The 5 Most Affordable Places to Live In Washington, D.C.

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By Jamie Ayers Updated February 16, 2023


Finding a home that meets your needs without breaking the bank can be a serious challenge. State-wide, District of Columbia has a median home value of $618,100. When you add in maintenance costs and property taxes, it can be difficult for many to buy and own a home.

That's why we've compiled a list of affordable cities in District of Columbia to help you find a new place to live. All of these places are more affordable than average, meaning you can get more bang for your buck.

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Most affordable cities in District of Columbia

Whether you're looking for a quiet small town or a trendy suburban neighborhood, it's possible to locate pockets of affordability throughout District of Columbia.

Here are our top picks for District of Columbia residents on a budget:

1. Foggy Bottom

Located in the Northwest quadrant, west of the White House and downtown, Foggy Bottom is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. It gained its name from the area’s close proximity to the Potomac River and the resulting early morning fog.

Home to George Washington University as well as the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Foggy Bottom is a vibrant area with plenty of culture and history. Also within walking distance to the National Mall, Foggy Bottom residents get to enjoy some of the nation’s most impressive monuments right on their doorstep.

With a median home value of $347,900 and a median household income of $60,066, Foggy Bottom is one of the more affordable places to buy a home in Washington, D.C.

2. Eckington

Eckington is a neighborhood in Northeast Washington, D.C. and is located one mile north of the United States Capitol. Particularly popular with young professionals, Eckington is close to downtown and has great walkability.

You may even recognize some of Eckington’s colorful homes from the opening credit sequence of the Netflix series House of Cards. An eclectic mix of Victorian-influenced architecture and apartment buildings make Eckington a diverse neighborhood with plenty of real estate opportunities.

The median home value in Eckington is $676,800, which, although higher than the U.S. average, is not exorbitant considering the average household income of $108,621.

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3. Brookland

Sometimes referred to as "Little Rome" due to the many Catholic organizations and institutions clustered around The Catholic University of America, Brookland is a neighborhood located in Northeast Washington, D.C.

An excellent commuter option for residents who need to reach the city with ease, Brookland has two stops on the Metro Red Line, one located at Brookland-Catholic University of America and another on Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood Avenue.

The median list price per square foot in Brookland is $499 — this is lower than the Washington average of $550 — making it one of the more affordable places to purchase real estate in Washington, D.C.

4. Glover Park

Glover Park is located just north of Georgetown and is known for being home to several foreign embassies as well as its charming 1920s rowhouses and architecture.

A favorite with young professionals and families, Glover Park has several highly rated public schools and a vibrant social scene centered around Wisconsin Avenue. It also has very few through roads, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.

With a median home value that has increased by 2.3% since 2018 to $412,500, Glover Park could be a fantastic option to consider when looking to buy a home in Washington, D.C.

5. Deanwood

Deanwood is one of Northeast Washington, D.C.’s oldest neighborhoods. A mix of brick houses and tree-lined streets, Deanwood has been experiencing slow but steady revitalization for years. Recognized as an up-and-coming area with two metro stops, Deanwood is a wonderful option for commuters who are looking for affordable real estate in Washington, D.C.

The average home value in Deanwood is $312,400 and has gone up by 5.9% in the past year alone.

The benefits of a great real estate agent

If you're just researching affordable places to live, you might wonder why you need a real estate agent. They're the ones that help you once you've already decided on a house, right?

Not necessarily. The truth is, it's never too early to start looking for an agent. In fact, talking to a realtor early on in the process can help you narrow down your options much faster than doing research on your own.

A real estate agent's job is to know everything about their local area. They'll find the best deals in desirable neighborhoods — and might just help you snag your dream home for an affordable price. Let a Clever agent help you discover your options today — all while you enjoy cash back!

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Frequently asked questions about affordable places to live in District of Columbia

How can I save money when buying a home in District of Columbia?

In addition to shopping in some of the most affordable areas, you'll want to work with an experienced real estate agent. They can find you hidden gems at low price points. A good agent can also negotiate like a pro to get you a lower sale price and more buyer incentives. You may also be able to take advantage of home buyer rebates.

How do I know how much I can afford to buy in District of Columbia?

We recommend using the 28/36 rule to know how much house you can afford. This means your housing expenses shouldn't exceed 28% of your income, and all of your total debt shouldn't exceed 36%. Learn more about how to calculate your home buying budget.

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