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5 Best Neighborhoods in Tucson to Live in 2019

Moving to a new state can be nerve-wracking. It requires a lot of planning and research to make sure you pick the perfect city to call home. To make it easier on you, we have narrowed down the five best neighborhoods in Tucson to live in 2019.
Moving to a new state can be nerve-wracking. It requires a lot of planning and research to make sure you pick the perfect city to call home. To make it easier on you, we have narrowed down the five best neighborhoods in Tucson to live in 2019.

Before moving to a new state, it is only normal to want to perform some research on the best cities and neighborhoods to live in. Most people’s top priorities are wanting to live in an area with a great school district, low crime rates, and plenty of activities to pass the time.

Tucson is a city in Arizona and is also home to the University of Arizona. It has a moderate population of around 550,000 and is full of outdoor adventures. Tucson sits right in the Sonoran desert and attracts people from all over who love to spend time in a warmer climate. Here you can explore numerous national parks, canyons, and up-close desert scenery. Even if hiking and exploring nature aren’t your favorite activities, you can do some serious stargazing at their two observatories.

If you’re gearing up to move to Tucson, Arizona, expect to have a lot of choices when picking where you want to live. Here are the five best neighborhoods to live in 2019.

Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tucson, but that doesn’t mean it's lacking in the quality of living or beautiful homes. Many people flock to Sam Hughes for its turn-of-the-century territorial houses and its affordable living. Whether you’re a University of Arizona professor, young professional, or a small family, you’ll find something in Sam Hughes for you.

Another great benefit to living in Sam Hughes is their highly involved neighborhood association. They make sure new residents have access to important city information as well as plan events for everyone to enjoy. Nobody will feel left out in this warm and welcoming neighborhood.

Catalina Foothills

Catalina Foothills is ranked as the most expensive neighborhood in Tucson, with the median home value sitting around $775,000. However, don’t let this price tag give you sticker shock, because their rental properties are known for being some of the most affordable rentals in all of Arizona. Plus, there are many benefits to living in a neighborhood with higher-than-average home prices.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and low-key neighborhood to retire in or even start a family, Catalina Foothills is for you. Not to mention you’ll be waking up every day to the best views in all of Tucson. The typical home has a mix of southwest-style custom homes and subdivisions painted in subtle browns and creams. Catalina Foothills is also home to some of the highest rated schools, art galleries, restaurants, and upscale shopping stores. Their crime rate is also a whopping 53% lower than the Arizona average.


Are you an environmentally-friendly person that wants to live sustainably to help protect the Earth? Well, you’re in luck because Civano is the perfect neighborhood for those that are conscious about the size of their carbon footprint.

This neighborhood was designed with the intention to make everything accessible by foot. In the beautiful, southeast side of Tucson, Civano is where you’ll find energy-efficient adobe and Sonoran-style homes with solar power. It might come as a surprise, but the median home value sits at a low $219,000 and rental properties are only asking around $1,100 to $1,800 a month. This makes it extremely affordable for people to take advantage of that strong Arizona sun and lower their utility bills with solar panels.

As if it couldn’t get any better, Civano has stunning mountain views and is close enough to the city where you can enjoy the cafes, shops, community garden, two swimming pools and more than 50 businesses.

Downtown Tucson

Over the years, downtown Tucson has gone through some major revitalization. They’ve done a lot of construction and put up new apartment complexes that cater to residents looking to experiencing living the city life. You have easy access to a variety of cafes, shops, and restaurants.

For people looking to embrace its nightlife, you can head on over to 4th street which is lined with bars, late-night food, and live music. Tucson is also known for its iconic streetcars that transport residents throughout the city. People looking to escape the winter cold and students from the University draw a vibrant, young crowd to this historic city.

El Encanto

El Encanto sits in the eastern region of Tucson. This central neighborhood is known for being the Beverly Hills of Tucson. They got this reputation by their well-off residents and its California-inspired landscaping and layout. Their up-scale neighborhoods feature typical Southern California palm, citrus and eucalyptus trees.

The homes in El Encanto range in style from Moroccan to Spanish and Italian Mediterranean, which gives you the opportunity to find a style that fits your design preference. These well-kept homes start around $500,000, which makes it a popular neighborhood for University of Arizona professors and administrators.

As you can see, Tucson is a vibrant city that’s full of different backgrounds and cultures which makes it perfect for anybody. Whether you are looking to live in their lively downtown or the low-key suburbs, there’s a home for you.

We know that picking the best neighborhood can be difficult, and finding the perfect home isn’t any easier. If you’re getting ready to make the move to beautiful Tucson, Arizona, we recommend getting in touch with Clever to be connected with a top-rated Partner Agent. They’ll be able to give you the best guidance and support throughout the home buying process, whether this is your first or fifth time finding a home.


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