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How to Get Real Estate Leads: 5 Secrets You've Never Heard

Learn strategies on how to get your name known as a top-notch realtor in your neighborhood. Quit paying for leads that never materialize into a sale. Become a Clever Partner Agent to find buyers and sellers in your area ready to move.
Learn strategies on how to get your name known as a top-notch realtor in your neighborhood. Quit paying for leads that never materialize into a sale. Become a Clever Partner Agent to find buyers and sellers in your area ready to move.

Working in any sales organization is hard work, but no industry is quite as competitive as the real estate industry.

As a realtor, you can never relax. Even though you may currently have several sales in your funnel, you are always on the lookout for that next client who will help you bring home the bacon later in the quarter.

How do you find those elusive clients? How do you keep yourself from shaking your fist in frustration when you see another realtor’s sign appear in the front yard of a house in your neighborhood?

Here are five ways to connect with clients interested in buying or selling a home.

Connect With Other Professionals in Your Neighborhood

Pass out your business cards at funerals. Just kidding. Although we know that life-altering events like deaths and divorces often spur real estate transactions, we would never recommend doing something as gauche as contacting someone who just lost a loved one.

Instead, form a relationship with the best divorce attorneys and life insurance agents in your neighborhood. These professionals interact with people every day who may need your service.

Sponsor Every Wrestling Program and Cheer Clinic in Your Area

If you aren’t an extrovert already, you need to become one. Make your name known within the community by sponsoring itsy-bitsy soccer teams, buying banners at the high school football stadium, and volunteering to judge for your local school’s debate tournaments. Hang signs, put your name on the back of t-shirts, and pass out candy during the 4thof July parade.

Give out a small scholarship to a local high school student each year. Ask to present the money during the awards assembly. Have students apply through a link on your website to increase the number of hits your website receives.

When a person needs a realtor, their first thoughts often go to the name they have already seen and heard a thousand times before. Become an important part of your community and your sales will increase.

Host Informational Events

Reserve a room at your local library and host an event where you talk about home selling or buying strategies. Most people only buy or sell a home a few times in their lives. They may be unsure and intimidated by the process. Give good, practical information regarding best practices.

Give out gift cards to homeowners or potential buyers attending the event. Collect contact information from attendees and follow up with them.

Schedule a Coffee Meeting Every Day

Since you have to get your morning coffee every day anyway, reach out to old friends, coworkers, neighbors, and extended family members and ask them to meet you at your local coffee house. Spend time sincerely connecting with people.

An added benefit of rekindling relationships is that these individuals may need a realtor at some point in their lives. You want someone to look after the best interests of those you love. Who would be better equipped to do that than you?

Become a Clever Partner Agent

One of the best ways of finding real estate leads is to become a Clever Partner Agent through Clever Real Estate.

If you have a proven track record as being one of the best realtors in your area, apply to become one of the Clever Partner Agents through the website. You will receive the contact information from potential buyers and sellers who are seeking the services of a flat-fee realtor.

Clever promises their clients they will find a top-quality realtor who will sell their house for $3,000 if the home is valued under $350,000. The commission changes to 1% on homes above that amount. If you will offer your full services at a discount, Clever will send you clients packed and ready to move.

Working a commissioned sales job is not for the faint of heart. Increase the number of real estate leads by following one of these strategies. Never again pay big bucks for leads that never materialize into a sale.


Luke Babich

Luke Babich is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Clever Real Estate, the free online service that connects you with top agents to save money on commission. He's an active real estate investor and licensed agent in St. Louis, with 22 units currently. Luke graduated from Stanford University and subsequently ran a historic data-driven campaign for University City City Council. Luke's writing has been featured in Homeland Security Today, Mashvisor, Payments Journal, and Bigger Pockets.

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