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The Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts in 2018

July 31 2018
by Andrew S

the best real estate investing podcasts 2018

We’ve compiled a list of the top real estate investing podcasts in 2018. If you’ve got real estate investing questions, these podcasts undoubtedly have the answers.

Whether you’re new to real estate investing, on the fringe of buying your first property, or looking to up your game, you’re sure to find a wealth of knowledge from these podcasts and their hosts!

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Bigger Pockets

Widely regarded in the REI community as the authority in podcasts, the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing & Wealth Building Podcast interviews investors and pros each week, focusing on actionable tips and advice.

Current Episodes: 288
Most Recent Episodes

The Michael Blank

The Michael Blank podcast focuses on empowering become financially free with real estate by investing in apartment buildings. This podcasts sources real estate, legal, and self-made experts who share their experience and knowledge, successes and failures.

Current Episodes: 117
Most Recent Episodes

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show is a real estate investing talk program for investors and has been broadcasting weekly on conventional radio since 1997. Fun and informative, this real estate investing talk show is hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray. The show delivers no-hype real estate investing education and expert perspectives in a fast-paced, entertaining style.

Current Episodes: 501
Most Recent Episode

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow

The Real Estate Investing for Clash Flow podcast, hosted by Kevin Bupp, “does what it says on the tin.” If you’re looking for actionable tips and insight to increase your cash flow from multi-families and rentals, you’re in the right place!

Current Episodes: 189
Most Recent Episodes

The Best Ever Show

The Best Ever Show, hosted by Joe Fairless, is a daily podcast that interviews successful real estate pros, bringing their knowledge, expertise, and advice to all those looking to find financial freedom through real estate investing.

Current Episodes: 1419
Most Recent Episodes

Rental Rookie

The Rental Rookie podcast, hosted by Emily Du Plessis, aims to help newbie’s find their way to financial independence through rental properties, fostering a supportive environment for rookie investors and breaking down the process into simple and easy lessons.

Current Episodes: 114
Most Recent Episodes

Lifetime Cashflow

The Lifetime Cashflow podcast, hosted by Rod Khleif, interviews real estate investors, syndicators, lenders, property managers, and advisors, all of which share their real estate investing stories, including how they built their fortunes through multifamily real estate investments.

Current Episodes: 284
Most Recent Episodes

Epic Real Estate

The Epic Real Estate podcast, hosted by Matt Theriault, offers up conventional and creative real estate investing knowledge with the goal to help listeners achieve financial freedom and independence in the next 10 years or less.

Current Episodes: 429
Most Recent Episodes

The Land Geek

The Land Geek podcast, hosted by Mark Podolsky (aka the Land Geek), is THE podcast for investors looking to learn the ins and outs of land investing, dedicated to teaching the current and most relevant land investing methods to listeners.

Current Episodes: ???
Most Recent Episodes

Real Estate Investing Mastery

The Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast, hosted by Joe McCall, dives into flipping and wholesale leasing with an emphasis on how to invest in multiple markets remotely.

Current Episodes: 647
Most Recent Episodes

Real Wealth Show

The Real Wealth podcast, hosted by Kathy Fettke, contains comprehensive resources to educate real estate investors, with a focus on creating real wealth and “having the money and the freedom to live life on your own terms.”

Current Episodes: 644
Most Recent Episodes

Bigger Pockets Money Podcast

The second installation of the BiggerPockets podcast, the BiggerPockets Money Podcast, hosted by Mindy Jenson and Scott Trench, takes a look at getting your finances in order and how to earn more, keep more, spend smarter, and grow your wealth.

Current Episodes: 29
Most Recent Episodes

Real Estate Realities

Real Estate Realities, hosted by Robert ‘The Rebelbroker’ Whitelaw, looks at the best way to achieve your real estate goals by exploring Robert’s previous success and failures. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, investor, entrepreneur, the Real estate realities podcast is the perfect place to get your start in building wealth through REI.

Current Episodes: 27
Most Recent Episodes

Spouses Flipping Houses

The Spouses Flipping Houses podcast, hosted by Doug & Andrew Van Soest, explores the real estate investing experiences of this power couple, navigating how to invest in real estate with your spouse or significant other.

Current Episodes: 41
Most Recent Episodes

Flipping Junkie

The Flipping Junkie podcast, hosted by Danny Johnson, is “The” podcast for those addicted to real estate investing and flipping houses. Check out this weekly podcast for interviews with industry titans like Brandon Turner and Justin Williams.

Current Episodes: 114
Most Recent Episodes

House Flipping HQ

The House Flipping HQ podcast, hosted by Justin Williams, is the self-proclaimed headquarters for house flipping and real estate investing, and in addition, makes the claim that it’s better than the likes of Donald Trump, Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Rober Kiyosaki, Dave Ramsey, and Mad Money’s Jim Cramer.

Current Episodes: 221
Most Recent Episodes

Wheelbarrow Profits

The Wheelbarrow Profits podcast, hosted by Jake & Gino (aka “The G-Daddy”), takes an in-depth look at multifamily real estate investment, including strategies, syndication, cash-flow, and more.

