Best Cash Home Buyers in Akron, Ohio

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If you’re selling a house in Akron that's in poor condition or has other complications, or you need to sell your house fast, consider a cash home buyer. Many companies that buy houses for cash in Akron will purchase any home and can usually close sales much faster than Akron home buyers who need a home loan.

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Our team evaluated 14 active cash home buyers serving Akron. We examined each company's key factors, including its credibility signals, customer reviews, and activity level. Our guide will help you choose a cash buyer to get the best outcome on your sale.

Why you should trust us

We want to help you find legitimate cash home buyers and get the best deal based on your needs. When you hire a service through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission, but this doesn’t influence our rankings or advice. Learn how we researched and ranked these companies that buy houses for cash.

What you should know about cash home buyers

  • Cash home buyers can be useful if you have a complicated home sale, you want to sell your house fast, you've inherited a house, or you have goals that would be difficult to achieve selling with a real estate agent on the open market. Your options, offer prices, and closing speed will depend on your situation.
  • You may need to contact numerous cash buyers to get workable offers. Cash buyers are investors with varying budgets, goals, and constraints. Some will pay cash for almost any home under any circumstance at any time. Others specialize in locations, price ranges, property types, or situations. 
  • Cash offers will be unique to your home. How much "we buy houses for cash" companies will pay — and how fast they can close — depends on the home and situation. Investors can pay more for turnkey properties than those in need of major repairs. 
  • The selling process is condensed. Some companies that buy houses for cash can close deals within 2–3 days. However, Akron houses with complicated legal issues could take months to close.
  • Most cash home buyers pay closing costs. You won't have to pay any unexpected fees on your closing date. Companies that buy houses for cash usually factor the seller's closing costs into their offer. 
  • Requesting a cash offer is always free, and there’s zero obligation to accept it. You may not get the fair market value many sellers get using a real estate agent. But you decide if you're offered a fair price and if the terms are acceptable based on your situation. If you feel pressured to accept an offer, walk away. If you suspect a scam or financial exploitation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends you report it to the Federal Trade Commission and take these additional steps.

How to choose a cash home buyer and get good offers

  • Make sure the cash buyer is legit. Stick to buyers with credible websites that include owner information and video testimonials from real customers. Look for a solid number of legitimate positive customer reviews on established, external platforms like Google. Also, look for companies with Better Business Bureau (BBB) profiles accredited with A+ ratings. 
  • Verify the buyer has the funds. Ask the buyer for an official proof of funds (POF) letter from their bank. Experienced and legitimate cash home buyers will expect this question or provide the POF without you even asking. The cash buyer should also provide a sufficient earnest money deposit (usually 1–2% of the sale price) when you go under contract, which represents their commitment to the sale.

  • Get multiple cash offers. Just like when getting quotes from contractors or shopping for the best mortgage rates, getting several offers from legit "we buy houses for cash" companies to compare and choose from will help you get the best terms and outcome.

Top cash home buyers in Akron, Ohio 

🏅 Best overall

Clever Offers

Learn more

Customer Rating

4.9 (2,634)

BBB Status

Accredited, A+






Our take: Clever Offers is our top pick for most people in Akron because it makes getting and comparing multiple cash offers fast, easy, and safe.

What we like: Clever Offers taps you into a wide pool of vetted cash buyers in Akron who can buy your house fast, saving you from hours of overwhelming research. Compare and choose from up to 10 buyers. This competition among buyers can drive up cash offer prices. Clever Real Estate, an established, highly rated nationwide brand, backs the service. Clever Offers also handles communications between sellers and multiple buyers.

You should also know: Cash offers aren’t always the best or only option. Clever can bring you other solutions, like creative financing or sale-leasebacks, that might deliver a better fit or value. Clever can also match you with a top local real estate agent for a free home valuation so you can compare the cash offers with an open market sale. Seeing all your options helps you make an informed decision and come away with the best possible outcome.

BBB: 5.0 (87)
Google: 4.8 (212)
Trustpilot: 5.0 (2,335)

Phone: (833) 225-3837
Address: 4625 Lindell Blvd., 2nd FL, St. Louis, MO 63108

Amy Wengerd Group | eXp Realty

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Customer Rating

5 (811)

BBB Status

Not accredited, A+






Our take: Amy Wengerd Group is a highly respected local cash home buyer in Canton, OH, with an impressive track record in customer satisfaction and credibility.

What we like: The company boasts an impressive reputation, as shown by its flawless rating on Google. It responds to reviews quickly, often within two days, demonstrating its commitment to customer service.

You should also know: This company isn't accredited by BBB, yet it maintains an A+ rating. Even though it doesn't have customer testimonial videos, its credibility is reinforced by the presence of team member names and photos on its website.

BBB: 0 (0)
Google: 5 (811)

Phone: (330) 681-6090
Address: 4678 Munson St NW, Canton, OH 44718

Upward Home Solutions

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Customer Rating

4.55 (67)

BBB Status

Accredited, A+






Our take: Upward Home Solutions is a solid pick if you're looking to sell your home fast and without a fuss in Ohio.

What we like: The company shines when it comes to customer satisfaction, earning high scores on Google and BBB. It also practices transparency, showing off its team's names and photos to boost its credibility.

You should also know: The company's activity is a bit low, with just one review in the past 180 days. It doesn't feature customer testimonial videos, which is a minor drawback, but considering the company's strong satisfaction and credibility track record, it's not a big deal.

BBB: 5 (7)
Google: 4.5 (60)

Phone: (614) 705-0866
Address: 78 W Olentangy St, Powell, OH 43065

Other companies that buy houses for cash in Akron

We Buy Houses Akron garners decent customer ratings, but the company's lack of responsiveness to reviews is concerning. With only one review in the last 180 days and an average response time of 541 days, the company's activity level is lacking. The absence of team member names and photos and customer testimonial videos on its website also diminishes its credibility. These shortcomings have left We Buy Houses Akron off our main list.

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Why trust us

Data sources

Our research team evaluated 14 cash home buyers serving Akron. It also compiled and analyzed 8,706 publicly available data points tied to past transactions, customer reviews, and more to evaluate each of the Akron home buyers and create our final list and rankings.


Our team used public business directories to identify every company serving the Akron area calling itself a cash home buyer. We filtered that list and ranked the top options based on the following criteria: 

  • Credibility: Is the company a legitimate and safe option? Before we recommend any company, we assess its owners and/or team members, customer testimonial videos, Better Business Bureau status, total Google reviews, and the legitimacy of those reviews. 
  • Activity: Is the company actively buying a large number of homes? We consider Google and BBB reviews an indicator of sales activity. We examine how many reviews the company has had in the past six months and whether the company responds to its reviews. 
  • Satisfaction: Are sellers generally happy with their experience and outcome? We gauge how compassionate, helpful, fair, and reliable a cash home buyer is by evaluating its Google and BBB reviews for average rating, total reviews, and negative reviews.

Our team also highlighted the company's availability based on where it operates.

  • Local: Operates in Akron 
  • Statewide: Operates throughout Ohio
  • Multi-state: Operates throughout Ohio and at least one other state
  • Nationwide: Operates in all states

✍️ Editor’s note: We don't disqualify a company for limited or missing data, but we do lower the company’s ranking. We base our rankings on objective measurements and can only measure what we see. We regularly search for missing data to update our rankings accordingly.

Editorial policy

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Clever Real Estate's content team created parts of this page with the assistance of an AI tool. Our team of humans researched the companies, collected and analyzed the data, and ranked the companies, then used AI to assist in writing about the companies. Our team fact-checked and edited the text, as it does for all of our content.

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