The 5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Michigan


Jamie Ayers


March 6th, 2021


Living a great life in Michigan doesn’t have to come at a premium. The state is home to amazing parks, outdoor activities, shopping, restaurants, and everything else that will make you love being a resident of the Wolverine State. Start by finding an affordable home in one of these cities.

Michigan is so much more than the car capital of the United States. It’s rich in all things great outdoors, from sprawling lakes to ski resorts, art and music culture, and an overall high quality of life with a low cost of living.

If you’re looking to relocate to Michigan, it pays to do your research first. The housing market is hot, but there are still great deals to be found in many regions of the Wolverine State.

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We’ve rounded up the five most affordable places to live in Michigan to help you in your home search:

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1. Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor isn’t just one of the most affordable places to live, it’s also a clear favorite. The city is home to about 116,000 residents, a healthy economy, and an affordable housing market. The University of Michigan is located here, which is a driving force behind the city’s culture and economy. Many tech companies have sprouted in close proximity to the university, which is also a major research institution.

Home values have skyrocketed in recent years, jumping 8.7% since last year alone. The median home value is $382,700, but the town still remains one of the most affordable cities in Michigan. Being a large college town, there are tons of free festivals each year, along with activities and points of interest that add to the quality of life without spending a dime.

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2. Midland

Midland’s green spaces, arts scene, and highly-rated education system are obvious reasons why people love living in Midland. The city is a mecca for sports lovers, including BMX, tennis, golf, hockey, and even curling. Major employers like the Dow Chemical Company are firmly rooted here and continually contribute to the community’s growth and quality of life.

The housing market lends to the city’s affordability. The median home value is just $140,000, nearly $80K below the national average. For comparison, Midlands median household income is $58,910, which is about $200 under the national median, so your money definitely goes further here.

3. Holland

This Dutch-rooted city in Michigan boasts the only authentic Dutch windmill in the country, but that’s not its biggest draw. The city’s waterfront makes it a prime destination for watersports enthusiasts, fishermen, and beachgoers, along with tourists who want to see the iconic “Big Red” lighthouse. The scenery alone is enough of a magnet to attract newcomers to the area.

The median home value in Holland is $197,400, which is impressive given its location on Lake Michigan. Holland is currently experiencing a seller’s market, which can result in higher selling prices for homes, but values are still well below the national average.

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4. Okemos rated Okemos as the #1 best place to live in Michigan for 2019, and it’s easy to see why. This little city hosts about 22,000 residents and is an ideal place to live for families with young kids, thanks to a top-notch school system. The area also caters to families and their kids in the form of walking trails, safe parks, nature center, fishing ponds, and other recreational activities.

While the median home value is about $250,000, the money you spend gives you a lot of house. It’s not uncommon to shell out this much for a sizeable mansion with land, so there’s plenty of value built into the market.

5. Lansing

Many people are surprised to learn that Lansing, no Detroit, is the capital of Michigan. But what’s even more surprising is the affordable housing market in the capital city. The median home value is just $87,600, making it one of the most affordable big cities in the country.

And because the city is home to multiple government buildings, colleges and universities, and automotive manufacturing, the economy remains healthy and projects a positive outlook for future home values.

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