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5 Tips on How to Find Investment Properties

Property investments are a great way to make money because real estate is safe, steady, and widely available. The best investments require research, hustle, and — of course — the right property. Finding these can mean anything from searching the web to connecting with experienced real estate agents.

Property Investment

Property investments are popular among amateurs and seasoned investors alike — for good reason.

Real estate is a tangible investment that maintains a real value regardless of the swings of the stock market. This keeps the market steady — prices may fluctuate within a small range, but the inherent value of property never changes. That makes it an incredibly safe bet, and it's one you can make even without a lot of money.

Though there are endless investment strategies one can take (buy and hold, fix and flip, renting out), the premise of each is simple: find a property from which you can generate value. Whether that means waiting for the home to appreciate, renovating it and selling at a profit, or charging rental income to pay off the mortgage, the key is to have a firm understanding of a property's value and the market at large.

Ready to get started? Here are some of the best ways to find property investments for sale:

Ask People You Know

If you want to keep your ear to the ground for good investment property opportunities, let people know you're listening! You may not think your friends and family know real estate from a hole in the ground but remember: a hole in the ground is just a house waiting to happen.

If you cast a wide enough net, someone in your social circle — or in your social circle's social circles — will catch wind of property or opportunity they can pass along to you. Spreading the word that you're looking for properties costs you absolutely nothing, and can pay off down the line in ways you may never have anticipated.

Connect with Other Real Estate Investors

Even more important than passively searching for property is actively networking with other real estate investors. Search for local clubs, groups, meetups, or online forums — or organize and host your own!

Experienced investors can not only provide advice and opportunities relevant to your area, but they may even be looking to sell some of their own properties. And if you're looking for something new or really specific, the best people to ask are those who know the market inside and out.

Check Real Estate Websites

Since property investments are so popular, there's no shortage of websites designed specifically to connect properties with investors. These sites show open listings as well as providing useful information like property analyses, neighborhood analyses, cap rates, cash-on-cash returns, and more.

A few of the most popular sites for property investors include LoopNet (for finding commercial real estate), (to bid on housing auctions), Trulia (a user-friendly website and app for finding local listings), and — if you're really willing to dig deep for good deals — the real estate section on Craigslist.

Market Yourself

In many ways, investing in properties is similar to running a small business. No matter your specific investment model, you have to know your market, search for opportunities that can be monetized, and figure out how to sell, rent, or hold properties to make the most profit.

And just like a small business, you can use marketing to bring opportunities to your door. Don't be afraid to put some money into advertising campaigns, direct mail, cold calling, and other marketing techniques that let local property sellers know you're looking to buy.

Connect With A Real Estate Agent with Investment Property Experience

Nobody knows a real estate market as well as a real estate agent. If you're serious about finding good investment properties for sale, a professional agent with investment property experience is worth their weight in gold. Their expert guidance, valuation ability, and access to the market will help you find a property you can trust to earn a profit.

Clever Partner Agents are all top performers in their local market. Whatever your experience with property investments, they can guide you through every step of the buying process. And as an investor, you want to make money on these deals — that's why Clever Partner Agents offer a Home Buyer Rebate up to 1% of the purchase price of your new property.


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Ben Mizes

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