One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home for a sale is to give it a nice fresh coat of paint. That said, there are particular colors (and shades of those colors!) that are better to use than others. As we turn the corner into 2019, new color trends are emerging.

But you’re in luck: 2019 is trending towards classic shades and colors, so this time next year (if you haven’t sold or decide not to after repainting) you won’t need to repaint everything again.

That’s a relief!

These will be the best paint colors in 2019:

Do you want to know the color of the year? We have consulted all of the color experts to round up the shades you need to know about.

BluePrint: the Behr Color of the Year

Ah! Finally, it is a color of the year that we can get behind. For Behr, 2019 is all about blue. But not just any blue. Blueprint.

This shimmering gray-blue could resemble a crushed opal or a pool of mercury. It is sleek. It has sophistication. But it is still playful enough that it is not out of reach to use in ordinary spaces.

You can use Blueprint on accent walls. You can use Blueprint to make the white in your washing machine or kitchen cabinets really pop. Or, you can use Blueprint to create a tranquil master or guest suite. However you choose to incorporate this stylish color trend into your home, know that it will remain chic and functional for years to come.

More From Behr: Flat Tones

If you look deeper into the 2019 palette from Behr, you’ll find it is filled with flat tones. Not all of them are earthy (although the likes of Elephant Skin and Mars Red might make your feel a little more connected to Mother Nature), but they all have a smooth, simpleness to them.

There are no bright chromes or flashy brights. According to Behr, 2019 is all about being simple and embracing a single, easy way.

Metropolitan AF-690: the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

In 2018, Benjamin Moore decided that we all needed a little bit of Caliente Red in our lives. However, for 2019, the team of interior designers decided to slow it down a bit. The new color of the year is a smooth gray, Metropolitan AF-690.

The hue is almost silver, giving the color a sort of wisdom – like it knows what it’s doing and you should just sit back, relax, and let it. It’s all about balance and respect, so it’s perfect for setting the tone in a study or living room.

Milky grays like this one are also good for automatically bringing a sense of peace and calm into a space, making this shade perfect for setting the ambience into a master or guest bedroom.

More From Benjamin Moore: Creamy Hues

In addition to the color of the year, the team at Benjamin Moore also put out a list of colors that pair well with Metropolitan AF-690. On the list, you will find deep greens like Hunter Green and Beau Green as well as subtle silvers like Balboa Mist and Pashmina.

This color palette manages to be both soft and rich at the same time. That is, the colors are not visually overwhelming, but have a substantial presence in a room due to their consistency and tone.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year: Cavern Clay

The team at Sherwin Williams thinks that 2019 is all about reconnecting with the basics. That is why they picked a gorgeous terra cotta brown to be their color of the year.

Cavern Clay is perfect to use in a sunroom to highlight the natural light. It’s the best color to use in the kitchen to warm things up and make it feel like a true gathering place. It’s also the best kind of color to use in a bathroom to create a sense of comfort as you get ready each morning.

More From Sherwin Williams: Mother Earth

To complement the earthiness of Cavern Clay, Sherwin Williams also put out a palette of subtle colors inspired by the planet.

For example, Haven is an airy green inspired by garden plants. When paired with colors like Cavern Clay, a space automatically assumes a garden-like feel, as you have both the earth and vegetation represented. Even subconsciously, this can bring great peace into a space.

Another color that Sherwin Williams is encouraging homeowners to use for 2019 is Distance. Distance is a bold, thundercloud blue that is reminiscent of a building storm on a summer night.

When used in a living room or kitchen, Distance can inspire feelings of anticipation for what is to come. If you douse your bedroom with Distance, you might use it to achieve the same restfulness that an actual thunderstorm has on you.

Final Words From Pantone

The Pantone Color Institute is always on top of what is new, now, and next in color trends each year. In fact, you could even say that the team at the institute is the one that is responsible for the annual color trends.

If you are interested in staying ahead of the curve for 2019 (or even 2020!), or are maybe just interested in the process of picking out popular shades, you can read more about them here.