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A Stress-Free Guide for Moving to Another State

Moving to another state can be challenging, but this in-depth guide can provide you with the best advice on how to quickly sell you home, buy property in a new state, and streamline the real estate process, as much as possible.
Moving to another state can be challenging, but this in-depth guide can provide you with the best advice on how to quickly sell you home, buy property in a new state, and streamline the real estate process, as much as possible.

Making the choice to move to another state can be exciting. Exploring a new area can be a challenging and fun prospect, even if some of the logistics seem overwhelming.

If you’re considering moving and need to sell your home, this guide will walk you through everything you’ll need to consider to make your move as smooth as possible.

3 Tips for Buying a Home Out-Of-State

Buying a home can be a stressful process, particularly if you live out-of-state. How many times have you viewed a home only to find the pictures you saw online were deceiving? Don’t worry -- if you’re looking to buy a new home before moving, there are 3 tips to help you breathe easy during this process.

1. Find an Experienced Buyer’s Agent

You should always take advantage of a buyer’s agent when searching for a home, but when looking out-of-state, buyer’s agents are crucial. An agent in the buying area will understand the market and be able to help you find the right neighborhood for your lifestyle and family.

In addition, a buyer’s agent can visit homes and some will even take you on virtual tours, which is the next best thing to actually touring the home yourself. A buyer’s agent wants you to find your dream home, so they’ll work closely with you and won’t stop searching until you’re satisfied.

Buyer’s agents also can help you navigate through the financial process, since they know all of the laws and regulations for purchasing property in their state.

2. Research the Area

While your agent can give you helpful suggestions and recommendations, you’ll feel better if you do some of your own research before settling on the exact area you want to live.

Living near great restaurants might be important to you, but dining quality and taste are extremely subjective. Do you own research and read reviews on Yelp to find if the eateries near you are up to your standards.

If school districts impact your decision, be sure to look up school ratings online. You can also easily reach out to schools or find community social media groups to connect with. You can ask questions and get feedback from real people on which area is best for you.

3. Ask “Stupid” Questions

No question is stupid when you’re buying a home. Your agent is an excellent resource, but they can’t read your mind. Be sure to tell them everything that’s important to you in a home and feel free to ask them questions that may seem odd.

For instance, asking about the street the house is on, the models of the appliances, or even the shade of green on the walls is not stupid if it’s important to you. Your agent can also answer any questions you have about the buying process, including financial concerns, but they can’t help if you don’t take the initiative, first.

3 Tips for Selling Your Home In-State

Selling your home for a fair price can feel overwhelming, but there are a few easy tips to consider when moving.

1. Find an Experienced Seller’s Agent

Just as your buyer’s agent will help you find a new home, a seller’s agent can help you navigate through the selling process. A good seller’s agent can do everything from listing your home to helping you negotiate terms and fees.

A seller’s agent acts on your behalf and will have your best interests in mind during the selling process. Since there are many financial and technical questions and issues that can pop up during the process, a seller’s agent is a great resource.

Seller’s agents also can offer advice and guidance along the way, since they understand the local market well.

2. Stage Your Home

Since you’re going to be moving, you’ll likely already be in the process of packing your belongings. Staging your home with minimum furniture can make your rooms appear larger and allow buyers to envision their own furniture in its place.

Agents can help provide you with staging suggestions to make your home more appealing to a wider selection of buyers.

3. Make Small Upgrades

If you want to improve your home’s overall value, small upgrades can make a noticeable impact on your selling price, without costing you much up front.

For instance, updating light fixtures, faucets, or installing ceiling fans are a few small upgrades that can punch up the overall appearance of your home. Even fresh, neutral paint colors will make a huge difference in how well your home shows.

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