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7 Tips for Selling a Small House for the Best Possible Price

There are a few different things homeowners can do to attract buyers while selling a small house. That includes both presenting it in the right way in open houses, as well as highlighting the benefits of small homes in marketing materials.

There are a few different things homeowners can do to attract buyers while selling a small house. That includes both presenting it in the right way in open houses, as well as highlighting the benefits of small homes in marketing materials.

The size of a home is a major factor that buyers take into account when making a purchase. This may lead owners with small homes to believe that they have to settle for sub-market prices in order to sell their home.

The good news if you own a small home is that you can still get a great price for it on the market. Your ability to sell at a good margin comes down to marketing and presenting your home in the right way.

Here are a few tips for getting the best possible price while selling a small house.

Declutter, declutter, declutter

The more clutter there is in your house, the less area it will seem there is. And if you own a small house, the last thing you want to do is to diminish its size — or the visual perception of its size — in any way.

If your house is untidy, start by boxing up all of the things that you don't use on a daily frequency. Clear out things like cutlery, collectibles, artwork, and even some of the furniture. Only the things that absolutely need to be there should remain at the end of this process.

Hosting a yard sale can serve as an added incentive to identify things you don't need and get rid of them. Doing this before an open house can be just what you need to do to make sure that you present the largest possible version of your home to potential buyers.

Use Fewer Contrasting Hues

As much as possible, use similar color tones for the walls and interior decorations in your home. Choosing contrasting colors might seem like a more appealing design choice, but that tends to accentuate the definitions between different rooms and items. If you go with the same color, on the other hand, the space flows better and appears larger as a result.

The easiest way to take advantage of this is to paint every room in the house in the same color. If you aren't investing in repainting your home before the sale, you can achieve a similar effect using furniture and accessories that have similar hues. It will become easier to match the colors of the items in your house once you have decluttered it.

Brighten Up the Place

Light can do wonders for homeowners looking to sell a small house at the best possible price.

The first thing light will do is highlight all of the features of your home. This is an easy way to make your house seem larger than it is.

A more subtle effect that a bright home has is that it creates a more cheery vibe for visitors. This has less to do with the house itself and more with creating a welcoming atmosphere for the people who come to take a look at your home.

As much as possible, use natural light to make your home brighter. Leave your windows just as they are or use thin curtains to cover them. If your house doesn't get enough natural light, use bulbs with natural tones to pull off the same effect.

Stage in a Way that Accentuates Size

There is data to show that staged homes sell faster than ones that aren't. That said, the rules of staging are a little different when you're trying to sell a small house.

The important thing to remember is that you're trying to stage your home in a way that highlights its size or makes it appear larger than it is. An example of a way to achieve the latter is by using mirrors. They make rooms seem larger than they are by reflecting light, which also makes them seem brighter.

Another small home staging tip is to use small furniture pieces. Larger furniture will make the rooms seem smaller and might also make it harder to navigate the space. So keep things minimal while staging your home to make an important on potential buyers.

Market the Features, not Footage

The size of a home is generally one of the most commonly mentioned pieces of information in listings and other marketing materials. But if you're selling a small house, you'll want to highlight some of the standout features of your home more than its size.

What these impressive features are will depend on the home itself as well as its location. There are certain features that tend to be popular among buyers in a certain area. For example, solar energy-equipped homes will be easier to sell in areas that get a large amount of sunlight through the year. So take some time to understand what buyers in your area are looking for before deciding how to market your small home.

Focus on the Outdoor Space

There is more to a home than its interiors. If you have a large enough yard or outdoor area, you can use it to make the property compelling to buyers.

Diverting attention to your yard also means having to put in the work required to make it seem appealing. Make sure to mow your lawn and trim your shrubs before an open house. Any tall plants that you have should be close to the house itself since they can make it appear larger.

Apart from contributing to the size of the property, a manicured yard also increases the curb appeal of your home. It's one of the first things visitors will see so you should take advantage of the space outside your home.

Sell Low Cost of Living and Other Benefits

There are a number of benefits to living in a small house. The key to getting a good price for such a home is to highlight what some of the lesser-known benefits are.

One of the advantages of living in a smaller house is that owners pay lower property taxes. This tax is determined based on the appraised value of a home, which depends partly on its size. So with a smaller home, you pay less in property taxes.

Another benefit is the low cost of living in general. The smaller the home, the less you end up spending on things like interior decorating, electricity, and maintenance. Being able to convey these benefits effectively to buyers is the key to getting a good price for your house.

Working with a real estate agent can help you find ways to make your house appealing to buyers. Clever Partner Agents, who are sourced from the country's top brokerages, craft listings to highlight the features and benefits of small houses. Visit our website to find a Partner Agent who can help sell your house at a good price despite its small size.


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