7 Tips for Lowering the Cost of Your Move

Jasmine Mainguy-Seers


Jasmine Mainguy-Seers

April 30th, 2021
Updated April 30th, 2021


Moving from an old house to a new one takes a lot of time, planning, and resources. This is why homeowners plan in advance because of the physical and financial toll moving can have on them. However, there are cost-effective ways to move. Having a clear plan of action will help you save money. Also, you will avoid making mistakes and expending effort unnecessarily.

In this article, we highlight 5 tips and tricks you can adopt to lower moving costs.

1. Get a Cash Back Credit Card or Store Credit Card for Moving Expenses

You can get a cash back credit card that will help you make the most out of your moving expenses. Cash back credit cards will earn you money from purchase made with the card for some specific categories of products.

You can also get a store credit card that will give you access to many advantages and discounts in the store associated with the card. If you are thinking of getting this option, the best ones are those from stores that sell items or services that you will need for your move.

2. Compare Price and Get Multiple Quotes

Another thing you can do to lower moving costs is to contact multiple moving companies to compare their rates. But before getting quotes from movers, decide on the day you wish to move. After you've picked a day, search for a reputable moving company in your area.

Don't go with the first company you call — it's important to compare the quotes from many to compare.

3. Find a Good Moving Company

If you decide to hire a professional outfit for your move, you will have to make sure that the company you hire is a good one with a positive track record. Here are three ways to identify a very good moving company:

Good Reviews and Feedback

Good companies are highly rated because their services are excellent, and they satisfy their clients' needs. Take the time to read reviews from clients they have worked with. You can read reviews on their business website and social media handles, along with Google and other ratings sites. Positive reviews and feedback provide a clear indication the company is highly professional and reliable.

Good Price

A good company offers quality service at an affordable price. Ask for a price quote, and do not book the service if the pricing is not transparent or if what they charge is above your budget.

Excellent customer service

A good company has excellent customer service. What we mean by this is that they are easy to reach. Their customer service channels are always open, and they respond to inquiries on time. Avoid companies without a business phone number or companies that do not respond to messages quickly.

4. DIY Move

Hiring the services of a moving company is not the only way to reduce moving expenses. You can take full responsibility for your move by doing one or more of the following:

Rent a Moving Truck

If you can drive a truck or know someone who can, hiring a rental truck is a great idea. You pay for the truck, and it's yours for the contracted period. With the truck, you can transport your items from your old house to the new one. Bear in mind that the truck you hire should not be too big or too small for your items.

Get Help From Friends and Family

You will need to do a lot of packing, loading, and unpacking. Make a checklist to help you through the process. If you have a large household or a few friends, ask for help! Choose a day and have everybody come over to assist you. With several hands on deck, you will be done in a short time.

5. Sell Unwanted Furniture and Items

As you prepare to move to your new home, it makes no sense to bring along things you will not need where you are going. Bringing unwanted items will only add more junk to your new place. Furthermore, unwanted items increase the cost of your move because there will be more items to pack and store in the truck.

Consider selling unwanted items or donating them to charities. The fewer items you have to transport, the cheaper and faster the process.

6. Select the Best Time Period

Another way to reduce your moving expenses is to select the best time period for your move. Do you move during the high season (summer) or low season (winter)?

Why Is Moving in the High Season More Expensive?

More than 40% of homeowners move during the high season because the weather is more favorable, and it is safer during this period to travel by road. Also, weather elements such as rain and snow will not mess up their properties. However, the comfort of high season moves comes at a high price.

During this period, the demand for moving services is high, and so are moving rates. Moving during the summer is very expensive. If you want to cut down on cost, consider making your move during the low season.

Perks of Moving During the Low Season

Low season moves have several advantages. First, you have the flexibility of choice because many moving companies are free of any contractual obligations, so you can pick from a long list of available options. Second, moving rates are cheaper during this period. Due to the decreased demand for their services, moving companies bring down their fees. Some of them even offer discounts to stimulate sales. Finally, you are at liberty to pick the date you want to move because most of the days during the low season are unbooked.

7. Use Low-Cost Packing

Last but not least is low-cost packing. Packing is an integral aspect of the moving process, and the cost of moving supplies increases moving costs. To drive down costs, ask your entourage for old boxes. You can also buy cheap moving boxes for your items. Instead of buying wrappers, consider using old sheets and newspapers. Packing paper and blankets will also do.

If you buy moving supplies, first draw up a list of what you need.


Moving costs money, but there are clever ways to drive down the cost significantly. If you adopt some of the tips and tricks highlighted in this article, you will be amazed by how much you will save in the process and be able to move out quickly without financial stress.

These tips may look easy, but they are very cost-effective methods to reduce the financial burden of relocation.

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