How to Write Perfect Home Descriptions

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How to Write Perfect Home Descriptions

May 30, 2019 | by Andrew Schmeerbauch

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Knowing how to write perfect home descriptions can be the deciding factor on whether someone schedules a showing or moves on to the next listing. Here’s how to write a standout listing that will help you sell your home.

How to Write Perfect Home Descriptions

Did you know that 50% of home buyers found the home they purchased online? Digital has become a powerful force in real estate, helping buyers to scout homes before they ever reach out to a real estate agent.

And because of this, the way you phrase your home’s listing matters more than ever. Buyers aren’t as dependent on the real estate agent, so they’re doing their own research on homes. If they don’t like your listing, they’re moving on to the next one.

So, how can you write a compelling listing that will make buyers want to see more? See some examples of great listing descriptions or follow these seven tips to make your home stand out and get sold!

1. Write an Accurate Description

This one sounds obvious, but it’s essential to be honest when talking about your home. A tiny home shouldn’t be described as “sprawling,” nor should a home with a rotting back deck be considered “in good shape.” Use your description to set the right expectations for the buyer; otherwise, they may question everything else about the property and mark you off their shortlist.

2. Use Adjectives Sparingly

It’s easy to go crazy with adjectives, especially since many listings contain them. But they’re wordy and take up a lot of room, and most importantly, they sound cheesy. Using too many descriptive terms like “amazing,” “gorgeous,” and “perfect” make it sound like you’re trying too hard to sell your home — and buyers will wonder why.

That’s not to say you can’t use any adjectives. Just be selective and limit the quantity.

3. Include Words that Increase Value

The best adjectives are the ones that make your home seem valuable: luxurious, custom, upscale, landscaped. These are terms that will attract buyers’ attention in a good way without coming across as desperate. They’re also terms that don’t apply to just any house, which makes them even more special.

4. Talk About Unique Features

If your home has a fireplace in the master bedroom, a jacuzzi tub, a wet bar in the basement, or a double oven in the kitchen, talk about those things! The little features that make it unique will catch their eye more than talking about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

5. Add Professional Photos

Put down your smartphone and hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home. Even though smartphone cameras have come a long way, they still pale in comparison when taking pictures of real estate. Your photographer can not only capture the right angle and lighting, but can also include your home’s best features to help captivate potential buyers.

This step is one of the most essential, given that many buyers will look at homes online before viewing them in person. Having high-quality photos to go with your listing will complement your listing description and encourage buyers to come see more.

6. Skip the Basic Stuff

Your home description is just part of the listing. In addition, an MLS listing will include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, the home’s age, and other basics. That means you need not waste valuable space in your description to talk about these things.

Instead, make better use of your space and the buyer’s time by creating a vision of the home instead of rattling off facts.

7. Make it Easy to Read

Readability is key, especially if buyers are using search engines to find listings. Use complete sentences and correct punctuation to break up ideas and make your listing scannable. Run-on sentences don’t do you any favors, nor does the excessive use of exclamation points.

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