How Much Does It Cost to Demolish a House?

Whether you’re looking to buy your neighbor’s property and demolish their house to clear out a view or simply want to knock down an old house to make way for a new one—it’s going to cost you money. How much money does it cost to demolish a ho

2018’s Fastest-Growing U.S. Housing Markets (And Big Predictions for 2019)

Get a sharable PDF of the infographic     Las Vegas, Nevada While it’s predicted that home prices in Las Vegas will continue rising at a rate of 7.9% in 2019, one of the fastest in the country, demand may not be able to keep p

5 Financing Options for Single-Family Investment Properties

If you have started learning about real estate investing, you have certainly realized that there is no one size fits all. This is true when it comes to properties and how people purchase those properties. Many new investors have questions about how t

Single Family vs. Multifamily: Which Investment Wins Out?

A true investor is focused on one main thing, profit. Whether this is short term or long term profit, with or without headaches, will determine the best type of investment for them. The ongoing debate is multi-family vs single family investment, whic

What is Commercial Real Estate? A Beginner’s Guide

When diving into real estate investing, many wonder what is commercial real estate? Commercial real estate covers just about everything that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of residential real estate. It is property that is used exclusively for

Top 5 Best Multifamily Investment Markets 2019

The real estate investment landscape is constantly changing and new emerging markets are appearing each year. We’ve taken some time to analyze data to help you decide where your next multi-family investment property should be. The factors we loo

Vacation Rental Investments: AirBnB vs Long Term Leases

Property owners buy and rent out vacation homes for many reasons. For some, they provide a place to generate income in the summer months and a relaxing getaway in the winter. For others, vacation rental investments are just a few of the many properti

How to Become a House Flipper (The Complete Guide)

Thinking of getting into house flipping? There are a few things you need to do before you jump into the game. Here's how to become a house flipper. The Best Places to Flip a House One of the most important first steps when considering flipping a ho

What Is The Best Carpet for Rental Properties? Is Vinyl a Better Option?

Investors have a lot of design decisions to make as they set up their rental property. Door handles and trims may not make a huge difference, but one choice can make a big impact on the costs of your rental units and what you need to maintain them as

HUD Guidelines 24 cfr 206.125: Explained

Picture this: you want to buy a house. You find the perfect listing, but as you are going over the listing agent’s remarks, you come across some unfamiliar and confusing terms. On the first page, you see this, “property is being sold subject t