What percentage of FSBO will list with an agent?

There is no data source to our knowledge that lists the percentage of FSBO sellers that ultimately list with an agent. However, we do know that 93% of real estate transactions are agent-assisted and only 7% as for sale by owner. We also know that roughly half of all FSBO listings are “closely held”, which refers to transactions between two parties that had a pre-existing affiliation before the sale.

This data implies that for every 100 homes, only 3.5 will be sold FSBO between two parties that don’t know each other beforehand. FSBO has been on the decline in recent years because of the complexity involved in real estate transactions, the rise of low commission real estate, and the perception that FSBO sellers are not taken seriously. According to NAR’s research, the average for sale by owner house sold for 23% less than the average agent-assisted transaction.