How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Texas


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November 24th, 2020


What would it be like to be the first person to live in a house? Is there a new house smell like there is a new car smell? What if you could have everything set up the way you wanted without having to make exceptions here and there? Let’s find out about the cost to build in Texas.

Have you ever thought about building your own home?

The best part about it is that you get to have everything how you want it (within the bounds of your budget, of course). That being said, how far can you expect your budget to go? What kind of house can you afford to build?

The answer to this question largely depends on where you are building it. Let’s find out how much it costs to build a house in Texas.


The first thing you need to build a house is a place to put it. Thus, you’ll need to pick out the perfect plot of land.

How much is an acre of land worth? Turns out, the price can be drastically different depending on your location.

Arranging the states from most to least expensive, Texas is right smack dab in the middle at the 27th most expensive. The average price per acre in Texas is only $7,542.

Remember, the price still depends on where you are in the state. Land prices in metropolitan or other desirable areas are more expensive than some acreage out in the middle of nowhere.

Building Permits

You can’t build, demolish, or make structural changes to a home in Texas without a permit. Each municipality has its own rules and required information. In general, you should expect to provide the following information:

  • The property owner’s name and contact details
  • The property’s address
  • The contractor’s (architect’s, engineer’s, etc) name and contact details
  • The building’s expected use
  • A description of the work to be done
  • The estimated total value of the project
  • Official drawn plans for the construction

Some cities may ask for further details, you’ll have to check with your local office to find the exact requirements in your area.

Additional permits that may be required include:

  • Electrical permit
  • Mechanical permit
  • Plumbing permit
  • Concrete permit
  • Sign permit
  • Development permit

Talk with your local office to determine which permits your project will require. Be sure to secure all the appropriate permits before beginning construction. Failure to do so can result in fines or penalties.

The cost that home buyers pay for building permits averages around $1,000.

Construction Costs

The cost of construction can be all over the map. The size of your home and the materials that you choose cause the price to vary.

In many parts of Texas, you don’t need more labor-intensive materials like concrete black. You can construct the house with wood, which is cheaper to haul and easier to work with.

Labor prices also vary greatly and contractors in areas with a higher cost of living charge more than contractors in areas with a lower cost of living. The good news for you is that Texas is one of those lower cost of living areas (depending on where you are in the state).

Average costs of construction in Texas hover around $90 per square foot.

Want to build your dream home in Texas?

A Clever Partner Agent can walk you through the process.

Finishing Costs

The way you choose to finish your home also greatly impacts the cost. Finishing includes things like cabinets, floors, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, appliances, and more.

To give you an idea, the most basic level of finishing might cost about $90 per square foot. If you plan to deck out your home, that cost can skyrocket to over $1,000 per square foot!

For a standard finish in Texas, you can expect to pay about $175 per square foot. This would include things like carpeted bedrooms, low- to mid-range countertops, standard light fixtures, basic roofing materials, etc.

What if you plan to do something a little nicer with high-quality hardwood floors, high-end countertops, high-end, energy efficient windows? Then you’re looking at more like somewhere between $275 and $295 per square foot.

If you’re going for something a little more lavish, you could end up spending anywhere between $525 and $1,095 per square foot. This could include things like heated flooring, marble or chiseled stone bathrooms, smart home automation features, custom work, and expensive roofing like slate.

Building Your Dream Home

Before you can begin building your dream home, you need the perfect piece of land. Keep the type of house you want to build in mind as you search for a piece of property. It doesn’t make sense from a resale value perspective to build a lavish home in a rundown area.

A local real estate agent can help you find the right property for you. Once you have that within your grasp, they can also introduce you to builders, contractors, and other professionals you’ll need to help you construct your home.

Even though you usually don’t have to pay a real estate agent commission as a buyer, you still want to have a good agent on your side. Unless you like spending extra money and ending up with a piece of property that wasn’t quite what you were looking for.

How do you find a good agent?

We’re so glad you asked. Here at Clever, we partner with only the best agents in the business to bring you an unparalleled real estate buying experience. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you got a good deal on the land you needed to build your dream home.

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