The best real estate investing apps can really take your profit margins to the next level.

This is because they allow you to locate and bid on great properties, enhance your investing knowledge, and balance your project budget all from the comfort of your smartphone.

Investing in real estate has never been easier!

Here are the top 5 best real estate apps:

Bigger Pockets App

This is a great app to use to learn more about real estate! It is brimming with resources. It has blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, guides, and more. While the app’s developers are constantly adding new content, if you can’t find what you are looking for on the app, it’s likely that you can find it on the Bigger Pockets website.

There are so many things that you can learn about while using the Bigger Pockets app. You can learn about how to buy a home that will increase in value, what kind of projects to complete for a “flip house,” and more. Even if you are an owner-occupier (what we call people who actually live in a house instead of owning it for profit), you can use Bigger Pockets to learn how to be a better homeowner.

Available for both Apple and Android. App

You can use this app to search for a property by its auction date, physical location, or associated keywords.

The app is such a good tool for investing because you can actually buy and sell residential real estate within the app. No matter if you are a real estate investor, a lending institution, private real estate agent, or a real estate broker, you can use the app to accomplish your purpose.

You can also use this app to find any foreclosures quickly. You can even search for bank-owned homes.

Free to use and available on both Apple and Android.

Ten-X Commercial App

Are you interested in creating cash flow by investing in commercial real estate? Then the Ten-X Commercial app is the perfect mobile app for you to have. This is because it makes it almost too easy for real estate investors to find hot deals on current commercial real estate properties, review and sign off on due diligence, and submit offers within the app.

You can look at multiple listings easily because you can browse them from a table or map view. So, whether you want to search by location, price, or characteristics, this app makes investing easy.

You can even set it so that it alerts you every time a new investment property that you could be interested in hits the market. Too easy!

Free app and (as of late 2018) you can download it exclusively on Apple devices.

Property Fixer

If you are an investor who is interested in flipping properties, then Property Fixer is a great choice of app for you. This is because it is very handy to look at the potential return on investment from a property very quickly. So, whether you work in short sales, foreclosures, commercial properties, or other types of investments, this app makes it easy to find real estate deals and immediately understand your profit.

How does it work?

It is actually very simple. You enter all of the details for any of your rental properties into the app. Then, the app generates a Flip Analysis report. This report appears in seconds and can show you how much money you stand to make from this investment.

Property Fixer also has a really cool feature that lets you keep up with the month-to-month expenses of long-term investments. These could be things like holding costs or improvement costs. Having this information in one accessible location makes it really easy to calculate your current ROI at a moment’s notice.

The basic version of Property Fixer is free. But you can upgrade to a Premium version for $19.99 and a Pro version for $39.99 if you want to.

Available on Apple devices.

10BII Calc HD Financial Calculator

The final app that all real estate investors are going to need is a good calculator. The 10BII Calc HD Financial Calculator is one of the best ones out there. It is also a good choice because it is so widely available. You can buy it for Android, Apple, and Windows.

As a real estate investor, you are likely always on the go. So, this app lets you calculate your ROI wherever, whenever. You can enter your monthly payments, interest rates, present values, and future values. The app also accounts for amortization schedules, cash flow diagrams, and even uneven cash flows.

The most important feature of this app is its ability to account for the time value of money (TVM). This concept asserts that money is worth more now than that same amount would be worth it the future. This is because you can spend the money now to earn more money later.