A Better Alternative to We Buy Houses for Cash in Wichita

While their commercials don’t play catchy jingles or have celebrity spokespeople, the cartoon caveman for the We Buy Ugly Houses company is instantly recognizable. And thanks to this caveman, the We Buy Ugly Houses company has done well with bra

The Best Time to Buy a House in San Diego

Buying a home in San Diego is a huge decision. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or current homeowner, the home buying process can seem complicated and overwhelming. There are many choices to make, from determining the best mortgage lender to

How to List a House on Zillow That Sells for Top Dollar

Since launching in 2006, Zillow has carved out a nice slice of the online real estate sales market. It has indeed given buyers and sellers more options. But how does it work? And what do sellers need to know if they list on Zillow? Zillow says tha

Best First-Time Home Buyer Programs in Oregon

Across the west coast home prices are shooting up, and Oregon is no exception. Fortunately, Oregon offers a number of first time home buyer programs that ease the cost of purchasing your first home. While there are many types of programs available, i

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According to Zillow, Arizona is currently a buyer's market. It’s important to determine when the best time to sell your home is. If your main priority is to sell your Arizona home in the fastest time possible, then you might want to avoid a wint

The Best Time to Buy a House in Kentucky

If you’re looking to buy a house in Kentucky, you may be wondering what the right time is to start looking. That answer can depend on a lot of things, including your budget, your priorities, and where you’re looking to move. If you’re trying

A Better Alternative to We Buy Houses for Cash in Dallas

Offers to buy homes for cash are everywhere these days, and if you’re selling your house in a hot market like Dallas, you’re bound to receive a few of them. These offers are probably tempting if you’re looking to sell, especially if you’re lo

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When homeowners in Milwaukee go through the process of selling their home, they usually use the services of a traditional real estate agent that knows the local housing market well. However, those that have a desperate need to sell their property as

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If you have decided to search for a property in Portland, 2019 is your year. The industry is experiencing an increase in the available inventory and price appreciation is finally slowing. Since the market remains incredibly competitive among buyers,

The Truth About We Buy Houses for Cash in Connecticut

If time is the main priority when selling a property, desperate homesellers are keen on contacting companies claiming, “We Buy Houses for Cash CT.” There are certain situations when this strategy makes sense, but if receiving fair value during a