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What Real Estate Agents Should Provide Beside a For Sale Sign

Real estate agents provide numerous services and resources to ensure your home finds the right buyer at the best price. Here’s what to expect from your real estate agent besides putting up a “for sale” sign to list your house.
Real estate agents provide numerous services and resources to ensure your home finds the right buyer at the best price. Here’s what to expect from your real estate agent besides putting up a “for sale” sign to list your house.

Whether you’re selling your family home or an investment property, putting a house on the market can be daunting. That’s where having a real estate agent who acts as your advocate and support system comes into play.

A top real estate agent will do more than post a “for sale” sign in your lawn. The agent will provide the tools and skills needed to find the best buyer. The sooner you connect with an experienced agent the better.

Here are some of the services and resources you should expect from your seller’s agent.

Know the Market

One of the greatest benefits a real estate agent can provide is their knowledge of local markets. There are several factors when pricing a property that go beyond square footage. An agent will know the value of updates and amenities, comparable properties in the area, local schools, access to stores and restaurants and more.

A good agent will set a price that maximizes your profit and minimizes the amount of time your property stays on the market. They will also avoid listing too high, which can quickly damper interest in buyers and several price reductions.

Look for an agent who has proven success selling properties in your area.

Your Link to the Multiple Listing Service

One of the best and fastest ways to sell your home is getting it viewed by as many people as possible. That’s where multiple listing services (MLS) come into play.

MLS databases offer a central location for buyers to view listings and property information in a set region or marketplace. It also serves as a place for listing agents and buyer’s agents to collaborate and share information to keep their customers informed of possible transactions.

Some of the information on an MLS is readily available for public viewing. This will include photos, square footage, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, a well-written description and more. There is additional information, available exclusively to the listing agent.

A seller needs an agent to access the MLS. Only licensed brokers have the ability to post a listing to an MLS. An agent will be your key and guide to using MLS to find your ideal buyer.

Competitive Marketing Strategy

The days of relying solely on a “for sale” sign and flyers are in the past. Today’s buyers are increasingly looking for real estate opportunities online. Your real estate agent should have the marketing savvy and skill to reach these online buyers.

One of the best ways to hook a seller is through quality photographs that draw the viewer in and make them want to see more. Your agent will know the best way to stage and set-up a photograph to show your property at its best.

Your agent will know the best places to build buzz for property in alternative virtual hotspots. That might include listing posts on Craigslist, a local Facebook group or a message board. The agent will know how to take the information from your MLS and make it compelling for everything from an Instagram post with a handful of photos to a short and snappy Tweet.

Look for an agent who has the savvy to get your listing in front of as many eyes as possible and isn’t afraid to find buyers in new places.

Host an Open House

While an open house can feel like a hassle, a listing agent will take care of much of the detail work that goes into making it successful. They can offer you tips for staging your home for the event and point out any repairs that might need to be made before you open those doors.

A skilled agent will bring in serious buyers along with the curious neighbors and real estate looky looks. They will also be able to weed out all but the best prospective buyers. An agent will also do the research to make sure a buyer is not only serious about the property but meets the requirements to purchase.

Push the Paper and Negotiate

Selling a house involves more than good staging, photography, and listings. It ultimately comes down to negotiations and lots of paperwork. The good news is your agent will guide you through the process.

Look for an agent who will be honest with you and who you can be candid with in return. When they know your expectations and needs, they will be able to make sure those terms are met when buyers come knocking. Your agent should also give you notice of what to expect in terms of home inspections, closing costs, bidding wars, and beyond.

They will also take care of preparing the paperwork involved in listings, offers, and inspections. You can also count on them to answer questions to make sure you understand what you’re signing before your signature goes on the line.

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