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By Clever Real Estate Updated April 18, 2024


You are responsible for any user generated content you submit to, or transmit through, our platform. You also promise that you have all the necessary permissions to create and/or use such user generated content. Unless your user generated content is removed by us for violating our guidelines, your user generated content may be publicly displayed on our platform and/or third-party services and networks (like Google) indefinitely.

By creating, submitting, posting or displaying user generated content on our platform, you grant us a license to use, modify, publish and display such user generated content anywhere in the world, in any way, without any restriction and without any payment to you. You also agree that this license allows us to make your user generated content available to other companies or individuals, including our customers, for any purpose such as the syndication, distribution, promotion or publication of such user generated content. You also grant us a right of action to bring an action for copyright infringement against anyone who uses your user generated content without first receiving permission from you and/or Clever. This includes, where applicable, a right under section 101A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Winners of promotional gift cards will be selected after every 2,000 verified submissions.

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