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Finding a full-service agent at a low price can be challenging, but Transactly claims to make the process as smooth as possible. Find out what Transactly does, how it works, and learn how it compares to Clever's real estate services. This way you can determine which platform can save you the most money in real estate fees.


If you want to buy, sell, or invest in property, you might be looking for a service to help connect you with a top real estate agent.

Finding a great great agent is the first essential step in the buying or selling journey and can help make the process run more smoothly and quickly than handling it on your own.

There are many services out there that buyers and sellers can use to get connected with a real estate agent. Transactly is a company that connects buyers or sellers with the agents using its technology platform.

So is Transactly right for you? Let's review some of the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.

What is Transactly?

Transactly is technology company used by agents and brokerages to manage real estate transactions online.

It allows buyers or sellers to connect with local real estate agents using its technology and services. Once signed up, agents and buyers/sellers can communicate and manage their home purchase or sale via the online platform.

Agents who partner with Transactly are all prescreened and from top agencies like RE/MAX and Keller Williams, use its platform to manage the home purchase or sale, and many use its tech-enabled transaction coordinator service.

The Benefits of Transactly

There are a few clear benefits to using Transactly over traditional methods of securing an agent. While finding a real estate agent may be easy, if you use Transactly, you can monitor the progress of your real estate transaction from contract-to-close with complete transparency.

Other benefits include:

  • Agents offer up to a 1% commission rebate for buyers
  • Full service selling agents for as little as 1.5%
  • Access to client reviews
  • Database full of agent transaction success

In addition, Transactly also has its own online communication program agents will use to keep you notified throughout the buying or selling process. This software allows users to view showings and feedback, browse offers, scan checklists and more. The Transactly platform makes it easy for agents and clients to stay in touch.

How does Transactly compare to Clever?

Like Transactly, Clever also helps connect buyers and sellers with top agents across the country. Clever only partners with top rated agents, including many from leading real estate agencies, like Century 21, RE/MAX, and Keller Williams.

Clever connects users with full-service agents, which means agents will walk clients through every step of the real estate process. For buyers, this means emailing homes that match a buyer's criteria, arranging showings, and handling negotiations and communication with the seller, all the way through closing.

For sellers, Clever agents will conduct a competitive market analysis on their property to ensure it is listed at the best possible price. They will also help with staging, photography, and listing, market your home, arrange showings, help negotiate offers, and manage all paperwork and required steps needed through closing.

Cost Breakdown: Clever vs Transactly

A quick scan of Transactly and Clever may have you believing the services are identical, but they're actually very different, particularly for sellers.

As a company, Transactly is primarily focused on providing services to the agents on its platform that make the transaction as smooth as possible. At Clever, we are 100% focused on finding and screening the best agents in the industry, at the most competitive rates, regardless of what technology is used.

With Transactly, sellers can expect to pay as little as 1.5% for their agent. While this sounds great and is much lower than traditional agency costs, note that some sellers may pay more. 1.5% is the lowest possible rate sellers can expect and this might be the rate less experienced agents charged, over more qualified ones.

With Clever, sellers can expect to pay a flat fee of $3,000. Clever agents have already agreed to this number, which means there's no negotiating or worrying about price when comparing agents. Instead, you can focus on picking the agent that's right for you.

To see how this compares with Transactly, let's look at a $250,000 home. With a Transactly agent, the lowest you can expect to pay is $3,750. While that's definitely a low price, with Clever, you can pocket the extra $750, since you know you will only spend $3,000. There's really no comparison.

There's only one caveat with Clever, and it's actually great news for sellers. If a home is over $350,000, buyers will pay only 1.5% to their agents. If a seller uses Transactly at 1.5% for a $350,000 home, they'll pay $5,250. With Clever, they'll only pay $5,250 as well.


Transactly offers lower rates for full-service agents than traditional real estate agencies, but ultimately costs more than working with Clever.

Clever agents are all vetted, top-rated, and charge lower fees than their Transactly counterparts.

Let Clever help streamline your selling process by connecting you with a top-rated, local agent.

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