The 5 Most Affordable Places to Live In Georgia


Kristen Klempert


March 3rd, 2021


Finding the most affordable places to live in Georgia is challenging even if you're a native Georgian. Experienced local agents have access to information the rest of us don't. Put your trust in an agent located in one of the five affordable markets for home buyers.

Whether you're looking to live near the international travel hub of Atlanta or to get lots of land outside of Macon, there's a lot to love about Georgia. While living inside one of the bigger cities can be pricey, local realtors will let you in on the deals the state has to offer.

With a median home value of around $188,000, you'd think that the people of Georgia might be making very little. However, there are lots of cities and towns where the annual household income is well over $60,000. If you hire an experienced local agent to help you negotiate a good price on a home, you could make out like a bandit if you move to one of the most affordable places to live in Georgia.

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Here are five of the best places to consider moving to in the Peach State.

1. Warner Robins

With a population of nearly 75,000, Warner Robins is a small city that gets far less attention than its much bigger neighbor Macon, Georgia. However, Macon's prices can't match what Warner Robins has to offer.

With a home price to income ratio of 2.3, the median home value is just slightly more than twice what the median annual income is. This is a great deal for residents who earn a median income of more than $48,000 a year. Median home values in the city are about $114,000 and the market is only getting hotter.

Located near the Robins Air Force Base, this city has a strong job market buoyed by government jobs and all the work that goes along with running and maintaining a base. All of the goods and services that people in the military need can be found in Warner Robins.

All of the schools in the region are also highly-rated and well-loved by parents. This makes it an ideal place to raise your family. Expect several tight-knit communities scattered throughout the city with lots of events and activities for kids.

2. Duluth

Anyone who wants to live close to Atlanta without being in the heart of the action, check out Duluth. This city of around 27,000 has a lot to offer, more than being just another suburb of Atlanta.

With a median income of over $60,000 and with a median home value of $250,000, the cost of living is relatively low compared to earnings. If you want to earn a healthy income and be able to live well on it, this is the place to be.

The region used to be a big railroad hub and was once fueled by industry jobs. These days, the past of the city is celebrated in the Southeastern Railway Museum.

This city is remarkably diverse and a great place to raise a family. It has several highly-rated schools that boast a lot of parent involvement.

For the culturally minded, get engaged with their annual springtime Art Walk.

3. Gainesville

Nature-lovers take note. This city has a lot of offer and it's 33,000 citizens see a lot more tourism than similarly sized cities because of the nature it offers.

With the median home value of only $180,000, it's no wonder this is a very hot market. The city's botanical garden, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Lake Sidney Lanier all attract a regular audience the region. There's nothing better to do with a family than enjoy the free fun that nature has to offer.

This is a nice city to buy a home in if your family is filled with water lovers. If you're considering retirement, Gainesville is a great choice because it offers you the chance to do all of that fishing and boating that you put off during your working years.

Excited to start the home search in one of the amazing neighborhoods Gainesville has to offer?

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4. Smyrna

A suburb of Atlanta, Smyrna has become a bustling city all on its own recently. For several decades, it has been known as one of the fastest-growing cities in Georgia and is one of the most densely populated in the region.

In the heart of the city is Market Village, which boasts everything needed for urban living. It's a mixed-use residential, commercial, and leisure facility with everything under one roof. There's retail, business, and even dining in the development.

Smyrna has been a restaurant town for several years, making a mark on the national and international stage. It's very rare that you find a place so cosmopolitan and still so affordable.

As the median annual income is more than $60,000 and the median home value is just over $275,000, most residents find it easy to enjoy the restaurant scene on their budget.

5. Newnan

Located in Coweta County, near the western border, this city of nearly 40,000 is the county seat of the region. There are historic structures that are still standing from before the Civil War. The city boasts a healthy economy and has a median household income of $64,000 and median home values of just over $200,000

Since the year 2000, the population has more than doubled. While it put a lot of pressure on the school district to grow, they've managed to keep up. Additionally, Mercer University has opened up a campus in the city, expanding the academic opportunities available.

Fans of The Walking Dead will notice some similarities between settings in the show and Newnan High School. That's because several scenes were shot there.

For history buffs, the first black library in the county is still standing. The Sara Fisher Brown Library is now home to the Community Action For Improvement Center.

With community activism built into the DNA of the city, it's a great place to raise kids. They get to grow up in a bustling and growing city that also offers the friendly neighborhoods that you'd expect in a suburb.

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Choosing from the Most Affordable Places to Live in Georgia

When looking at all of the affordable places to live in Georgia, it's important to know what to look for and how to negotiate for a good deal. The best person to handle the job is an experienced local real estate agent. On top of giving you a no-obligation consultation, working with a Clever Partner Agent also helps qualify for you for a $1,000 rebate to help with closing costs.

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