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Why You Should Hire a Local Realtor

June 10 2018
by Leisl Bailey

Local real estate agent

Have you recently spoken to a friend or family member who lives a few hours — or even a few states–away? Did they ask you to keep them in mind when you go to buy or sell a house? You may have been tempted to say yes, but hold off on that a bit. It isn’t a great idea to hire someone outside of your area. Why hire a local realtor? Let’s find out.

Why Hire a Local Realtor?

There are more than a few issues that arise when you use realtors outside of your area. One of the more obvious ones is that they have to travel to even get to your house!

If you want to go out and look for homes, you now have to schedule it way in advance. This makes a bigger deal out of showing a house then it really needs to be. What if you want to see multiple homes on different days?

Convenience is only the cherry on top when it comes to hiring a local realtor, though. A few other great reasons to hire one locally is that they know the area, they know the market, and they serve you (as opposed to themselves).

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Local Realtors Know The Area

You can spot a tourist a mile away. They’ve got that slightly confused look in their eye as they stand on a street corner and look at various people passing by, working up the courage to ask for directions. Do you really want someone like that helping you find your dream house? What about having someone who doesn’t know the area give instructions to a potential buyer? Using a local realtor means they have no trouble helping you find a home in a quiet neighborhood no less than 5 miles away from the grocery store.

Using a local realtor also means they know the features of your home that stand out and can advertise them well. For example: if there is an excellent view of the mountain from the hilltop your house is on, they can push that out to potential buyers.

Buying and selling your property is already complicated enough without you trying to describe the area to the one helping you buy or sell. It’s like explaining the shoe department to the store clerk. They should really already know this stuff.

Local Realtors Know The Market

If you’re in an area where bidding wars break out, the second a home lands on the market, then you need a local realtor. You don’t want to miss out on every single home in the area only because someone who knew the market better saw it first. A local realtor studies the market. They’re also the first person to know when a home that fits your criteria hits the market. Having that access means they are close enough to pounce and schedule a tour of the house as soon as your schedule allows.

A local realtor also comes in handy when listing your home for sale. A realtor that is unfamiliar with the housing market in your area could end up pricing your home too low. With a house priced too low, it could get sold for way less money than you could have had. A low priced house also indicates there might be something wrong with the house and puts up red flags for serious buyers in the area.

Even worse than that, your realtor could end up pricing the home too high. If your house is priced too high, then it could sit on the market for much longer than you wanted or needed it to sit. Which, in turn, makes you miss out on opportunities to purchase a new house due to lack of funds.

Having a local realtor that knows your market will help save you time and money while selling and purchasing your property.

Local Realtors Serve You

It may seem like a realtor who is willing to help you buy or sell your home long-distance is being kind. Going out of their way to help you make a real estate transaction is not kind, it’s actually quite the opposite.

There are over two million realtors in the United States alone. If your realtor were kind, they would refer you to one of the many in your area who would be better able to help you, rather than their own wallet.

While local realtors may not be the most altruistic, they can put your needs first as they work to help you with your purchase or sale. This is because they don’t have as much travel time on their end. They are also experts in the area, allowing them to serve you better throughout the home buying and selling process.

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Find A Local Realtor

Finding a local realtor is actually pretty easy. You could do a quick search on the internet, or even go to your regional networking meetings to locate one fairly quickly. These realtors will be local, but they still may not be the best fit for your real estate needs.

There are a few sites that work hard to find the best realtors in your area to recommend. Sites like AngiesList and many other review sites use only the best agents, but you often have to pay to view their recommendations. There is an option that pays you, however.

Discount real estate brokerages like Clever work hard to provide you with the best agents in your area at a price you can afford. Whether you’re buying or selling, these types of services can provide you with an agent that not only knows the area and market well; they don’t concern themselves with the dollar figures on their commission.

Discount real estate services typically pay their realtors a flat rate fee that is much less than the average commission rate. This fee isn’t a sliding rate based on the price of the home, meaning they focus more on serving you than serving their pocketbook.

Using a discount buyer’s agent in your area also means you could get money back just for using them.

Hiring a local agent might not seem as fun as using your Uncle Larry, who’s been dying for an excuse to go on vacation. But it is the choice that serves you better.

Knowing you need a realtor is half the battle. Finding a top-rated local agent for a flat rate price of $3000 or 1% depending on the house is the other half. Clever makes it easy. Call us today at   1-833-2-CLEVER or fill out our online form to get started.