city to enjoy the ocean and the natural beauty of Burlingame State Park, Charleston is your ideal destination.

If you do choose to work with a local realtor to purchase a home here, you’ll not only get a great place to live, you’ll get incredible eateries boasting fresh seafood. The median home value here is $305,900. Homes right on the coast sell for quite a bit more, of course, but you don’t have to overlook the ocean when you’re five minutes away.

Those who love Charleston point to the quiet safety, natural beauty, and outstanding food. It’s a hidden gem of a town and may be the perfect location for your next home.

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