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By Ben Mizes Updated April 5, 2023

SHARE offer leads from buyers actively searching for their next home in your market, combined with software that can help agents capture, communicate, and connect with them. But is it the best option out there? Here's what you need to know about the lead generation platform. Leads: Reviews, Costs, Pros & Cons provides incredible opportunities at both free and paid levels, along with integrating fantastic tools, to generate and nurture leads that can fill your pipeline. As the second-largest real estate marketplace on the internet with over 60 million visitors every month, is an important platform for agents to boost presence, and establish ongoing business.

Here's everything you need to know about, and the quality of the leads.

Are leads valuable for real estate agents?

Discover how leads work and why Clever is a better choice.

How Works leads come with a one year contract, though some leads reviews say you can work them down to six months. The leads can come from using free services, or can be optimized by subscribing to many of the paid options, which can range from $25 per month or more. leads are priced depending on the home values in that zip code. More expensive areas mean more expensive leads. It's ideal to buy out a particular zip code of interest and get exclusivity, but that will cost you a pretty penny, likely $1,000 per month.

Being an exclusive agent for a zip code is nice, but may not be in your price point. Most zip codes are bought, so you must wait for the good ones — and don't just opt for the cheapest option. Settling on a zip code you don't want to be working in, or with the wrong prices for your business will not be worth it in the long run.

Benefits of

Establishing an account on can bring you new leads, and offer name recognition in your desired area. has some distinctive benefits, including reduced competition. While other platforms like Zillow allow For Sale By Owner clients to advertise on their platform, only allows licensed agents, reducing your competition.

Another benefit is its reach potential. As the second-largest real estate marketplace on the internet, your reach to prospective customers searching for homes in the area is vast.

Drawbacks Of

With, it's important to know that you aren't an exclusive real estate agent. Your leads will likely be sent to multiple agents at a time. This can cause a lot of competition amongst agents, and could lead to one of your customers getting snatched from you.

That can get tough. Plus, would-be-customers often become irritated after having several agents call them up for their business.

How to Get the Best ROI On

Using your profile page to the fullest is a great way to market your business and gives a snapshot of your business expertise to quality leads. Free profile pages include your headshot, bio, reviews and recommendations, current and recently closed listings, and your contact information.

The perfect headshot is crucial, as it's the first visual that potential customers see of you. It should convey trust, competence, and confidence. Elements like smiling, selecting an appropriate background, and dressing professionally are crucial to creating the right impression about your brand and business.

Real estate bios on should capture your potential clients by disclosing some personal history, remaining succinct, and connecting you to your desired area. While you shouldn't be afraid to showcase what you've done, be sure not to come across as arrogant, or boasting to potential leads.

Glowing reviews and testimonials are another great way to stand out from the sea of other agents on Social proof in the form of client reviews shows to your leads you've been able to get the job done, and will do so for them. If you have helped clients get their dream home, ask them to leave reviews that can help boost your online reputation and send you more clients. Leads vs. Zillow Leads

Like Zillow, buyers and sellers who submit their information on are actively looking to buy and sell, and are voluntarily contributing their information. That already makes them often better leads than Facebook ads, or PPC advertising.

With that said, leads generally have less favorable reviews than Zillow leads. This could be because Zillow gets more traffic, their leads are better reviewed, and there is more transparency in how leads are routed to agents. Zillow has also been more innovative and experimental, in terms of supporting and giving its Premier Agents the tools needed to succeed.

When generating quality leads as an agent, you have plenty of options at your fingertips. Clever sends participating agents a steady stream of vetted buyer and seller leads. Clever Partner Agents are incredible marketers, and the visibility they receive from working our listings generates a constant stream of new business.

Clever is free for agents. With no upfront costs required, Clever Partner Agents only pay when the property is bought or sold. The outcome is less time and money wasted, increased sales volume, and a higher ROI. Contact Clever today to get started.

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