5 Best Neighborhoods in New York City for Families

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5 Best Neighborhoods in New York City for Families

May 04, 2019 | by Reuven Shechter

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The best neighborhoods in NYC for families vary in price, school quality, and amenities. Having an experienced local agent in your corner can ensure that you find a place that works for you.

5 Best Neighborhoods in New York City for Families

While New York City is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities on earth, with endless free events and sights to see, raising a family, even on six figures, is a challenge. If you’re searching for a place that has enough space without turning your commute into a multi-hour affair, you’re going to need help from an experienced local realtor.

The best neighborhoods in NYC for families have a combination of amenities, good schools, and plenty of things to do. Here are five that you should check out with your agent.

1. Carroll Gardens

Nested not far from downtown Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens offers the charm of being in the city with lots of open park space and greenery. Go to the park on a Sunday afternoon and you’ll see plenty of kids and families sitting down to picnic and throwing a ball around.

The Carroll Park Fair is one of the best events to happen in the neighborhood and offers lots of fun for all ages. With farmers markets and street fairs, the neighborhood is teeming with things to do.

P.S. 58 is a great public school that offers some of the best amenities that schools in the region can ask for. While home prices are still around $1.3 million, they’re slowly climbing downward and could fall to a position that suits your budget.

2. Park Slope

Much like Carroll Gardens, this area is well-known as a place for families to grow. With great public schools, lots of kid-focused events and businesses, this is a great place to grow up. You get the chance to enjoy the quiet and even have a little bit of a yard depending on where you are, a rarity in NYC.

Park Slope offers one of the most famous food co-ops in the country, great for stocking up on fresh and tasty goods for your family. With nearby access to Prospect Park, you’ll find plenty of events in the area all through the warmer months.

Park Slope is also slightly cheaper than Carroll Gardens or Boerum Hill, sometimes offering a little more space for even less money. For a family looking to grow, this could be the place to do it.

3. Riverdale

If you work conveniently along the 1 train, you might find that it’s pretty easy to get to and from Riverdale. While it’s all the way up at 242nd Street, the ride is worthwhile as you walk off the train to arrive at the third-largest park in the whole city. Van Cortlandt Park has lots of great seasonal activities all throughout the year for families.

If you or your kids love nature, there are lots of nature[based programs to strike a chord with budding botanists or environmentalists. You can even go to the community garden to get a walking tour.

While most homes are valued around $1 million, rather than being crammed together and clustered on top of one another, you might truly have your own space. Take a day trip up to the park and see just how great and walkable the region is. Enjoy some of the great local eateries while you’re there too.

4. Bay Ridge

If you take the R train to the very end of it’s run, you’ll end up in one of the longest-standing neighborhoods in the whole borough of Brooklyn. There’s a rich cultural mix of people who bring their food, music, art, and even architectural styles to the region.

With lots of single-family homes with garages and driveways, this is a rare New York neighborhood where you can get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to hop over to Staten Island easily, get to downtown Brooklyn, and hop the train to get into Manhattan for work or a day at the museum. Meanwhile, you get gorgeous views, green space along the waterfront, and enjoy a relaxing day at Owl’s Head Park.

Homes in the area are resting just above the $900,000 mark, but you get a lot of bang for your buck here. Hire an experienced agent and they might even be able to negotiate the price down.

5. Astoria

Al Roker, Art Garfunkel, and Fran Drescher all hail from the borough of Queens, one of the most diverse places in the world. Astoria is no different, with its variety of food, languages spoken, and homes for families of every size.

Astoria has lots of public parks and playgrounds, which is great for families who want to enjoy a fun day without spending too much money. It’s also got plenty of public schools that rank at 9, 8, and 7 on the GreatSchools rating.

With libraries galore, street fairs, and plenty of inexpensive restaurants, there’s always something to do in Astoria. You could even score a nice home for around $800,000.

Finding the Best Neighborhoods in NYC for Families is Easy

The hard part is to find the right home that suits your budget. That’s where an experienced local agent can step in.

Real estate agents know more than just the price of homes. They also know where the best schools are and what it can be like to raise a family in any region. If you want to ensure you find the perfect home for your family, contact us so that we can pair you with a Clever Partner Agent who can make sure your home ticks every box.

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