Current Episodes: 143
Most Recent Episodes

Creating Wealth

The Creating Wealth podcast, hosted by Jason Hartman, contains all things related to real estate. One aspect that sets this podcast apart, is every 10th episode contains a topic unrelated to real estate.

Current Episodes: 1032
Most Recent Episodes

Rental Income Podcast

The Rental Income Podcast, hosted by Dan Lane, delves into the world of passive income through rental properties in interviews with top landlords.

Current Episodes: 175
Most Recent Episodes


The FlipNerd Podcast, hosted by Mike Hambright, interviews the top real estate investors and entrepreneurs, with the mindset that the best way to learn how to invest in real estate is to learn from the successes and failures of others and getting out there and putting in the work.

Current Episodes: 422
Most Recent Episodes

The Real Estate Preacher

The Real Estate Preacher podcast, hosted by Randy Lawrence, takes his previous life experience as a pastor and real estate investor and translates those into proven strategies and techniques to build systems to achieve a seven-figure income through REI.

Current Episodes: 31
Most Recent Episodes

Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing

The Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing podcast, hosted by Sharon Vornholt (aka “the Real Estate Gal,” brings a “how to” approach to real estate investing with strategies to start and grow a success real estate business even if you have a lack of credit or cash.

Current Episodes: 133
Most Recent Episodes

Invest Four More

The Invest Four More podcast, hosted by Mark Ferguson, focuses on flipping houses and rental properties, with Mark’s first-hand experience, coupled with expert real estate investors who’ve found financial freedom through real estate investing.

Current Episodes: 151
Most Recent Episodes

The Property Podcast

The Property Podcast, hosted by Rob Bence and Rob Dix, discusses the state of the UK real estate investment market, using the knowledge and experience of the hosts to offer up straight-talking property investment advice.

Current Episodes: 280
Most Recent Episodes

The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast

The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast, hosted by Kevin Bupp and Charles DeHart, focuses on the mobile home investing niche, providing listeners and potential investors an education in how to build cash flow and passive income through mobile home investing.

Current Episodes: 87
Most Recent Episodes

Freedom Real Estate Investing

The Freedom Real Estate Investing podcast, hosted by Brock Collins, began after its founder had already purchased 100 houses and investment properties. Armed with real estate knowledge and experience, Brock shares how real estate investing led him to financial freedom and success.

Current Episodes: 160
Most Recent Episodes

Cash Flow Guys

The Cash Flow Guys podcast, hosted by Tyler Sheff, is a no-nonsense podcast that teaches “busy people how to use what they have, to get what they need, in order to accomplish what they want,” through real estate investing and financial services.

Current Episodes: 137
Most Recent Episodes

Investing in Real Estate

The Investing in Real Estate podcast, hosted by Clayton Morris, offers up a no fluff approach to real estate investing. Publishing three times weekly, this podcast has everything you need to know about buying and holding rental properties to create passive income.

Current Episodes: 345
Most Recent Episodes

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast, hosted by Flip2Freedom founder Sean Terry, arms listeners with not only real estate investing tips and strategies, but the teaches the skills and mindset necessary to find success as a real estate investor.

Current Episodes: 151
Most Recent Episodes

Everyday Property Investing

The Everyday Property Investing Podcast, hosted by Kaz Young, is Australia’s top property and investing podcast with down-to-earth information to you get your start in property investing.

Current Episodes: 127
Most Recent Episodes

Escaping the Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone

The Escaping the Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone podcast, hosted by Chris Bruce, dedicates itself to helping you break out of that first stage of your real estate business, the “Newbie Zone.” You’ll find top-notch strategies, tools, and tricks, to traverse the world of real estate investing and creating financial freedom.

Current Episodes: 175
Most Recent Episodes

Learn Real Estate Investing

The Learn Real Estate investing podcast, brought to you by Lifestyles Unlimited (a real estate investing and mentoring group), walks new and potential real estate investors through the process of locating, evaluating, negotiating, closing, and long-term management of single-family homes to large apartment buildings.

Current Episodes: 355
Most Recent Episodes

Real Life Real Estate Investing

The Real Life Real Estate Investing podcast/radio show, hosted by Vena Cox, is the longest-running real estate program for small real estate investors, landlords, and entrepreneurs, with coverage of recent trends in the market, top real estate investing strategies, and business fundamentals in real estate.

Current Episodes: 398
Most Recent Episodes

The Flip Empire

The Flip Empire podcast, hosted by Alex Pardo, provides actionable and simplified advice for smart real estate investors and entrepreneurs, with interviews from industry experts and their best strategies to find success.
Current Episodes: 225
Most Recent Episodes

The Old Capital Podcast

The Old Capital Podcast, hosted by Paul Peebles & Michael Becker, aims to inform both new and experienced real estate investors delivering no-hype education and expert perspectives. Find out how the experts are identifying, financing, and operating, in the apartment complex space.

Current Episodes: 144
Most Recent Episodes