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How much does landscaping increase the value of a home?

Quite a bit – but indirectly.

Confused? There’s no need to be.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about landscaping your home. We will also cover how it impacts buyer perceptions of your property.

Top 6 Landscaping Secrets To Increase the Value of Your Home 

Here are all of the things you need to know about landscaping your home to ensure that you get the best possible price for your property:

What is the Return on Investment (ROI) for landscaping? 

When adding value to your home for a sale, the number one thing you want to consider is your return on investment or your ROI. This is the amount of money that you get back for every dollar that you invest in making your home better.

With landscaping, the exact ROI is harder to calculate than when you replace the floors or get a new refrigerator, for example. This is because landscaping ROI primarily operates in generating initial interest in your home from photos. It then cements that interest through an increase of curb appeal when buyers visit.

We live in a digital world. Because of this, many potential buyers will see your property for the first time via digital image. It is essential to lock in their interest right away. One of the easiest ways to do this is by presenting a well-kept landscape and exterior to your home.

When these buyers arrive and see that the reality matches the photos, they will be even more likely to fall in love with your home and make an offer.

Here is how you can do just that:

Manicured Grass

Keeping your grass cut short and properly edged is an important part of lawn maintenance. Clean lines around the edge of your green space visually indicate an order and symmetry to your home. This is appealing to buyers on a base level.

It makes your home seem calm and organized. Which is something people tend to latch on to, especially during the chaos of the home purchasing process.

If you live in a desert climate where your lawn is primarily grass-free, then be sure that any rock or dirt features are contained from spilling out onto the street or sidewalk, perhaps with a small border.

Lively Plant Life

This is something that is easy to implement no matter the climate where you live. Even if you do not have the time or energy for gardening, maintaining the health of the plants in your green spaces is essential.

You can ensure the health of your plants through regular watering, fertilizing, and weeding. However, this is just the base level of maintenance. If you truly want to use landscaping to add value to your home, then you need to go the extra mile.

Potential buyers are drawn to pops of color and well cared for plant life. If you live in a more temperate climate, be sure to plant a few flowers to give off a fresh and welcoming vibe. If you live in a desert climate, consider what a small cactus or aloe vera plant could do for your visual landscape.

Clear Flowerbeds 

The health of your flowerbeds goes hand in hand with the neatness of your lawn.

Be sure to remove any dead plants or weeds. You should also take care to replace any “holes” left by these removals with new plants, as to not give the appearance that something is missing.

Maintained Pavements 

When a home is properly powerwashed it is more appealing.

This is because no matter how lovely your home’s landscaping is, the positive first impression and thus resale value that it creates can be undone in a moment by grimy pavements.

The pavements of your home are the driveway, sidewalk (even if you don’t technically “own” the sidewalk), and the back porch area.

In order to give your landscaping a cohesive look, it is essential that you powerwash your pavements before you take the marketing photos for your home or list it for sale. Powerwashing restores pavements to their original, clean state.

This allows potential buyers to associate feelings of cleanliness and order with your property, even if only subconsciously.

Automatic Sprinklers 

There is something great to be said about an automatic sprinkler system. It can be a major selling point and greatly increase the value of your home if highlighted properly.

This is because schlepping around the hose and sprinkler can be exhausting. After all, you have to move it several times throughout the watering process. You also have to set a timer and set aside hours of your day to listen for the timer.

Then you have to go outside and move the hose. Finally, you have to remember to keep up a regular watering schedule so your lawn does not die.

With automatic sprinklers, that all does away. With a quick click of a button, the system knows exactly when, where, and how much to water. This significantly reduces the work required of the homeowner – which increases the overall value of the home.

Water Features 

When deciding whether or not to add a water feature, it is all about function and balance.

Water features, when woven properly into your landscape, can enhance your home’s value. Things like a small fountain, waterfall, or fishpond can be big selling points to buyers as they help to create ambiance.

The key is to ensure that they work well with the rest of the outdoor space. For example, it would not make sense to have a fishpond in the middle of your front yard. But, if you have a more-enclosed flowerbed in your back lawn, a fishpond might add a peaceful atmosphere to the space.

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