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5 Best Neighborhoods in NYC to Live in 2019

With culture, history, world-class nightlife and dining, and unprecedented walkability, The City that Never Sleeps has everything you could ever want in a city. Narrowing this list down to only five neighborhoods wasn’t easy, but here are our picks for the best neighborhoods in NYC.
With culture, history, world-class nightlife and dining, and unprecedented walkability, The City that Never Sleeps has everything you could ever want in a city. Narrowing this list down to only five neighborhoods wasn’t easy, but here are our picks for the best neighborhoods in NYC.

New Yorkers claim New York City is the greatest city on earth, and they might be right. It’s in the top five, at least. From the Statue of Liberty to Broadway, to Wall Street, few cities anywhere have so much history and culture. Being such a massive city with so much to offer, it was hard to pick out just five neighborhoods, but here’s a list of the five best neighborhoods in NYC.


Williamsburg is known for being the hippest neighborhood in New York, but it’s also one of the most livable. It’s just across the water from Manhattan, and you can reach the city by subway or by ferry. The neighborhood offers unparalleled walkability, world-class restaurants, high-end boutiques, and dive bars.

The waterfront has been rapidly developed over the past decade, with public green spaces and luxury high-rises cropping up. Is it expensive? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Yes.

The median home value in Williamsburg is $903,500, and it’s increased 1.2% over the past year. They’re forecast to continue to rise a further 2% in the next twelve months.

Long Island City

Amazon could’ve put its new headquarters anywhere it wanted, but it chose Long Island City. There’s a reason for that. It’s one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in all of New York City, with a massive amount of new construction, exploding commercial strips, and an unbelievably short commute across the water to Manhattan.

And yes, Amazon withdrew from LIC after being disinvited, but think of it this way: how good does a neighborhood’s future have to look for it to say “no thanks” to the biggest company in the world?

The famous 5Pointz open air graffiti museum, the Socrates Sculpture Garden, and the MoMA PS1 outpost lend the neighborhood some cultural cachet, and the waterfront has a fantastic boardwalk and scenic parks.

The median home value in Long Island City is $1,086,800, an increase of 1.9% in the past year. However, they’re predicted to dip slightly over the next year.


Picture Greenpoint a decade and a half ago, when the overspill from pricey Williamsburg was just beginning, and that’s what Ridgewood is today. Ridgewood is a quaint Polish neighborhood of manicured yards and intimate rowhomes, with recently revitalized commercial strips. In just a few years, Ridgewood has become known for its nightlife and arts scene.

The median home value in Ridgewood is $726,400, and it’s increased 1.6% in the past year. Home prices in this New York neighborhood are forecast to fall slightly next year, so it could pay to wait to enter the market.

Battery Park City

When you think of a planned community, you probably think of well-intentioned neighborhoods that failed to live up to expectations. But they aren’t always failures. Battery Park City is an example of a planned community that was done right and is one of the best places in New York to settle down or raise a family.

Perched on the southern tip of Manhattan, Battery Park City features high-rise apartment buildings and amazing views of the water. There’s a waterfront boardwalk, small parks and community plazas, and picturesque roads. It truly feels like a town within a city, and if you’re looking for a neighborhood where you can retreat from the hustle and bustle of The City that Never Sleeps, this is the neighborhood for you.

Battery Park City has a median home value of $1,143,983, which is expected to increase slightly over the next twelve months.

Prospect Heights

Park Slope has the most brand recognition of any neighborhood in south Brooklyn, but Prospect Heights is where it’s actually at. What is “it”? A combination of historic brownstones, lively local culture, and almost every neighborhood amenity you could possibly ask for.

There’s the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Library, both of which host a variety of free art events, lectures, and readings. Then there’s the Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets and dozens of world-class concerts every year.

Last but not least, Prospect Heights borders on Prospect Park, which many New Yorkers believe is better than Central Park. With beautiful rolling expanses, winding paths, and community playgrounds, living within walking distance of this park will seriously increase your quality of life. Prospect Heights also offers hip restaurants and bars, and a friendly, unpretentious local culture.

The median home value in Prospect Heights is $1,046,600. Prices dipped 7.4% in the past year, but they’re forecast to rebound in the next year and rise by 0.6%.

Whichever neighborhood you settle on, the best way to find your dream home is to partner with an experienced local agent. A great real estate agent will find you an ideal home within your budget, formulate an irresistible offer, and walk you through the closing process.

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