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Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Fresno

Building a custom home is a surefire way to get everything you’ve ever wanted in a property. Custom home builders in Fresno are among the best in the state, offering personalized service, design flexibility, and a dedication to your budget and timeframe. Learn more about these Fresno home builders.
Building a custom home is a surefire way to get everything you’ve ever wanted in a property. Custom home builders in Fresno are among the best in the state, offering personalized service, design flexibility, and a dedication to your budget and timeframe. Learn more about these Fresno home builders.

If you know what you want in a home but are coming up empty in the Fresno market, you don’t have to settle — partner with a custom home builder instead! To start your custom home journey, you can either purchase a lot or remove a home from its existing spot and use the land.

The costs of each of these options can vary greatly, depending on the size and location of the land. According to Land Watch, the average price of rural land and properties in Fresno County is $625,000, but this largely depends on whether the land has an existing home on it.

If you currently own a home (or want to buy land that already has a home on it), one option is to demolish the structure and use that land to build your custom home. A total demolition averages around $18,000, but can be as much as $25,000. If you choose this option for your current home, this saves you from having to purchase land elsewhere in Fresno, but this also means not having a home to sell to help pay for your new custom home.

Another option is to sell your home to someone who will relocate it and free up your land. Transporting a home can be an expensive option, with costs reaching $100,000 or more. Some sellers who choose this option will sell the home for a low price if the buyer agrees to pay for relocation costs. This means getting the land for a custom home AND not having to pay for demolition!

Whichever way you choose to approach your custom home, sellers should connect with a Fresno real estate agent who can guide you through the process, help you set realistic expectations, and even help you find good lots or demo properties. Your agent can also use their professional network to connect you with local contractors and custom home builders that align with your goals and budgets.

Start your custom home journey by comparing these top 10 custom home builders in Fresno that can make your experience rewarding:

Cornerstone Homes

Cornerstone Homes in Fresno has experience in building homes throughout Fresno, whether you’re living in a subdivision, rural setting, or even farmland. They can even help you find the perfect lot for your home. What makes them among the best is their ability to make you part of the process without the overwhelm. They’re skilled in working with budgets, ideas, and deadlines all at once, so you can feel confident your new home will check every box.

BLC Custom Homes

If you’re determined to be part of the design process and exactly what you want, BLC Custom Homes is an excellent choice. Previous clients have noted their attentiveness to their needs and how they treat every client like their only client. You can schedule a free consultation with them to learn more about their process and talk about your home goals.

J&J Quality Construction, Inc.

J&J Quality Construction, Inc. brings 30 years of expertise to their custom home projects, along with deep knowledge on craftsmanship, woodworking, cabinetry, and framing. They are family-owned and operated and give you and your project the attention it deserves. Even better, the owners are integrally involved in every project, not just outsourced to their contractors. They really care about the quality of the work, and it shows in every step of the process.

Castle Construction

As the name may imply, Castle Construction is a luxury home builder dedicated to making you feel like the king or queen of your new castle. They are full-service contractors, meaning they handle everything from the concept to the design to the final build. Their attention to the fine details differentiate their designs from other builders, no matter how large of a home you’re building. They take advantage of every opportunity to make your home feel luxurious so that you can enjoy every minute you spend there.

Continental Homes

Continental Homes is a luxury custom home builder in Fresno that offers multiple options to its clients. First-time builders may find complete customization too daunting, so they have many base designs to choose from that can be modified to suit the buyer’s needs. Or, you can opt for a completely custom home, including special accessories like pool cabanas, detached garages, and on-site workshops.

Benart Homes

One of Fresno’s long-standing custom home builders, Benart Homes has made its mark by being a quality, trustworthy builder. In fact, their family roots trace back to over 130 years in the San Joaquin Valley area, so it might make sense that they’re continuing to grow the area through quality custom homes. What’s unique about their approach is that every client has their own personal team to oversee the project, including timelines and budget, to ensure that every step receives the right attention.

G.J. Gardner

G.J. Gardner provides luxury custom home services to Fresno residents, but most notably are the designs they’re capable of. For example, they’ve built everything from modern homes to old-school contemporary designs that make generic homes a thing of the past. They’re also highly skilled in incorporating modern technology into the design and build processes, including IoT devices, security cameras, and smart technology.

Elite Custom Homes

Elite Custom Homes has built over 300 homes in and around Fresno since 1984. They help to protect your budget by doing everything in-house, from design work to the actual building process. You have as much of a role in the process as you want, from choosing paint colors to flooring to tiles and beyond. What really sets them apart is their dedication to the clients, offering assistance with everything from the construction loan to coordinating the move-in.

Azevedo Construction, Inc.

If you’re looking for one of the best local home builders, Azevedo Construction, Inc. is an obvious choice. The owners are Fresno-Clovis locals and have extensive connections in the area to make your project a success. They also offer a full home warranty on materials and construction to give you peace of mind that you can enjoy your new home without interruption.

Image Custom Homes

Image Custom Homes are truly works of art. They’ve built over 600 homes in the most prestigious neighborhoods in the valley. Their clients have the added benefit of getting the expertise of local home interior company Luxy Space to ensure that every interior detail is perfect.

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If you’re like many who dream of building a custom home, you need to sell your current home first. Start your journey by partnering with an experienced local real estate agent in Fresno that can help you explore your home selling, land buying, and home building options.

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