The 5 Most Affordable Places to Live In Oregon


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March 8th, 2021


With beautiful beaches, winding rivers, and mountain views, Oregon is a great place to live. But it can be expensive. We’ve pulled together the five most affordable places to live in Oregon, where you want sacrifice quality of life for cheap housing.

The 5 Most Affordable Places to Live In Oregon

While the West Coast has the reputation of being an expensive place to live, you can still find affordable areas whose residents can enjoy the weather and outdoor attractions. Most of the most affordable places to live in Oregon are located inland, but with the abundance of rivers and mountains in Oregon, you won’t lack for access to kayaking, hiking or fishing.

Each of the five most affordable places on this list has reasonable housing prices when compared to its residents’ incomes. But you’ll still find plenty to do and a decent quality of life.

Because these are affordable cities, the quality of their schools is variable. If all the schools earned A plus ratings, home prices would rise. However, you can find decent schools in each of these cities you will just have to be selective about where you buy. Work with an experienced, local realtor who will know the best neighborhoods and schools.


Hermiston is the largest city in Eastern Oregon. While many people dream of living along the coast, you won’t give up access to the water or outdoor activities in Hermiston. It’s located just seven miles south of the Columbia River and has numerous public parks within the city’s borders. I-82 and 1-84 intersect in the city and it’s easy to get around.

Median home values are $205,800, and rose 12.0% last year. Median household income is $50,694. Blue collar trades such as forestry, agriculture, and manufacturing thrive in Hermiston, but you can also find well-paying jobs in information technology, utilities and construction.

North Bend

North Bend is another Oregon city where residents enjoy water access. Coos Bay, an S-shaped water inlet and estuary, surrounds the city on three sides. It’s a half hour drive to Shore Acres State Park and the ocean.

Median home values are $217,900, a rise of 5.7% last year. Median household income is $47,574 and many of the jobs are found in healthcare and retail, accommodation and food services.

Excited to start the home search in one of the amazing neighborhoods North Bend has to offer?

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The city of Umatilla is located right along the Columbia River. Its weather is typical of the Pacific Northwest, with temps never dropping below 32 degrees Fahrenheit all year but rarely getting above 77 degrees.

Median home values are $154,200. They rose 11.6% last year and are expected to grow another 6.2% in 2019. Median household income is $38,796. While low, this explains why housing is so affordable. The largest industries will take you outdoors to work in agriculture, forestry, or fishing. There are also manufacturing and public administration jobs available.

There is little crime, and your chances of becoming a victim are 1 in 160 in Umatilla.

Baker City

Baker City is the county seat, and is located high up in the desert. It has an abundance of historical buildings from the Gold Rush era, breweries, and plenty of hiking and camping in the nearby Elkhorn Mountains. A paved pathway through the city runs along the Powder River and is great for walking and cycling.

Median household income in Baker City is $42,006, which makes the median home value of $121,600 quite affordable. There are 389,000 jobs in the city and employment is strong in the health care and social assistance, manufacturing and retail trade industries.

Baker City has a median crime level for Oregon, but the crime rate has been dropping rapidly. To make sure you buy in a safer neighborhood, work with a local realtor who has deep knowledge of local trends.


Springfield is the home of Northwest College-Eugene and has plenty of riverfront access, recreational areas and parks. It’s also located next door to Eugene, Oregon, so you could take advantage of Springfield’s low cost of living and commute to Eugene for work.

Median property values are $175,000 and the median household income is $41,700. Top industries include construction and manufacturing, wholesale and retail, and education.

If you’re considering purchasing a property in one of these cities you’ll want to work with a top-rated real estate agent. They can help you navigate the homebuying process and uncover additional cost-saving opportunities. Reach out to Clever to be connected with a local agent today to help you find an affordable property in Oregon.

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