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Should You Rent Furniture When Staging Your Home to Sell?

Staging a home helps potential buyers imagine what it would be like living in the property. Homes that are staged have been shown to sell much faster than ones that are not. Sellers can do the staging themselves or hire a professional stager.

Staging a home helps potential buyers imagine what it would be like living in the property. Homes that are staged have been shown to sell much faster than ones that are not. Sellers can do the staging themselves or hire a professional stager.

Staging a home is the process of furnishing it so it entices potential buyers. Some homeowners choose to forego staging and leave their home empty. As much as that seems like a money-saving option, it's not the wisest decision if you're looking to get your home off the market quickly.

Let's consider a scenario where you decide not to stage your home.

Buyers walk through the door and they're met with a large room that's completely empty. It's an unusual sight because it's not often that one encounters a home that's that bare.

A person who comes across the space has to populate it with their own imagination so they can get a sense of what it's like to live there. They have to envision how a couch might fit in the living room, whether a bed of a certain size will leave enough room for other accessories, and so on.

By not renting furniture to stage your home, you assume each buyer can see the potential on their own.

Benefits of Renting Furniture to Stage Your Home

When you stage a house, you take control of how it's perceived by buyers. You furnish each room in a way that highlights the space as a whole. That way, you create an atmosphere that is welcoming, which is exactly what you want to evoke in a buyer.

Staging is also worthwhile for the impact it has on buyer's agents, who are just as important as buyers themselves in the home selling process. Buyer's agents are more likely to recommend a home when it has been staged because it means a quicker sale for them.

In a study by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), staged homes spent just 23 days on the market. Those that were unstaged spent 184 days on the market. This shows that homes that are staged prior to listing spend 90% less time on the market on average.

How to Stage a Home for Sale

Staging is not unlike buying furniture and decorating a home for your own use. Go online and find a furniture rental store located near the house being sold. The closer it is the better; you'll save a significant amount of money on shipping fees. Make sure to choose a service that will also pick-up the furniture once you're done using it. You'll want to clear the home quickly once you have a buyer for it.

When deciding what kind of furniture to buy, use the style of the house as a guide. Those that live on a colonial style property will want to go with vintage pieces. If the design of the home itself is minimal, you would choose furniture that isn't too ornamented or loud.

In general, stick with neutral colors for furniture when staging a home. You always want the home to be the hero of the staging since that's what you're selling. So remember to decorate the place in a way that brings out the most impressive aspects of the home.

Cost to Stage a Home with Rented Furniture

The amount that you'll spend on staging your home obviously depends on its size. The more rooms and higher the square footage, the more you'll spend on furniture and accessories.

In general, it costs about $500 to rent furniture for a single room each month. So if you have two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen, it will cost you about $2,000 to stage the home each month.

Some people choose to have the staging done by a professional home stager. The stager will charge a one-time consultation fee as well as a monthly fee. They will usually have a minimum lock-in period so you may have to pay them even after the home has been sold.

Your real estate agent can be a valuable resource when making decisions about staging a house.

An agent will be able to recommend furniture rental services and professional stagers in the area. If you have vendors you've been considering yourself, you can ask your agent for feedback on those particular services.

Your real estate agent will also be able to tell you how to appeal to local buyers while staging a home. They know what kinds of homes sell in the area, and you can use that information to tailor your staging accordingly. Find an experienced Clever Partner Agent who knows staging sells homes in your area to tailor your staging accordingly.


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