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Should You Upgrade Your Appliances Before Selling Your Home?

Learn whether or not you should replace your kitchen appliances before selling your home. Find out whether this choice yields a return on your investment. Find a professional real estate agent who will be able to answer your questions regarding your upcoming home sale.
Should You Upgrade Your Appliances Before Selling Your Home?

The process of selling your home is just that . . . a process. If your home’s not in great condition, and you know that you will be putting it on the market within the next year, it’s a good idea to start making some of the necessary repairs and upgrades now.

For example, even if you aren’t planning on listing your home until the fall, put some grass seed down in the bare spots during the spring.

Take care of all the small plumbing problems one month and bring in an electrician during the next month to fix those issues.

One more significant expense that many have before selling a home is updating the kitchen appliances.

Is this really necessary? Do new appliances increase the price of your home so much that they pay for themselves? The answer to this question is complicated.

Here are points to ponder when considering purchasing new appliances for your house that is going on the market.

Do the Current Appliances Function Correctly?

If your current appliances don’t work, they should be replaced or fixed. Remember, you will be required to fill out a disclosure statement regarding the condition of the appliances that will stay with the house. To avoid having too many dings on your disclosure statement, you should at least make sure all your appliances are in working order.

If you consider yourself “handy,” the cheapest way to fix appliances is to look for repair videos on YouTube. Watch several videos, order the parts online, and pretty soon that burner on your stove that you’ve been living without for years will finally start working.

Fixing the appliances yourself, or hiring a service technician to do it for you, is a good idea when preparing your house to sell.

Do the Current Appliances Match?

Instead of worrying about whether or not your appliances are all black or stainless steel, or whatever is trendy in your area, you should instead make sure the appliances all match. This doesn’t mean that if your refrigerator and dishwasher are avocado green that you should buy a range that is avocado green as well.

Kitchens that have mismatched appliances have an unfinished look. Before you rush out to buy that new dishwasher, first determine if there can be a simple fix. Some kitchen appliances have reversible panels that can be flipped so the desired color can be chosen.

How Does the Rest of the Kitchen Look?

Putting new stainless steel appliances in a kitchen with dated cabinets and peeling, laminate flooring does not make sense. If you have a limited budget to update your home before selling, focus more on the flooring and cabinets in the kitchen instead of the appliances.

Are Your Appliances Clean?

No one wants to admit that they aren’t going to win a white-glove award for cleanliness, but buyers will wrinkle their noses in disgust if shown a home with dirty kitchen appliances.

If you have tried every form of cleaner, and your oven door still looks horrible, you might consider replacing it. The same goes for the other appliances too.

Will Replacing the Appliances Cause Other Issues?

One common mistake people make when replacing appliances is they are not careful when they are removing the old appliances. If you are careless, extracting old appliances from their spots can rip up the kitchen flooring. That last-minute job of replacing your dishwasher can cause a month-long delay in putting the house on the market if you have to replace the kitchen floors as well.

Also, will buying a new refrigerator suddenly make the other appliances look dingy and old?

What are the Typical Appliances for Homes in Your Price Range?

If you are selling a high-end home with a big price tag, your buyers will expect nice, top-of-the-line appliances. Nice to mid-range homes should have appliances that match. More economical homes should have working, clean appliances.

Is Your Neighborhood Experiencing a Seller’s Market?

If the inventory of available houses in your area is low, and the demand is high, don’t worry about replacing the appliances in your kitchen.

What Does Your Realtor Say?

As you can tell by the wishy-washiness of this article, there really isn’t a cut and dried answer on whether it is a good idea to replace your kitchen appliances. The best advice is to talk with a realtor who has sold a lot of homes in your area. They will have walked through many homes with buyers and heard every comment imaginable regarding the condition of the houses. The realtor will know the expectations for homes in your price range in your area. He or she may even have a recommendation on what types of appliances to purchase and from where.

How do You Find a Good Realtor?

Do you need a good, full-service realtor to answer your questions regarding the sale of your home? Reach out a Clever Partner Agent in your area. Our agents are top-rated in your area and they will work at a discounted commission rate.


Andrew Schmeerbauch
Andrew Schmeerbauch

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