Are you wondering which are the best exterior paint colors for selling your house? You’re in the right place!

One of the most important parts of getting your home ready to sell is ensuring that it looks its best. Part of making sure it looks this way is staging it. One of the essential parts of staging your home is making sure that it has a fresh coat of paint. You want your first impression your home makes to really count.

By making sure that your home’s exterior has great curb appeal, you can significantly boost interest in it and see more offers and higher bids.

These best-selling exterior paint colors are sure to help you get there.


Yellow is a real hit or miss color. You have to be careful when using it and stick to softer, pastel yellows, like Banan-Appeal or Lemon Grass. These yellows are warm, bright, and happy. They invite potential buyers to take a look inside the house of literal sunshine and see what wonderful memories they could make there.

Front of a yellow house

However, if you swing too far to one side and paint your house a yellow like Yolk or Sunrays, you could vary easily overwhelm your buyer because these hues are way too strong. In fact, when put on the exterior of a home, even when accented with white or gray shutters or dormers, they would still be too strong.

Strong yellows like these are better suited for accent work in indoor spaces, like in a dining room or living room.


Blue is one of the most used house paint colors, even if only for the front door. You can easily use blue to make a home seem like an authority on the block (by using a dark navy blue like Symphony Blue) or give is a whimsical, even tropical flair by using a light blue like Blue Hydrangea.

Blue house surrounded by fall leaves

Blues can be soft or commanding. Invigorating and calming. When you pair a nice blue with white trim, you have an instantly classic look. Most real estate agents use this combination in home selling, as it is typically a winner.


Grey is one of the most versatile colors out there for painting the outside of your home. This is because there are so many different shades that could work. It all depends on the mood that you would like to convey throughout your property to both potential buyers and your current neighbors.

Modern grey house

You could try a dark grey like Kendall Charcoal, a light grey like Silver Half Dollar, or a blueish grey like Stormy Monday. Any of these colors are sure to create an atmosphere around your home’s exterior for the perfect sale.


Green is the color of life. It’s also the color of money. Both things that are tied very closely to your home, as you build your life there and it is worth a lot of money. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you want to ensure that you pick the right shade of green for the exterior of your home.

A landscaped yard and garden in front of a small Craftsman-style house

You want it to look professional, not like a Leprechaun lives there. So, unless you are a Leprechaun, you should avoid colors like Lucky Shamrock and stick to more neutral hues like Buffet Green or Herb Garden.


Brown is one of the best colors you can use outside. This is because most browns offer a very warm and neutral vibe to a home’s exterior. This attracts a lot of buyers because it gives a home great curb appeal.

Front of tan brown house

The best browns for the exterior of your home are rich in tone. For example, Morning Coffee is a smooth, bright brown, while Auberge has the earthy tones needed for a great finish.


Like browns, beiges can do an excellent job of making homes feel warm and inviting. However, if you think that brown might be too overwhelming of a color for your space, then Beige would be an excellent option for you.

Front of beige house

Shades of beige like Bridgewater Tan or Deer Path could make excellent additions to the outside of your property as you try to sell. You can pair these colors with one of the darker browns listed above if you wish to create a more grounded look to your property. You can also pair them with one of the whites recommended to brighten things up.


Red on the outside of the home can be a good statement piece. We all know that the classic red brick house tends to sell well, but what about when it’s red paint? Well, for the bright Tomato Red, you are best sticking to using it as an accent piece for your front door.

Cute red house and front lawn

However, if you live in New England, painting your Victorian or colonial home a nice Redstone could be just the boost it needs, especially if you pair it with white trim.


White is classic. It can’t be beaten. Whether the exterior your home is brick or wood, you really can’t go wrong with a classic Snow White.

Colonial homes, like this Georgian Colonial, are symmetrical with columns outside.

Bright whites like this one can give your home an air of distinction and authority on the block. It also boosts your home’s curb appeal because it automatically looks cleaner and more organized, even from the outside.


A nice off-white like White Vanilla or White Cloud can easily set your home apart from the rest. Off-whites have the same impact as whites, but with a less stark impression.

Off-white, cream colored house

While pure whites can seem too crisp or clean (to some buyers), off-white can give your home the same organized appearance, but with a more approachable feel.

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