Are you interested in how to find out how much a house sold for? Maybe you’ve got your eye on a particular neighborhood and are curious about the going rate. Or maybe there is a mansion on Main Street that you could never afford – but you still wonder about the final cost of something like it, just in case.

How to Find Out How Much a House Sold For

Finding the sale price of a home is actually pretty easy. Here’s how you can do it:

Choose a Realty Website

You can do a quick online search for a website that hosts listings and recent sales records, like Clever. Oftentimes, these sites will compile information from multiple resources, like Multiple Listing Services (sometimes known as an MLS) and other databases put together by Realtors.

Enter Your Preferred Area

The next step is to enter the zip code, area, or specific address for the property or neighborhood you are looking to find out more about.

It’s great to be more specific in your search. This means you should start by looking up the sales price of a particular property. But, if you’d just like to know about multiple homes in a specific area, or even region, typing in “Oakland” or “East Texas” should do just fine.

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If They Don’t List the Price

If you want to know the price of a particular home, sometimes a certain listing website won’t list the sales price. Usually, this is because the sale occurred too recently and the parties involved just have not posted the information yet.

However, in some places, the sales price of a specific home might not be listed online because there are laws in place to protect what could be considered by some as “sensitive financial information.”

Then What Are the Next Steps?

If you encounter this, it doesn’t mean the information isn’t available to the public, it just means it’s not available online. The next step to take is to look up the real estate agent that sold the home and reach out to him with your questions.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own, you can also always ask your Realtor to reach out on your behalf.

Finding Out How Much a House Sold for in Person

Your third option, if you would really, really like to know how much a house sold for, would be to delve into public records. Real estate records are usually available at local government offices, like the County Clerk’s.

A County Clerk’s office maintains all the records for real estate sales in the area that it serves. The visit shouldn’t last long; all you need to do is pop in and ask for the sales price of 123 Main Street.

In some places, you will be able to look at the records yourself, while in others the office staff will deliver the information to you. There is also occasionally a small fee (usually less than $10, sometimes as low as $1) for accessing the information.

If for some reason, the County Clerk’s office does not have the information that you are looking for, then you can repeat this process at the Land Registry Office.

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