The color of a bedroom can really affect its mood. While different people have different tastes, if you are trying to sell your home, then it is likely you are looking for recommendations of colors that tend to do well during sales.

When selecting a color for a bedroom, it’s important to keep this in mind: Bedrooms should be a place of tranquility and happiness. One of the first steps to creating this environment is the color palette that you choose.

If you want to be the seller with the most offers to choose from (or even if you’d just like to repaint your room and enjoy it yourself!) here’s what you need to know about the best paint colors for bedrooms.

Master Bedroom

When purchasing a new home, most people want their master bedroom to feel serene. This is why it’s typical to see more neutral colors in master bedrooms. When considering what colors to choose, you also need to think about the hue of the master bath, especially if it is en-suite. You want to make sure that they are complementary colors.

Here are a few colors that make the offers come pouring in:


While bold blues might work for kids (see below!)—for grown-ups, you want to stick to softer, milder tones. That is why teal (a form of light blue) is a great choice for a master bedroom. When repainting for a sale, you might choose to go with a color like Spirit in the Sky, Oceanic Teal, or even Clear Lake.


Gray is a classic.

When paired with bright accent colors (which is easy to do with pillows, ceramics, or even a duvet in the bedroom), it is anything but dreary. And pardon the reference, but there are way more than 50 shades of gray to choose from.

While darker grays like Gotham and Eagle Rock can seem a bit muddy for a bedroom, lighter, softer grays like Silent Night and Thundercloud Gray are just bright enough that you can use them to successfully create your oasis.


Again, deep colors can feel too intense for the relaxing space of a master bedroom.

So, even if you like purple, a shade like Purpleicious can seem a little bit too much. It might be better suited for a creative space, or simply as an accent color.

However, if you use a lighter purple, your bedroom immediately gets a light, airy feeling. This is perfect for getting some rest. If you would like to use purple to make the sale, pick a calmer shade like Purple Lace or Feather Soft. Colors like these also work well with a master bathroom.

Kids’ Bedrooms

Kids’ bedrooms are a whole ‘nother ball game. When painting children’s rooms, the normal rules do not apply. In fact, if you would like to forget neutral colors altogether when painting kids rooms, feel free.

Here are some of the best colors to paint your children’s bedrooms when you are trying to sell your home:


Pink is still a classic for little girls and tends to do well among buyers who also have daughters.

However, it is worth noting that less aggressive pinks like Loveable or In the Pink tend to do better than darker, more intense pinks like Peony or Razzle Dazzle. This is because these darker pinks can bring too much energy into a small room. This can send your little one’s room into a tizzy rather than creating a relaxing space.

The calmer, more pastel pinks do just what you think they should. They leave a room feeling more relaxed by making it seem bigger and more inviting. The bolder pinks are best left for accent walls.


Blue is also still a solid favorite among parents for their kids. No longer just a color for boys, soft blues like Dyer’s Woad, Danube, and Evening Blue are becoming more and more popular with families.

This is because these strong, smooth blues are just playful enough for the backdrop of an after-school get together. Yet, they are still relaxing enough that the young ones won’t have any trouble getting to sleep at night. Buyers tend to respond very positively to this.

Guest Bedrooms

Your guest bedroom should be the most neutral space in your home. This is because it is impossible to know the taste of each of your guests. The same rules apply when selling your home. This is because potential buyers might not plan to even use the guest room as a bedroom.

So, you want the room to be a blank slate that as many people as possible can feel comfortable and relaxed in. When painting your home as a part of the staging process for selling, it’s important to keep this in mind.

Here are the best colors to accomplish this:


Beige is one of the favorite colors for guest rooms because it is basically like a blank slate. It is soft and warm without being too overwhelming. In fact, when most people are in a beige room, they don’t even notice it.

This is great! Beige plays off the natural light to effortlessly create a positive environment for your guests and potential buyers. Shades to look out for would be ones like Dhurrie Beige or Wilmington Tan.


White is always a good idea for bedrooms when you are trying to sell a house.

It’s clean and crisp. It’s fresh and inviting.

When you paint your guest room white, potential buyers will have no problem imagining how they will use the room. This is because white is such a blank slate. White rooms also automatically put off a vibe of cleanliness and order – which will put all of your everyone at instant ease.

When choosing the color white to paint your guest room, you should look into colors like Crisp Linen or High Reflective White.


Some might say that gold it too bold of a color for a guest room, but most staging experts would disagree. In much the same way that a smooth beige or a creamy brown can instantly create a homey space, a solid gold can easily do the same.

It’s a regal color, so guests can also immediately feel cherished and relaxed in their temporary digs.

However, when picking a hue for your guest room, it’s important not to go too shimmery. Instead, be sure to pick a shade of gold like Richmond Gold, Hathaway Gold, or even Buena Vista Gold.