UpNest is a real estate agent marketplace that claims to connect home buyers and sellers with top local real estate agents, who then compete for their business.

The traditional process of picking a real estate agent generally consists of referrals; your neighbor or coworker recommends a good real estate agent and you — knowing very little if anything about their credentials, track record, or rebate rates — decide to work with them.

UpNest attempts to make that process easier by gathering crucial information and realtor reviews on their platform. However, as long as you’re willing to do some research on your realtor prior to hiring them, UpNest arguably doesn’t offer much beyond that.

If you decide to use UpNest to list your home, they’re going to take a significantly bigger chunk than Clever Real Estate.

How Does UpNest Work?

UpNest is a lot like other similar services in that you’ll enter your specifications in an online form and they’ll match you with a real estate agent.

Where they differ, however, is in matching you with anywhere from 3-5 agents, and from there you’ll choose which one you’d like to work with the most. Sellers will receive agent profiles with reviews and stats.

They’ll also get a list of included services, such as photography, staging, and virtual tours. Buyers will mostly receive a report with commission refunds, or rebates, from agents.

Now, while it might seem like a great option to be able to choose which realtor you’d like to work with, you’d be surprised at the value (or lack thereof) that you’re getting.

Remember: if you’re not comparing UpNest’s service with other, similar services (like ours), then you’re not getting an accurate idea of how much money you could save if you were to go with one of those other options.

In a way, that means that UpNest is really offering you the illusion of choice, rather than choice itself.

How Does Clever Differ From UpNest?

Clever Real Estate partners with the best agents from Howard Hanna, RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, eXp Realty, Prudential, Century 21, Keller Williams, Berkshire Hathaway, and more. Clever recruits only the top-rated full-service agents from those brands, not discount brands like so many other options on the market.

So, while it might be enticing to look through multiple offers from UpNest, you’ll likely find — like so many others have before — that you’ll actually save more money going with Clever. In fact, homeowners listing with Clever save an average of $10,000 in commission.

UpNest says there is “no obligation” to hire any one of their agents, so if you’re considering using UpNest, why not also consider getting a free quote from Clever while you’re at it?

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Why Clever Is The #1 Alternative To UpNest

Clever Real Estate boasts a 9.3/10 average review on Trustpilot, a reputable review service. Poking through some of the reviews, you can see that Clever Partner Agents routinely save sellers time, stress, and, most importantly, thousands of dollars. Altogether, Clever has saved homeowners over $3.5 million in commission fees.

Also, as opposed to UpNest, Clever only charges $3,000 on homes valued below $350,000 and 1% on homes valued above that amount. UpNest typically charges a listing fee of anywhere from 2-3%.

For example, let’s assume you own a $250k ranch in southern Oklahoma. If you list with UpNest, you’ll meet with one of their realtors for $5,000 to $7,500. That means that if your house is in the $220-300k range, you’ll save twice as much by listing with Clever.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with Clever today by filling out our online form, or call us directly at 1-833-2-CLEVER (9am to 5pm CST).

Our team is standing by to answer any questions you might have and connect you with a top-rated agent near you!