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The Best Paint Colors For Selling A House

If you're thinking about painting your home to help sell it, that may be a great decision. While your home may reflect “you” to a “t,” buyers need to imagine themselves in a house, and neutral tones are best paint colors for selling a house in most cases. Learn more about how to paint your home to sell for top dollar.

If you're thinking about painting your home to help sell it, that may be a great decision. While your home may reflect “you” to a “t,” buyers need to imagine themselves in a house, and neutral tones are best paint colors for selling a house in most cases. Learn more about how to paint your home to sell for top dollar.

Updated July 23rd, 2019

For home sellers, the question of whether to make repairs prior to putting a house on the market is a tricky one to answer. You need to determine whether those projects will add more value to your home than they cost to complete.

If you're considering investing in any improvements — e.g., landscaping, cleaning or replacing carpets, a new roof, etc. — it's always a good idea to consult with a local realtor or two before pulling the trigger.

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Repainting is one of the most common pre-sale improvements, because it's relatively inexpensive and can have a big impact on your ability to attract an offer quickly and at your ideal price point.

Here's everything you need to know to make the right decision, given your specific situation and goals.

Should I paint my house before selling?

Yes, in most cases, you should paint your house before selling. But only if you want it to sell for the best price. If you want to dive in further and be 100% sure that you should, in fact, paint your house before you sell it, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Did you hang any pictures on the walls with nails?
  • Are there holes in the wall or patches on the wall that haven’t been fixed and painted over?
  • Is there more than one color on the walls of your house (not including white)?
  • Is there writing on the walls anywhere in the house?
  • Is there an accent wall or any murals in the house?
  • Have you lived in the home for over five years?
  • Are you a smoker?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider painting your house before selling it if you want to attract more buyers.

Paint Colors That Sell Houses Faster in 2019

It may seem like the best color to paint your house to sell it is white. It’s a blank slate, right? While white is a good place to start, you want to warm up the interior of the home and help potential buyers feel like they can see themselves living there. Here are some of the best colors to paint your house in 2019.

What are best kitchen colors?

Whitekitchen updates have been all the rage recently, but they aren’t lasting. Although white kitchens seem shiny and new in pictures, they’re a headache (and arm-ache!) to keep clean. Zillow reports using gray-blues on the walls of your kitchen helps your home sell an average of $1,809 more!

Don’t just use it on the walls, either! Homes with boldly accent colored cabinets — especially navy and red colored ones — sold faster and for more money than those without.

What are the best bathroom colors?

Don’t think blue is just for the kitchen, either! Homes that featured light blue bathrooms sold for $5,440 more than anticipated. Do you know what that means? The nautical-themed bathroom just might make a comeback.

What are the best bedroom colors?

Statistics further show that rooms painted a matte soft cerulean netted an average of $1,856 more than expected. Try pairing the blue with white baseboards and stage the room with natural woods for an added appeal.

What are the best living room colors?

For your living room, get out your light beiges and gray-brown. It will help the room feelmore cozy and welcoming. It also could tack on an average of $2,000 to the sale price of your home! Accent the beige with a white fireplace and baseboards for a clean, comfortable feel. You may even use some natural woods to add to the feel of the room.

What are the best dining room colors?

For the dining room, err more on the gray side of blue. It gives the room a more formal and stately feel and instantly updates the space. Dining rooms painted a bluish gray saw $1,926 more than homes with white dining rooms. As with the living room, white baseboards and furnishings will make for a clean contrast to the color of the room.

What are the best exterior house colors?

Make sure you don’t neglect theexterior of your home, either! Paint that a color is affectionately known as “greige” or a combination of gray and beige. Homes that were painted this trendy color saw as much as $3,496 more than the expected price of the home.

Should I paint my front door?

A navy blue door could add as much as $1,514 to the sales price of your home. It can definitely be worth repainting with a quick afternoon project and easily recoup that money in closing.

How do I paint my home right?

Blue is the color of royalty, and it seems like painting the house shades of blue will make you feel like a king or queen with the cash you’ll be raking in. Although it may seem like a lot of effort to paint your house on top of everything else you need to do toget your home ready to sell, it can be worth it.

Ensure you choose the right paint equipment and note the temperature you are painting in. If it’s too cold outside, for example, the paint will take longer to dry and could end up dripping. This will cause more work for you. If you have the budget for it, you might hire professionals to paint for you. This negates some of your added income, though, so weigh the pros and cons.

What are colors to avoid painting your house?

We’ve gone over what colors you should paint your home, but what colors should you avoid? Are there colors that earn you less from buyers’ offers? Here’s what we’ve found:

Kitchens: Avoid yellow! Kitchens painted yellow sold for $820 less on average.

Bathrooms: It's hard to believe, but bathrooms painted white sold for $4,035 less on average according to Zillow's report.

Bedrooms: Many buyers need a blank canvas to imagine themselves living in a house. Bedrooms are no exception! Bedrooms painted pink sold for $208 less on average.

Dining Rooms: It's time to paint over that red dining room. Red dining rooms sold for $2,031 less on average.

Living Rooms: Interestingly enough, living rooms are the one place you want to avoid blues. Homes with blue living rooms sold for $820 less on average.

Who can help you choose the best paint colors?

Don’t go solo when selling your house! Clever can connect you with a top-rated, local real estate agent who can advise on which repairs will help you sell faster, and for more.

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Want to learn more about the right paint colors to sell your house? Fill out our online form and a Clever representative will be in touch to answer any questions you might have and connect you with a local Clever Partner Agent for a no-obligation consultation. You can get the right help selling your home for the best price, including making improvements like painting in the best colors for buyers.

Top FAQs About the Best Paint Colors for Selling a House

What interior colors are best for selling a house?

The best interior colors for painting a house include:

  • Light gray, which is great for serene spaces, living rooms and bedrooms, along with traveled areas, such as hallways, foyers, and entryways
  • White or lighter beige, which can work just about anywhere
  • Greige (gray + beige) which works just about anywhere
  • Muted blues, great for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Muted (not bright) yellows, which can be great for kitchens

What is a good neutral color for walls?

Walls, according to most people, are a backdrop, rather than the focus of a room. Therefore, choose neutral colors, like beige, brown, whites, and greiges to set the tone. Check out our guide to the best neutral paint colors.

What color siding has the best resale value?

While a fun siding color may show off your personality, more neutral colors will appeal to potential buyers. Consider greys, light browns, and light neutrals like white or beige. Even a shade of blue can be a great choice. It’s important to choose an inoffensive siding color to appeal to the most buyers.


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