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10 Budget-Friendly Staging Tips to Get Your House Sold

You know that staging your home will help you make more money on its sale but can’t afford a stager. Here are 10 budget-friendly staging tips that you can do yourself to help your home sell faster and for more money.
You know that staging your home will help you make more money on its sale but can’t afford a stager. Here are 10 budget-friendly staging tips that you can do yourself to help your home sell faster and for more money.

You know that staging your home helps it sell faster but don’t have the budget to hire a stager. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make a few small tweaks to improve your home’s appearance and present it at its best. Staging your home maximizes your profits and helps it sell faster, but it goes beyond picking up all the toys on the floor.

Here are ten budget-friendly staging tips to get your house sold.

Clean up Outside First

Pull some weeds, dig up that dead bush, and edge your lawn. Your home’s curb appeal, or how it appears to buyers when they first drive up, is hugely important to helping it sell.

Pressure clean your driveway and sidewalk and consider putting mulch down in your garden beds to make them look tidier. If your house numbers are broken, faded, or difficult to see from the street, it only costs a few dollars to replace them.

Create a Welcoming Entryway

You want a buyer to feel welcomed into your home. Repaint a dark entryway in a bright, lighter color. Add lights, if needed, and replace burnt out bulbs. Make sure that they can easily walk through the space and into other rooms.

Hide items like coat hooks and key racks, and maybe add a bench where visitors can sit.

Pack Away the Kitchen

Do you have a toaster, a blender, and a coffee maker on your kitchen counters? Pack them away. Find a spot for them in a cabinet under the counter, and do as much as you can to clear off the countertops. At most, have a vase filled with pretty flowers.

This helps your kitchen feel more open and less crowded.

Concentrate on the Top Three Rooms

Buyers spend the most time looking at three rooms in the house, the living room, kitchen and bedroom. Focus most of your staging efforts on these rooms.

Rearrange your living room furniture for conversational focus spots and to open up traffic flow. Vacuum and clean your carpets. If it’s harder to envision fitting furniture in a small bedroom that you’ve been using as an office stage it to prove that it will fit a twin bed.

When deciding how to present odd spaces, talk to your realtor. They can offer advice tailored to buyers in your area, whether it’s that current buyers want home offices or a nursery for a new baby. Then you can stage those spaces to appeal to your target buyer.

Clear Out Your Closets

Home buyers want closet space and lots of it. While you can’t knock out a wall or add a closet, you can make your existing space look bigger. Remove at least half of the items from every close in the house. Consider renting a storage unit to store out-of-season clothes and sports gear.

A closet that’s half full gives the impression that there is more storage space.

Pare Down Each Room

While you’re cleaning out the closets, clean out the rooms. Clutter and mess are the big no-no’s of home selling. See if you can get rid of at least 30% of the stuff in each room, again perhaps using a storage unit, to create a larger feeling.

Pack away at least half of your kid’s toys, and organize the remainder into neat boxes and storage bins. If you don’t want to rent a storage unit, neatly stack boxes in your garage.

Look Down at Your Floors

Floors that have been taken care of give the impression that you’ve maintained the overall house. Hire carpet cleaners and replace any stained areas. Have your hardwood floors refinished.

Set the Table

Part of staging is helping a potential buyer see themselves living in your home. If you have a dining room, take a leaf out of the dining room table and shrink it so that the space feels larger. Then set the table as if your buyers are guests coming to dinner.

Do this in an eat-in kitchen, too. Even if you’ve never eaten at the countertop dining space, buy a few cheap stools at a local retailer and set them up with placemats and silverware.

Pretty Up Your Bathrooms

While not in the top three rooms to stage, you shouldn’t neglect your bathrooms. Replace any moldy or torn shower curtains. Set out a small dish of decorative soaps and have clean towels hanging at all times. Add a sweet-smelling candle to mask any odors.

If you have the time and money, consider replacing old and outdated fixtures with new, modern handles. A new sink faucet can cost less than a hundred dollars but immediately makes your sink look better.

Add Some Color

While most staging professionals recommend painting your walls a neutral color, you don’t want your home to feel like an impersonal office. The idea for neutral colors is to create a blank canvas of sorts on which the buyer can “paint” themselves. But adding pops of color cheers up your home and makes it more welcoming.

Buy cheap throw pillows in bright yellows, reds, and greens. Add a runner on the dining room table, or put down an area rug. Bright colors keep home buyers engaged and happy, which is what you want.

It could take as little as one afternoon and a few trips to the store to stage your home on a budget, but you could see a big return in your eventual sale price. To further save money, work with a Clever Partner Agent to maximize outcomes while minimizing commission fees. Contact Clever to be put in touch with a seller’s agent today.


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