Edited May 10th, 2019

When trying to sell your house, neutral colors can often get you the best price. Most sources will just tell you to just paint your house a neutral color, but we’ve taken it to the next level and actually found the best colors for you to use!

While white is a go-to classic, there are plenty of other non-combative colors to choose from. Here are the names of the best neutral paint colors to sell a house.

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Inviting Ivory – Sherwin Williams 6372

Inviting Ivory is a warm white. Yes, you read that correctly. It sits on the edge between white and beige, daring to be different. Its orange undertones nearly come across as brown, yet neither color comes through quite hard enough for the shade to be labeled as such.

Inviting Ivory from Sherwin Williams on kitchen wall

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

This is the perfect kind of color to paint a study or living room when you’re trying to sell your home. This is because it is so inviting. It’s one of those neutral colors that is happy to exist quietly in the background, but when you do notice it, you feel good about your choice to use it.

Silverstone – Behr PPU26-08

Silverstone is an elegant, light silver. It has a pretty matte finish to it, so you don’t need to worry about the walls of your homecoming off too shiny to potential buyers during showings.

Behr Silverstone in dining room

Courtesy of Behr

Because of its matte finish, Silverstone also makes a great color for an accent wall in a living room or dining room. It is bold enough to make a statement, but not so overpowering that it would take over a room and not let people imagine their own belongings inside.

Front Porch – Sherwin Williams 7651

Front Porch is a nice gray with just a hint of green.

Front Porch by Sherwin Williams in living room

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

It’s a great color for the exterior of your home because it can coordinate well with browns, whites, and reds. Because of this, it does not matter if your home is wood, has laminate siding, or is made of classic red brick. This shade will look good to potential buyers on all three types of home.

Garret Gray – Sherwin Williams 6075

Fun fact about painting a house to sell: neutral colors do not have to be light colors.

The shade of gray from Sherwin Williams called Garret Gray is a perfect example of that. Garret Gray is a deep, rich, gray with intense hints of brown woven throughout it. It makes an excellent color for a bedroom or office.

Garret Gray from Sherwin Williams in bedroom

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

It’s not a loud color and won’t overwhelm the space its in. This is because its dark tone can provide feelings of calmness to those who look at it. Because of this, this kind of paint color is especially important when you’re trying to sell your house.

Vanilla Mocha – Behr N260-1

Vanilla Mocha is a light, peachy beige. This kind of color would work well in a study, a kitchen, or a laundry room. This is because it is a very subtle color. When you’re painting your home to try to get the best sales price, you want to make sure that the rooms people will spend a lot of time in are very inviting.

Behr Vanilla Mocha in living room

Courtesy of Behr

And when you think about it, you spend a lot of time doing laundry. You spend a lot of time working in your office. And you spend a lot of time cooking in your kitchen. So, the opportunity to have a light, airy, and basic color like Vanilla Mocha as the background to all of these activities is going to be very appealing to buyers.

Pink Moiré – Benjamin Moore CC-158

Once again, neutral doesn’t have to mean white or beige. It just needs to be non-intrusive. Because of this, a nice pastel pink like Benjamin Moore’s Pink Moiré is a perfect neutral paint color to sell a house.

Benjamin Moore's Pink Moire in living room

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

This hue is a bit more delicate than those mentioned so far. Because of this, it’s best used in more intimate rooms of the home, like a bedroom or a bathroom. It is a softer shade of a softer color, and because of this, is able to remain neutral even if its base shade of pink might be considered a little energetic by most.

Blue Grotto – Benjamin Moore CC-964

Navy blue is not a neutral color for real estate.

It is a calm, even color, but it is rather bold. So, you wouldn’t really want to paint your bedroom or bathrooms in a Navy-like color. However, if you want to make a nice statement with your front door, a dark shade of blue like Blue Grotto from Benjamin Moore is going to be a perfect idea.

Benjamin Moore's Blue Grotto on front door

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

This deep blue has an almost purple tone to it, and, when applied to the front entrance of your home, will stand out perfectly making your front door the only front door that anyone will want to go into on the block.

Flurry – Benjamin Moore CC-100

We could not talk about the best neutral colors to paint your home without talking about at least one shade of off-white. Flurry is a milky, creamy white. Because of its rich beige undertones, it functions well as a neutral color and would do well as a part of any room. It could enhance the relaxation factor in a master suite, the concentration factor in a study, or the community factor in a living room.

Benjamin Moore's Flurry in bedroom

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Flurry is a calm, versatile color. You can use it to paint any room in your home as you get ready to sell. When you use a color like Flurry, potential buyers should have no problem with being to see your staged home for what it really is. Not just as a simple piece of real estate, but as a place they really want to live.

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