Top 5 Ways to Get Real Estate Leads for Realtors

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By Ben Mizes Updated October 22, 2021


An uninterrupted flow of leads with a high potential for conversion would be a dream come true for all real estate agents. You can come close to achieving your dreams by focusing your efforts on the most effective ways to grow your real estate business through effective lead generation.

Top 5 Ways to Get Real Estate Leads for Realtors

The lifeblood of a successful real estate business is a consistent lead generation strategy. Without a steady stream of prospective leads coming your way, you’ll soon encounter a dry-spell in terms of revenue. However, getting consistent leads can be difficult.

Though there are plenty of other time-consuming tasks to be completed by a real estate agent, such as scheduling open houses and house showings, lead generation should be a top priority to keep the momentum going.

Thankfully, we live in a time where door-to-door efforts and cold-calling are no longer the go-to way of locating prospective clients. There are several ways to expedite, outsource, and streamline lead generation efforts that suit your needs.

How do you get more leads as a realtor?

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1. Network and Nurture

Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with people who know you, trust you, or have previously worked with you is key to increasing the odds that they will refer you to potential clients. It will also behoove you to network with other local businesses to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

Individuals who work within an insurance company, are a personal banker, commercial lender, landscaper, or cleaner are some examples of connections that may benefit you. Due to their businesses they are frequently in contact with people are changing their lives, such as buying or selling a home. Ensuring that you put in the effort to maintain your relationships with these individuals can be an inexpensive method of lead generation.

Staying engaged with past clients by sending thank-you notes or small gifts around the holiday season, is a great option. If you have located leads and want to increase the odds of success, don’t forget about the personal touches that should be present in all aspects of your business. Clients appreciate the additional effort that realtors put in, it shows that you care and it goes a long way.

2. Take Advantage of Real Estate Marketplaces

A study by the National Association of Realtors found that over 90% of home buyers use the internet in their quest to find a home. In fact, it is one of the first steps in the home buying journey. While the percentage of buyers who used the internet to find a home has increased, the number of buyers who have worked with real estate agents is still a high 86%.

Platforms like Zillow,, and Trulia have a massive customer base and are some of the largest online real estate marketplaces in the United States. If you’re looking for a robust platform to complement your lead generation efforts, these sites offer realtors the ability to advertise their services to potential buyers and sellers.

They also offer real estate referral programs that help to provide realtors with leads on those who are looking to buy or sell their homes. The quality of these leads can vary, while they are advertised as vetted, that doesn’t mean that you will always convert when using these services. It’s best to do your own research to find the best real estate referral company for you.

3. Choosing a Niche

By specializing in a particular niche within the real estate market, you can quickly become a top-performing, highly sought out real estate agent for individuals looking for properties within your niche.

As you specialize in certain properties, there won’t be as much competition and it will instantly separate you from the mass of real estate agents vying for hot leads. You may be wondering what niches may be viable for you.

It may be beneficial to look at demographics, do you want to target millennials, college students in a college town? Or newlyweds, maybe divorcees? You can also hone in on your target audience and the dwellings they are looking for. Some buyers are looking for historic homes, vacation homes, luxury properties, farms, or oceanfront properties.

Every buyer or seller is a unique case. Choosing to specialize in a single niche will allow you to focus on will make you the go-to expert for clients.

4. Reaching Out to Expired Listings

Expired real estate listings are some of the best ways to find leads who need a talented real estate agent. The individuals trying to sell their home are likely disgruntled with their current agent, as they already tried to sell their home with no success.

If you opt to take this route, be sure to offer the potential client a listening ear, as it’s likely that they’re getting called by many other agents who leave a generic message. Consider their current frustrations about not selling their home, and ask about their concerns, their outlooks, their wants, and work to offer a solution.

Many agents don’t take the time to do this, yet it is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd.

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