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Have you ever wondered what home improvements add the most value to your house? You're in the right place. These quick and easy fixes can increase your sales price in no time.

Here's what you need to do to make the sale:

Power Wash the Outdoor Spaces

Power washing (sometimes called pressure washing) is when you use a highly-pressurized water spray to clean outdoor surfaces, like brick walls, wooden siding, and concrete driveways. Over time, things like mold, grime, dust, dirt, and even loose paint can build upon these surfaces, causing them to look tired or rundown. The purpose of power washing is to remove these build-ups to give an immediate “facelift” to any surface.

As the results of power washing can be extremely long lasting (sometimes up to two years, if done correctly), many homeowners choose to use social media or word of mouth to borrow a power washer from a friend instead of purchasing their own. They might also choose to hire a company to complete the work for them.

However, if you would prefer to make this home improvement yourself, power washing machines are typically available at local hardware and big box stores. Prices typically begin at approximately $100 and increase based on their value; however, many stores also have rental programs.

Powering washing is absolutely one of the home improvements that add the most value to your house. The return on investment for spending one afternoon cleaning your home's outdoor surfaces is often very high.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to High Traffic Areas

Repainting is one of the home improvements that adds the most value to your house. While this is true for many reasons, there are two that stand out the most:

The first is that repainting the rooms in your home in a neutral color allows potential homebuyers to view your home as a blank canvas.

Think of it this way: your favorite color is yellow, so you paint your kitchen bright yellow. You think this makes it into a happy, uplifting space, but to potential homebuyers, it could be hideous. This is because bright colors are polarizing.

Sometimes, potential homebuyers can be so off-put by something as superficial as a paint color that they won't be able to see past it and fall in love with the home, even if it has other features which they like. This is because the vivid colors make it hard for them to imagine how the home would be once decorated to their taste.

The second reason that your home needs a fresh coat of paint is simply that old paint makes a home look tired. Vibrant, neutral walls add value to a home because they look very crisp and clean.

Replace or Update Internal Light Fixtures

Lighting is such an important element of any successful home sale. When a potential buyer walks into an open house, he doesn't want to feel like he is descending into a cave. Light creates ambiance, so adding the proper fixtures can be an easy and cheap way to add value to your home.

Internal light fixtures tend to be products of their time. Does the light in your kitchen just SCREAM that it's from the 80s? One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add value to your home would simply be to take a trip to the local hardware store to buy a replacement.

Another lighting dilemma to consider is whether or not the lights in your home are currently energy efficient. Adding energy efficient lightingcan significantly improve the value of your home to potential buyers. This is because installing energy efficient light fixtures typically translates to lower energy bills – something that is very attractive to most buyers.

Deep Clean and Organize Each Room

Cleaning your home before you put it on the market might seem like a no-brainer. But a deep clean entails a lot more work than most people might realize. You can't just dust and vacuum and expect your home to do well at potential showings. You have to clean everything. Make sure to get behind the stove and refrigerator and move furniture to clean what lies underneath.

Deep cleaning is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home because of how inexpensive it usually is. The only costs incurred are from picking up the necessary supplies at your local grocery store.

The major investment that you are dealing with here is time and effort. Because of this, some homeowners choose to forego cleaning up themselves and instead hire a cleaning company. There are many companies that specialize in cleaning homes that are on the market.

If you remove grime and clutter, it is easier for potential homeowners to see their belongings in your home. This adds value to your home because the emotional appeal is a significant contributor to a property's fair market value.

Update your Landscaping

A vibrant front yard is a significant contributor to the value of a home. Updating your landscape to add value to your home also doesn't have to break the bank.

For example, most people forget about trimming their trees properly. Trimming back overgrown trees and wild bushes is a low cost, high reward investment. Usually, investments in landscaping see returns of three to four times the amount spent!

This is because overgrown greenery not only can darken the interiors of a home and give mold a perfect environment to thrive, but it can also block views of the home. If a potential homebuyer can't even see the house from the street, it gives him a terrible first impression of the property. Something that is usually hard to shake.

Trimming back your trees and bushes can also be worth more than aesthetics: you can assure the future homeowner that they won't need to file an “act of God” insurance claim, as the greenery in your yard is well-kept and healthy, so no branches will be falling on their cars.

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