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Should You Hire an Art Stager? 5 Considerations for Sellers

Have you ever heard of an art stager? Believe it or not, hiring a professional to help arrange and choose the artwork in your home can help your home sell faster. Learn more about the five factors you should consider when deciding if an art stager is right for your home.
Have you ever heard of an art stager? Believe it or not, hiring a professional to help arrange and choose the artwork in your home can help your home sell faster. Learn more about the five factors you should consider when deciding if an art stager is right for your home.

You may know that staging is important when selling your home, but you may not have known how the art on your walls can impact a home sale. In fact, many sellers are surprised to learn how their particular wall decor, or lack thereof, can hinder a sale.

Staging the art in your home can be a complex task. While you should remove any personal photographs and works of art your kids made, it can be hard to be subjective about other pieces of art. That’s where a professional art stager or staging company can help.

Is an art stager a good idea for your property? Here are five factors to consider:

1. Is your artwork offensive?

While it’s pretty easy to remove any political or explicit artwork, it’s important to remember that buyers can easily be offended by imagery that seems benign to you. Religious sculptures or imagery, nude portraits, and even human faces might be considered offensive to some buyers. Even a famous work of art could offend a buyer, if it contains any of the above.

Since you may not be aware of these sensitivities or other cultural beliefs, consulting with an art stager could help you avoid some embarrassing faux pas when showing off your home.

2. Is your art hung at the right height?

Figuring out the best place to hang artwork, especially if you have high ceilings or uniquely shaped walls, can be difficult. While most sellers want to hang art high to call attention to the open ceilings, this can backfire, causing buyers to miss the artwork and high ceilings altogether.

Placing artwork at eye level is generally considered the right course of action, particularly if you’re showcasing multiple pieces. However, this tip may not hold true in every room.

3. Does your art complement the decor?

It doesn’t matter how beautiful a piece of artwork is. If it doesn’t match with the room or home’s overall theme and existing decor, it’s going to stick out — and not in a good way. Color and atmosphere play large roles in home staging and you’ll want to make sure your artwork enhances this theme and doesn’t distract from it.

Accomplishing this can be hard for many sellers. It takes a keen eye and someone who understands what sellers are looking for to really determine which particular piece of art will work well in a room.

4. Does your art inspire buyers?

While most of the time the artwork will remain subtly in the background, every now and then you can use artwork to encourage buyers to put in an offer. This works particularly well for buyers who are excited to move to particularly location.

Feature location-based art: a subway map, a shot of the beach, or even a piece with the city’s name on it remind buyers of where they’ll be living if they buy your house. You can also feature pieces that show buyers what type of life they’ll be living here, like showcasing a day fishing or the blur of city lights on a busy sidewalk.

This trick can encourage buyers to pull the trigger to reside in their dream location.

5. Does your artwork match the local style?

In every market, there seems to be an emerging trend that’s popular and buyers latch onto. Explore what your local buyers are most drawn to by attending open houses and checking out how those homes are staged. Pay close attention to the artwork — how does it make you feel?

You might find your aesthetic is very similar to these homes, in which case, your art collection may be fine to display. But if you find the artwork to be very different, you might want to look into renting pieces or teaming up with a professional art stager to really make the interior of your home pop.

Other Considerations

If you’re stressed about arranging your art when staging your home, you should reach out to a top-rated real estate agent in your area. Since agents understand your local market and what buyers are looking for, they can provide unbiased advice on artwork and even connect your with professional art staging companies.

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