9 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Movers

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By Andrew Whytock Updated April 11, 2024


Have you ever hired someone and then regretted it? You’re not alone. Every year, hundreds of people get taken advantage of by the moving industry when moving out of their house. The good news is that you can avoid falling into this trap by learning a few things in advance. By taking a few steps yourself to ask the right questions and doing proper research you can avoid the following common mistakes that people make when hiring movers.

1. Not Doing Proper Research on the Movers

Not doing proper research on the movers can lead to unexpected surprises.

Looking at real client feedback will help you choose the mover that is best suited for you. Check their reviews on Google and Facebook. Too little reviews may indicate a lack of experience and a rating less than 4 stars may indicate unreliability. Check their BBB Rating. The BBB sets forth ratings that people can rely on to find trustworthy companies. A good BBB rating is situated between an A+ and a B-.

2. Not Getting an On-Site Estimate

While an online estimate seems easy and convenient, it is not as reliable as an on-site estimate. An on-site estimate is beneficial because it helps you avoid hidden fees, the exact truck size will be determined, you can see the mover’s professionalism level, and you can ask more specific questions about your move!

3. Not Getting a Copy of the Estimate

It is easy for any mover out there to convince you to choose them by giving you an attractive verbal estimate. However, a verbal estimate is not definitive because it has no written proof.

Always ask for a written estimate, it can be digital or handwritten so long as it is written.

Make sure to ask your movers whether your estimate is binding or non-binding. A non-binding estimate is susceptible to change.

4. Movers That Are Only Listed on Third-Party Websites

Movers that are only listed on third-party websites like Craigslist or Facebook should be steered away from. Nowadays it is vital for any reliable company to have a website where they set forth their services and terms & conditions. If they’re only listed on Craigslist and Facebook, it likely means they have no or little interest in pursuing the standards that come with the moving industry. While movers listed on third-party websites might have an attractive offer, you’ll have no proof to fall back on in case something goes wrong.

5. Choosing the Cheapest Movers

Choosing the cheapest movers comes with a catch because there aren’t any exceptionally great movers out there that are cheap. Some moving companies are better rated than others because they have fair prices along with other benefits, but no moving company is solely recommended based on being cheap.

Get multiple estimates to find a fair price, but always make sure to look beyond the price tag

Watch out for hidden fees when tumbling on a ‘cheap’ price.

6. Leaving Out Important Details

Movers should be very transparent with the information they provide you with (i.e. pricing, exclusions, inclusions), and you should be too. Leaving out the important details relating to your move will only lead to misunderstandings, mistakes, and additional costs.

Make sure you inform your movers about:

  • The exact destination and any other specifics (i.e. entry code)
  • Whether you have tenant insurance
  • The layout of the new home
  • What you don’t want them to move
  • Whether you’ll be packing yourself or not

7. Reading the Contract Too Quickly

Reading the contract too quickly can lead to missing important information that can quickly turn over your move for the worse.

What to look for in a moving contract:

  • You current and new address
  • Your full name
  • The schedule
  • The inclusions and exclusions
  • A binding estimate
  • Insurance & liability
  • Extra charges

8. Not Preparing Beforehand for the Movers

While hiring movers likely means less work for you, there’s still a lot to prepare before they arrive at your home. It’s important to be ready to avoid delaying the move. For example, you should properly label moving boxes and share clear indications to the moving team.

How to prepare for movers:

  • Call the movers a week before to confirm the reservation
  • Keep valuable items with you
  • Pack a bag with the necessities to avoid digging through boxes
  • Clear the entryways and hallways
  • Label all items and boxes
  • Adapt based on the weather
  • Prepare tip ($25/mover per 4-6h block)
  • Prepare water bottles & snacks (optional)

9. Not taking advantage of free moving concierge services.

Using a free moving concierge service will help you tackle all your moving tasks in minutes. You can find exclusive deals, easily compare services like professional movers, moving truck rentals or internet plans, just to name a few. You can also find useful information about your new area. Your moving concierge also shares handy checklists with you to stay on track of your move.


Hiring movers is not an effortless process as it takes some preparation on your end too. Getting a copy of your estimate and reading the contract properly will help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes. Make sure to keep valuable items with you and label all your boxes correctly so they end up in the right room. Need a trusted real estate agent to help find your dream home? Find the perfect real estate agent and save thousands on commission by finding a real estate agent on Clever Real Estate.

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