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Average Time to Sell a House in Maine

Getting ready to sell your Maine home? Here's how long you can expect it to take — and some tips on how to speed things up (and still get a great price).

Getting ready to sell your Maine home? Here's how long you can expect it to take — and some tips on how to speed things up (and still get a great price).

Updated February 17, 2020

  • In 2020, the average time it takes to sell a home in Maine — from listing through closing — is approximately 83 days. That’s 48 days to get an offer, plus the typical 35-day closing period.
  • Key factors that impact Maine home sale timelines include local market conditions (e.g., buyer demand, job market, rising home values, etc.), time of year, and your property’s type and condition.
  • Your agent’s listing strategy (pricing, marketing, networking, etc.) and the buyer’s financing situation — i.e., the amount of time it takes for them to secure loan approval — will also influence how long your sale ultimately takes.

Read on to learn more about how long it takes to sell a house in Maine — and get some pro tips on how to speed up your sale, get better offers, and save thousands in the process.

What’s the average time to sell a house in Maine?

  Average Time to Sell* Average Price**
National 80 days $307,750
State 83 $226,750

*Redfin Data Center (average of median days on market in 2019)
 **Redfin Data Center (average of median price in 2019)

The average time it takes to sell a house in Maine in 2020 is 83 days — 48 days to get an offer and an additional 35 days to close. This is approximately 3.75% slower than the national average. Keep in mind that these are annual averages and the numbers will vary by month and/or season.

Best time to sell a house in Maine

In addition to the average days on market and list price data, we’ve compiled data on the BEST (and worst) time to sell your Maine house based on what’s most important to you:

  • Fastest Time to Sell: When should you list your home if you’re looking to sell quickly?
  • Highest Sale Price: What month should you list in to get the best possible price for your home?

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Best month to sell a house fast in Maine

  Month* Days on Market*
Best Month July 23 days
Worst Month February 81 days

*Redfin Data Center (median days on market by month in 2019)

The best month to sell a house fast in Maine is July. The median time it takes for Maine homes listed in July to get an offer is 23 days, which is 25 days faster than the annual average.

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Best month to sell a house in Maine for price

  Month* Median Price*
Best Month June $242,000
Worst Month January $202,000

*Redfin Data Center (median sale price by month in 2019)

The best month to sell a house in Maine in terms of sale price is June. The median sale price in June is $242,000, which is 6.73% — or $15,250 — more than the annual average.

5 tips to get your Maine home sold

1. Take care of repairs

Did a snowstorm damage your roof, or did melting snow flood your basement? See to all small repairs before you list your home to sell. You want buyers to see your home in its best condition, and to give the impression you’ve taken care.

It’s not a good idea to start any major home improvement projects before listing your house. It can be difficult, and expensive, to judge how long a major remodel will take. But taking care of smaller issues means there will be less to turn off potential buyers.

2. Stage your home to sell

Go beyond decluttering and tidying up to stage your home. Rearrange rooms for a better flow, add or subtract furniture to either improve or open up the space and think about sight lines to present your home at its best.

Staging can suggest to a buyer how they would use a room to fit their needs, such as repurposing a room you’ve used as a study as a nursery because young families are buying in your neighborhood. You want to appeal to your target demographic by showing them how they’d live in your home.

3. Take care of hazards

The housing stock in Maine is older, so there are specific issues that will concern buyers. If they have small children, lead-based paint will be at the top of their list.

Think about having your home tested for lead, if you’ve never done it before, and including the results in your home’s listing. If you had it tested or abated, provide the certificate of abatement. Waiting to get the results back on a test can hold up the home sale process.

Another concern might be buried oil tanks. If they converted your home from oil heating at one time the previous owners might have just buried the old tank. Either way, if there’s an oil tank on your property it’ll cost you to either have it removed or when you reduce your price to cover its removal.

Ask your realtor about the age of your home and possible hazards, as they will likely know more about historical building practices in your neighborhood than you.

4. Price your Home Competitively

Pricing your home competitively can help it sell faster, and even start a bidding war. You’ll need to know what homes are selling for in your area, their general condition, and how your home compares. Pricing your house too high above the market could mean that no one will tour it, price it too low and buyers will wonder if it has problems.

Clever Partner Agents will give you a free, no-obligation comparative market analysis of local trends to help you identify your home’s value. They also know how to implement pricing strategies to help your home sell for thousands more.

5. Negotiate Effectively

Buying and selling a home is one of the few transactions left in America where bartering is expected and prices are almost always negotiated. Don’t become so focused on getting that first, or many offers you forget about opportunities to make money after an offer is received.

Your realtor will help you negotiate the preliminary purchase agreement and point out areas to either save money or increase your profit. Negotiating who pays for closing costs, or other items, can save you money. Negotiating with multiple buyers and making counteroffers can increase your final sale price.

Buyers often request repairs or ask for a price reduction after the home inspection. Handling these negotiations with skill, and knowing what’s reasonable, can preserve your profit. Maine is a seller’s market at the moment, so you could have a lot of power in negotiations.

Next steps for Maine home sellers

If you’re looking to sell your home fast in Maine and get a great price, Clever can help.

Clever negotiates reduced rates with top-rated real estate agents throughout Maine. Get full service and support for a flat $3,000 listing fee — or just 1% if your home sells for more than $350,000. You’ll still have to offer a buyer’s agent commission, per the standard rate in your area (typically 2.5-3%), but overall, you’ll still save up to 50% on standard commission fees.

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Importantly, home sellers who list with Clever get their first qualified offer in an average of 13 days* — that’s 35 days faster than the average time to offer in Maine.


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