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The Best Time to Buy a House in Texas

If you're looking to buy property in the Lonestar State, there are a few key strategies you should know to maximize your savings. It's important to know the right time of year to buy, where to buy, and other key marketing techniques to avoid overpaying on a home. Learn more in this helpful guide.

If you're looking to buy property in the Lonestar State, there are a few key strategies you should know to maximize your savings. It's important to know the right time of year to buy, where to buy, and other key marketing techniques to avoid overpaying on a home. Learn more in this helpful guide.

Are you looking to buy a home in Texas this year? Whether you’re a new or existing homeowner, the buying process can seem overwhelming. From deciding on the right type of financing to selecting the ideal property, there are many factors to consider throughout the buying process.

Understanding the right time to buy in Texas is an easy way to ensure you’re paying the right price for your new home. Since the local market fluctuates throughout the year, it’s important to research your local market to determine the best time to buy.

A great real estate agent can also help you navigate the complicated buying process and help you make smart buying decisions. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Texas buying market in order to decide when and where you should buy and offer other strategies for saving money.

The Best Time of Year to Buy in Texas

Throughout the country, the most affordable time of year to purchase real estate is normally in the winter when buyers are scarce. As a result, sellers often lower their prices or negotiate down from listing prices. Springtime generally sees the most competition among buyers and is typically when the largest number of homes are on the market, driving up sales prices.

In Texas, the local real estate market is fairly cool, despite the increase in overall home prices. Since 2018, home values have increased by 8% and are predicted to increase by another 5.1% before the end of 2019. The median home value right now is $196k and values are expected to hit $206k by late winter of 2020. Mortgage rates are also expected to increase.

Texas falls in line with the rest of the country, with typical home prices dropping from late fall to early winter. Springtime can also be the worst time to buy a home since high buyer competition leads to higher home prices. However, it’s worth noting that since Texas is such a large and diverse state, real estate trends can vary greatly across specific city markets.

The Best Places to Buy a Home in Texas

Now that you know the best time to buy, you might be wondering which area in Texas is the best place to call home. Here are five of the top-rated neighborhoods in Texas that you should explore before buying.

1. Canyon Creek South

This popular suburb in Richardson, Texas is home to 4k residents and is rated the number one place to live in the Lone Star State. With A+ school systems, access to a good selection of restaurants and bars, and great parks and outdoor amenities for families, this suburb is the perfect place to call home.

Average Home Values - $346k

2. Wilshire Heights

This small urban neighborhood in Dallas is an excellent place to reside, with just under 2k residents. Public schools are good, access to restaurants and nightlife is top-notch, and this area is home to many young professionals and families with children.

Average Home Values - $461k

3. Timberbrook

Located in Plano, Texas, Timberbrook is home to just under 6k residents and has great public schools. This suburb has a good selection of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, while providing great access to a variety of family-friendly activities.

Average Home Values - $291k

4. White Rock Valley

Another neighborhood in Dallas, this suburb is home to just shy of 9k Texans and has good public schooling. Many families and retirees live here, enjoying the good mix of restaurants, coffee houses, and parks.

Average Home Values - $370k

5. Owens Park

Nestled in Richardson, Texas, this suburban neighborhood boasts excellent public schools and is home to just over 1k Texans. Residents have good access to restaurants, nightlife, coffee houses, and parks, and are a mix of families and young professionals.

Average Home Values - $236k

4 Ways to Get a Great Deal On a Home in Texas

Now that you know where and when to buy a home in the Lone Star State, you want to find some helpful real estate tactics to help you minimize the overall price you pay for your new home. These four methods will help you save the most amount of money during the buying process.

Find a Great Texas Real Estate Agent

There’s no better way to maximize savings than by partnering with a local real estate agent. Agents understand local markets inside and out and can provide valuable insights during the buying process. Agents can make even make specific recommendations on the best streets to live and can offer great tactics for getting the best price on your home.

Aside from helping you navigate through the entire buying process, some agents even offer home buyer rebates that can help with closing costs.

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Assess Your Needs and Lay Out Your Goals

Every buyer has different needs and wants when it comes to finding the perfect home. Working with an agent is the best way to ensure the homes you view check off all of your required boxes, so you don’t waste your time falling in love with a place that won’t quite work. You agent can even create a search to email these homes directly to you, so you can browse at your convenience.

Since agents have access to the MLS, they also see homes that hit the market before popular listing sites. This allows buyers a competitive advantage to make an offer on homes before other buyers have the opportunity to view them.

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Find a Lender and Secure Financing

Deciding how to finance your new home is another important decision your agent can help you through. There are many different financing options available to buyers in Texas, from low down payment options to low rate mortgages.

Your agent can help you connect with local lenders to ensure you receive the best mortgage possible, so you’re pre-approved before you even begin looking at homes. This is important since closing on a home takes 30 days or less, typically, and any financing issues can delay the process.

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Negotiate for the Best Possible Price

Deciding the right amount to offer a seller can be stressful if you aren’t familiar with the local market. Your agent can help you determine the right amount to offer in order to win your dream home, without overspending. They’ll also negotiate with the listing agent on your behalf to ensure you receive a fair deal.

After inspection, your agent will also work with you to determine how to negotiate repairs or costs with the seller.

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